No One Knows - A Short Film

A few years ago, a flash came to my head when we were having a discussion about short films on Twitter. The #scriptchat ( crew had slated shorts for the chat that day and someone mentioned looking through a window and seeing a small slice of life.

A thought came to me, "What would be the worst thing that could happen to a person if they looked in the wrong window?" I paired that with, "What would you do to keep your secret?" The result was my short script, No One Knows.

On the 3rd week of May, 2012, a producer, Daniel Hoyos, asked to read No One Knows, because another wonderful writer/producer, MJ Slide, had told him about the script. Daniel, in turn, gave it to his director, Bunee Tomlinson, and now No One Knows is being filmed in August 2012.
I couldn't be more excited to see my words come to life.

Well, the filming and film festival season has come and gone. It was great fun to see my words come to life on the screen. For the most part it was an incredible experience, but with everything, there are some things that don't work out like you planned. It's amazing how incredible most people are to work with, and then there are some people who just don't have enough respect for writers. I don't think I've ever heard the phrase, "Just the writer" so much in my life. But other than that, it was an incredible experience that I wouldn't trade for the world.

No One Knows won awards and gave me a new found respect for the incredible talent of one young, but wise director named Bunee Tomlinson. Look for his name, because some day he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

No One Knows is now available on DirecTV HDShorts channel. It debuted January 17, 2015 and will run periodically through 2017. I can't begin to tell you how incredible it was to see my script on the TV screen.

You can follow the progress here:

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