Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Favorites - Meet Author Jill Hughey

Meet Jill Hughey and her favorite things. 

Hi, I'm Jill Hughey and these are a few of my favorite things.
 ON MY iPOD: Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell
 CURRENTLY READING: Got Your Number – Stephanie Bond
 CITY: Driggs, Idaho
 DREAM VACATION: 2-3 weeks in Hawaii or Australia
 BOOK: I have many favorite books but I’ll sayKingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught
 BOOK ON WRITING: Strunk and White Elements of Style
 PLACE TO READ: In front of a fire.
 TV SHOW: “Longmire” and “The Americans”
 MOVIE: Again, too many to pick from but I really like August Rush
 SONG: See above, Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell
 SINGER:Bernadette Peters, mostly because I take voice lessons and just listening to her is like going to school. Every note is nuanced.
 BAND: Cold Play
 ACTOR: Russell Crowe
 ACTRESS: Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep
 PET PEEVE: People who won’t take responsibility for themselves.
 MOST LIKE TO MEET: Jesus, not because of a particularly strong religious inclination but because I’d like to know what is true and what is false.

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  1. Hey Jamie, thanks for having me here today!

  2. I really enjoyed the interview. Longmire is one of my favorite shows and the books by Craig Johnson are equally as entertaining. Find a way to get to Australia, great place to visit.