Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

The picture to the left is my favorite view in the world. It's the view from sitting on a horse!

On April 1, 2012, Roxy, a horse I've had since she was a month old, spooked while I was standing in the pasture with her. Since I was being stupid and not respecting the power of a horse, I got kicked in the back of the head and in the ribs. She cracked my ribs, and cut the back of my head open, but that's not what this is about. This post is about getting back to what I love more than ANYTHING, including writing.

Because Roxy made the mistake of kicking me, and doing some pretty good damage, I finally got off the procrastination fence and sent her to a trainer for two months. I'd planned for six years to get her broke to ride, but something always came up. In reality, I'm pretty sure I just didn't have a desire to start another young horse. So I sucked it up, loaded her in the trailer and sent her away.

Two weeks ago, on an extremely hot day, I went to go check her progress. I didn't like that she was in an open pasture with no shelter from the 100 degree weather and sun, but she's a horse, she's a tough horse at that. But her feet needed trimming, and she looked ready to come home. So I loaded her up in the trailer (after waiting 1.5 hours for the trainer to arrive, and she didn't) and brought her home. Upon arriving home I did something I hadn't done in several years, I RODE! I mean really rode, not just piddled around. I walk, trotted, and loped Roxy in my indoor arena. And she ROCKED!

Yes, I remembered what it was like, to push away the rest of the world and just concentrate on the thousand pound animal under me. To feel her breathing, smell the sweat, and reach forward and scratch her between the ears. This was what I was born for. Roxy was fairly well mannered, light in the mouth, and genuinely trying to do the right thing. We need to get on the same page, because everyone rides differently and I may use my legs a bit differently than the trainer did, but I feel like I'll have a horse to take to the barrel races this winter, and be able to be proud.

Riding horses is all I've ever wanted to do, since I was ten, but life got in the way for almost a decade, and I got sidetracked. Now I'm right with the world again and riding. And if all goes well in the next 1-2 years, I'll be spending most of my time doing my two favorite things, riding and writing.

Life is good!


  1. Thanks for following me on Twitter!

    So glad you had your website listed which brought me here. I'm a rider too (English/Western/Precision Drill) so I totally dug your post.

    I need to "get back on the horse" more too.

    Have fun with Roxy!

    Be BOLD,

  2. Thanks Kristina! Horses make the world right. My world at least.