Friday, April 18, 2014

BAD VICE Book Launch Party

Welcome to the Bad Vice Book Launch Party.
This is an all day event to celebrate FINALLY having Bad Vice published.
Thanks so much for your patience on this novel's long road to the virtual shelves. This has been a crazy year with lots of interruptions. 
I tried something new with Bad Vice, which you will discover when you read it, and I hope you like it.
With this launch party, I'll be giving away boxed sets of the previous books for readers who haven't had the chance to discover the Gotcha Detective Agency folks yet, but only 3 boxed sets will be given away. I'll also be giving away signed paperback books of the previous novels, and the GRAND PRIZE, to be announced at the end of the week (which gives people time to stop by and say hello and meet the lovely authors nice enough to join us) is the full set of ALL FIVE Gotcha Detective Agency novels in PAPERBACK, signed by the author. Hey, that would be ME!!!
I'm so excited to have you here, and to have this first time ever, for me, book launch. Thanks for stopping by to be a part of it.
So, here's how it will work:
We'll have super special guest authors stopping by each hour of the day. You'll get to meet them, and read a little about them and their books, and they've been nice enough to write a little something, and engage with us. So you can comment on their posts and be entered to win their books as well as some of the prizes I'm offering.
Here is the lineup for the day: 
I'm so excited to have these wonderful authors joining us to share in this book launch!
(schedule subject to change) Surprise giveaways during guest author appearances.

7:00 am - Intro with Jamie Lee Scott $10 Amazon Gift Card 
8:00 am - Cindy M. Hogan - eBook Gravediggers
8:30 am -  Margaret Daly - ebook copy of Dangerous Pursuit (international)
9:00 am - J.J. DiBenedetto - ebook or audiobook copy of Dream Student (winner's choice)
9:30 am - Jill James - (International)1 autographed paperback copy of Dangerous Shift
10:00 am - Joan C. Curtis
10:30 am - Mary Alford - A signed paperback copy of Forgotten Past (US only)
11:00 am - Adrienne Giordano - (US only) Adrienne Gordano swag bag (lots of fun goodies)
11:30 am - Carolyn Scott - ebook copy of Finders Keepers Losers Die
12:00 noon - Kathy Wheeler - eBook Quotable
12:30 pm - Amy Gamet - eBook Love & Danger Boxed Set
1:00 pm - Denise Malone - eBook The Bo(d)y Next Door (US/Canada only)
1:30 pm - Vanessa Kier - Signed print copy of Vengeance. US/Canada only.
2:00 pm - Julia Derek - eBook The Smiley Killer
2:30 pm - Madison Johns - Target of Death ebook
2:30pm -  Lily Bishop - eBook No Strings Attached
3:00 pm - Diana Layne - ebook copy of The Good Daughter or Trust No One 
3:30 pm - Sally Berneathy - one of the Death by Chocolate series ebooks
4:00 pm - Chris Taylor
4:30 pm - Stephanie Queen (eBook giveaway)
5:00 pm - Alana Albertson - an Invincible ebook  (avail international) $10 amazon gift card    
6:00 pm - Special Guest New York Times Bestselling Author - Jenna Bennett
7:00 pm - Tony Acree -
8:00 pm - Jamie says good night

Midnight -  deadline for comments!

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