About Jamie

About Jamie Lee Scott/Jamie Livingston-Dierks

A native of Northern California, Jamie was swept off her feet by a dashing farm boy and transplanted to Iowa. And after several years of running a restaurant with her husband, she felt the urge to kill people. I mean she decided to start writing mysteries. Let Us Prey is the first in her Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries series. 

Her short script, No One Knows, produced by Daniel Hoyos and directed by Bunee Tomlinson in 2012 made the rounds and film festivals in 2013 and won its category at the Bare Bones Film Festival in Oklahoma
. It can now be seen on DirecTV HDshorts channel through Januray 2017.

   Before Jamie’s college professor submitted her case study assignment to Physician and Sports Medicine for publication, she never dreamed people actually got paid to write.  Since then, she’s written a book, Hiking Iowa, and numerous magazine articles for national magazines.

   After spending two years as contributing writer for Crafts Business Magazine, writing feature articles, she decided to delve into the craft of fiction.  She went from writing 2500 word articles, to writing 60-80,000 word novels.

  USA Today bestselling Gotcha Detective Mystery Series: Let Us Prey, Textual Relations, and Death of a Sales Rep, What a MethBad Vice, and Electile Dysfunction. Coming in 2015: Who Gives a Split, and Pitching a Fit.

  Look for her new series, set in the fictitious town of Uncertain, CA. The prequel is Uncertain Beginnings, and the first novel is Uncertain Calm.

  Jamie's romance writing career is getting on track in 2015. She's gearing up for a fun new series or two, and will have lots of fun stories to tell

  Jamie is a novelist and screenwriter, writing for both features and television.  She is co-founder of Scriptchat on Twitter www.scriptchat.com & TVWriterChat www.tvwriterchat.com, and is the former president of RWA’s screenwriting chapterScript Scene.

  Jamie still lives in Iowa (though she visits California as often as possible) with her husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 horses. She writes with a view from her 6 acre farm.