Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcome author Vanessa Kier

Welcome author Vanessa Kier

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Bio: Vanessa Kier spends way too much time thinking up ways she can torture her characters. A worst case scenario thinker, she's been creating stories in her head since childhood. Now she’s found her niche in writing romantic thrillers that combine intense emotion with action packed plots. The author of six books in the The Surgical Strike Unit series about a privately run special operations group, she is hard at work on the first two books in a new series.
When she’s not writing, listening to music, or playing puzzle games on her mobile device, Vanessa writes the occasional Tech Talk column for her local Romance Writers of America chapter's newsletter and takes long hikes in the nearby hills.
For more about Vanessa and to sign up for her newsletter, please visit her website www.vanessakier.com. You can also find her on Twitter @VanessaKier or Facebook Facebook.com/vanessakierauthor

Book Title: Vengeance

Scarred by a tragic past, one woman will do anything to exact vengeance...
Left for dead after assassins killed her parents, Jenna Paterson believes she survived for one reason only. Vengeance. She vows revenge on the men behind the attack, including her once beloved older brother, Kai. But Kai has disappeared with a microchip containing data on a top-secret government research program.
Ten years ago, undercover agent Niko Andros sent a vicious Mexican crime lord to prison. Now the man has been released and he's kidnapped Niko's aunt. The price for his aunt's freedom is Kai and the microchip. Niko will do anything to save his aunt―including using Jenna as bait.
As Niko dives back into the deadly criminal underground he'd barely escaped, Jenna discovers she's not as tough as she thinks. Teamed up to find her brother, Niko and Jenna fight to survive in a dangerous world of lies, betrayal, and hidden agendas. Only love can save them...if they'll let it.
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Congratulations, Jamie Lee on the release of Bad Vice! To help celebrate the release, I’m giving away one signed print copy of Vengeance, the first book in my series The Surgical Strike Unit (aka the SSU). Open to US/Canada residents only.
Vengeance features Niko Andros and Jenna Paterson, two emotionally wounded people who need each another in order to leave the darkness in their lives behind. I fell in love with these characters immediately, but I have to be honest, I met them accidentally. After spending five years writing my first romantic suspense, I felt burned out. I was trying to write a straight contemporary romance, when all of a sudden Jenna popped into my head and insisted that her story be told instead. Since I’m pretty much controlled by my characters, I had no choice but to obey. :D However, it took several versions of the beginning of Vengeance before Niko revealed himself as the hero. Niko really prefers to work in the shadows.
One of the side benefits of writing Vengeance and the rest of the SSU series is that I indulged my love of travel by setting the action in a variety of international locations, including Moscow and Acapulco. As a teenager, I fell in love with France and Greece thanks to Mary Stewart novels. Have you ever decided to visit a location based on a description from a novel?
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Signed print copy of Vengeance. US/Canada only.

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  1. Thanks so much for being a guest at my book launch today, Vanessa. I really appreciate it. In my case, I set my books in my hometown, so I'd have an excuse to go home and visit my family.

  2. Books are a great way to travel. :) And any actual travel you do - as long as it's for research - is tax deductible! :)

    1. I try to do research any time I go somewhere, and boom write off. NOLA will be a write off anyway, but I will definitely be setting a story there.

  3. I love getting to experience a taste of international locations (or even places closer to home I may not be familiar with) in the books I read. Pretty magical how you can open a book and be instantly transported somewhere and no jet-lag!

  4. I love arm chair traveling through a good book. Now fess up, did you write about those places just so you had an excuse to visit them?

  5. I don't actually think about what places I'd like to visit and then write them into the story. The settings simply end up appearing as necessary to the action. In fact, I was in one of my favorite cities last year, Washington D.C. and while I did some general research while I was there, it wasn't until I got back home that I realized Aftermath, the sixth book of the SSU series took place there. I wish my characters had told me this during my trip! I would have paid more attention to certain details.