Monday, September 3, 2012

A Stranger...

(left to right) Jamie Livingston, Bunee Tomlinson, Sami Isler, Jett Anderson,
Caleb Barwick, Daniel Hoyos, Nicole Fancher
Back in May of this year, someone I knew from Twitter recommended my short script to someone I didn't know. This "stranger" asked to read the script. The stranger was producer, Daniel Hoyos, and he's no longer a stranger.
  Daniel went on to share the short script, No One Knows, with his director, Bunee Tomlinson, who was also a stranger to me at the time. Bunee is no longer a stranger.
  After a long process of crowd funding to turn this script into a film, and a tension filled pre-production, I drove 10 hours be be a part of the filming of No One Knows.
  The process was more than I could ever have imagined it would be, and because Twitter has made the world that much smaller, and made sure that no one ever has to call another person a stranger again, I can call myself a produced screenwriter.
  I met the most wonderful cast and crew a person could ask for. This film was made from my script, but Daniel Hoyos, and especially Bunee Tomlinson made my words come to life.
  Though I will likely never again see the cast and crew who made No One Knows come alive, they will forever be in my memory, because they made my dreams come true.
  Without Daniel's belief in a script that no one wanted to take on (because of the subject matter), Bunee's persistence in his vision, Jett Anderson being one of the only people brave enough to take on the role of Mr. Smith, Sami Isler's incredible performance as Hannah (another part difficult to cast), and the wonderful friends and new friends who believed enough to help fund the film, I'd still be sending the script out to people who would be saying, "Wow, great script, but I don't know how I'd film it."
  On the first day of filming, several people approached me and said, "Great script!" I wasn't sure they were talking to me. I must have seemed aloof, but I was actually stunned. They were talking about my script.
  I know, come 2013, and the premiere of No One Knows at the film festivals, that people will be saying, "Great film!" because Bunee is a wonderful director with a vision that will bring many films to a theater near you. The co-stars, Nicole Fancher (Mrs. Smith), Caleb Barwick (Jason), Sami Isler (Hannah), and Jett Anderson (Mr. Smith) gave phenomenal performances in their parts. And the other actors and extras, and crew, were so patient in the hot Oklahoma weather, giving it their all to make a great film.
  If I never see another of my scripts produced, this was enough. And all because I was introduced to a stranger.

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