Thursday, July 9, 2015

What? Me cook?

I have a hard time dealing with cooking. I'm a great cook, when I feel like it, but I rarely feel like it because our kitchen isn't stocked for a chef.
Ha! Chef! Did I mention that I collect cookbooks? I do. I have at least 20 of them, and I love reading the recipes, and marking the pages with a Post-it note, but I rarely if ever try the recipes.
Why? I collect cookbooks, but don't cook? I really dislike grocery shopping. And the stores where I live (small town middle of nowhere) don't have the fun ingredients I want to use in my recipes. So I drool, and don't cook.
And then along comes this service, that delivers fresh ingredients to your door, along with everything you need to know to cook the meals. It's not cheap, then neither is eating out these days. I'm hoping the service is awesome, and I keep up the weekly deliveries.
Each delivery has enough food for three recipes for two people. So, if  my husband doesn't like it, I will get six meals a week. And if I don't like it, I'll just stop getting the deliveries.
Now, I have to make time to cook these meals three days a week, and see if I really hate cooking, or just the grocery shopping.
I'm going to be posting my versions of the meals I cook, both here and on my newsletter and on Facebook, so stay tuned.
I'll give a review of how easy they were to cook, and if they were delicious. Oh, and I'll let you know what service I'm using, once I try it.
Do you cook? Have you ever tried a fresh ingredients delivery service?


  1. I too have at least 20 pretty cookbooks with colorful sticky notes. I love to cook but only when there's someone coming over to eat. Maybe I enjoy entertaining more than cooking.

    1. I prefer being a guest to a hostess. Though maybe that's because I host people all day, every day.