Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcome author Amy Gamet

Welcome author Amy Gamet

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Book Title: Love and Danger Box Set        
 Blurb:  Love is more fun with a healthy dose of espionage, an art heist, a grieving psychic, the corruption of the witness protection program, an undercover FBI agent, a notorious traitor, an encrypted message, a murderous misunderstanding, a sexy US Marshal and a malicious blaze of fire.  Four complete novels that will keep you turning pages deep into the night!
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Meant for Her, the first book in the series, involves a cipher the heroine must decode in order to catch a killer. I learned all about codes and code breaking for this book, even practiced cracking a few myself before I was ready to write about cryptography. The type of encryption used in the book was one of my personal favorites. So cool! 

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  1. Thanks for having me, Jamie! Better late than never on my part. :) Great to see so many wonderful authors at your party!

  2. Hiya, Amy! Code-breaking is fun. One of my favorites is an oldie but a goodie: Dorothy L. Sayers's Have His Carcase. More recently, Susan Elia McNeal's Mr. Churchill's Secretary had to do with ciphers and code-breaking, too. Fun stuff.

  3. I love ciphers. Did you use cryptography in all the book?