Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Year - Looking Back, Part 2

New Year - Looking Back, Part 2

How did you do with answering the questions to part one? It's an eyeopener to answer honestly what you actually accomplished in 365 days. Answering today's questions will open them even more. Get your notepad and pen ready...

1. What were the positives of 2015?
You don't have to pick one thing. You may have had a very successful year and had lots of great and positive things, so jot them down.

2. Did you learn anything about yourself?

3. Were there hurdles you had to jump? Were you able to get over them?

4. Who was your support system?

5. Did you support others?

Tomorrow there will be five more question.
After we get through this, we will be able to look forward to this year.

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If you want to look forward, and work on your own, I'm using books from Tony Robbins, Master the Game, and Lisa Jacobs, Your Best Year to help me.

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