Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year - Looking Back, Part 1

To move forward into 2016, I told you in the last post that we were going to look back at 2015.
The rest of this week, we'll look at what we did in 2015, and if it was enough to meet the goals we wanted to reach.
Here are your questions for today:
1. When you look at 2015, what stands out? What are your favorite things?
Think about the things you did, events you attended, places you went, people you met, friends you made.
2. Did you complete any tasks or goals?

3. Did you spend your time well?
Be honest with yourself, could you have planned your time better? Maybe watched less TV? 

4. Did you spend your money well?
Were you careful with how you spent your money, or did you budget? Did you save for the things you wanted to buy, the big ticket items, or did you buy things you'll likely put in the closet and never use or wear?

5. What is your big life goal, and did you work toward accomplishing it?

Think about these questions, and don't hurry to answer. Then get out your notebook and answer them.
tomorrow there will be five more question.
After we get through this, we will be able to look forward to this year.

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If you want to look forward, and work on your own, I'm using books from Tony Robbins, Master the Game, and Lisa Jacobs, Your Best Year to help me.

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