Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcome author Diana Layne

Welcome author Diana Layne
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Bio: Diana Layne is a homeschooling mother of six who balances her hours between nurturing her children and killing off the bad guys.
·         Book Title: The Good Daughter

·         Blurb:
Most good daughters would say they owe their fathers everything.  Marisa Peruzzo, mafia princess, would.
She owed him for killing her fiancé.
She owed him for destroying her mother.
She owed him for chaining her to the ‘family business’.
And she owed him for taking away her lifelong friend.
Payback's a bitch.
·         Book Buy Links: http://www.dianalayne.com/suspensethriller.html (buy links are listed on my website)  OR Amazon US link: http://amzn.com/B006U1DTHO (it's in Select)
·         Guest Post:

      The first version of The Good Daughter was written in the late 90s, BEFORE the Sopranos even existed. This version was called Vendetta. Right after I finished the draft, I found myself in the midst of a divorce and custody battle. I quit writing for over a decade, and then when I pulled out Vendetta I decided to enter some contests. A couple of judges said it sounded like the Sopranos...and of course it did...at the time I wrote it and the Sopranos was created, there were very few resource books on the Mafia...if you were in the mob and talked, you tended to wind up dead so there was that whole Omerta code of silence thing going on back then. Sammy the Bull Gravano was one of the few who squealed and lived to tell about it (or write a book). In an interview with the creators of the Sopranos, I saw we used the same resource books. Cool, huh?
   Vendetta was heavily revamped and renamed The Good Daughter. It's not really a true prequel in my Vista Security series but since characters from The Good Daughter show up later and become major players in the Vista Security books, I tied it in with the series.

     giveaway: ebook copy of The Good Daughter or Trust No One 


  1. Diane, thank you for taking the time to write a post for the launch day for Bad Vice.
    I love mobster stories, from back in the days of Prohibition to modern day. The Good Daughter sounds like my kind of read. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Jamie! I have had a stomach virus yesterday and today, kinda lost track of time so sorry I was late! Hope your launch goes great!

  3. Thanks Diana. Yikes, I hope you feel better soon! Take care.

  4. Hi Diana,

    I already own The Good Daughter but I wanted to ask you what started your fascination with the mafia?