Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great American PitchFest, Part 1

I'm writing this blog post as I sit in the airport waiting for my flight home from the 2012 Great American Pitchfest. I wanted to write while the experience was fresh in my mind. Regarding the GAPF, Bob and Signe do a fabulous job in coordinating this daunting event.

I know there must be glitches along the way, as with any event, but the attendees wouldn't know it, as the event ran extremely smoothly. The Marriott Burbank is a beautiful location, with an excellent banquet staff. And GAPF makes so much available at this location.

The weekend started with a Friday night meet up, planned by Jen Grisanti, at the Daily Grill. Lots of TV writers attended this event, which is a fabulous networking event for aspiring and currently staffed TV writers. Personally, I was lucky enough to have dinner with 2 of my favorite TV writers, Mike Alber and Kiyong Kim. We had a tasty meal and talked about Mike's job at Nick, fellowships, and short films. Kiyong is crowd funding a short film called You Will Meet a Sexy Stranger,and I'm in the pre-funding stages on a short script I wrote, called No One Knows, being produced by Daniel Hoyos and directed by Bunee Tomlinson. It was great fun to discuss this process, as I'm just a writer and have so much reverence for producers and directors.

 Sarah Newman, a fellow screenwriter, joined the three of us late during dinner and made the conversation that much more intriguing.

The goal of Friday night was to not drink too much, so we could enjoy ourselves at the free screenwriting sessions on Saturday. But with so many people to meet from ScriptChat and TVWriterChat, there was barely time to sip between conversations.

 I felt so lucky to meet the great participants of Scriptchat,(who i won't try to name because I'll inevitably leave someone out) and get to put actual faces and voices to the Twitter personalities. The night was over too soon, but then we did have to prepare for a day of learning on Saturday.

Great American Pitchfest, Part 2 GAPF Saturday session tomorrow...

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