Friday, May 11, 2012

Twitter Party Transcript for Those Who Couldn't Make It

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us. It was a crazy fast 2 hours of chatting. We'll be scanning the transcript and randomly selecting winner of book from our authors.

Enjoy the read:

2012-05-12 1:24 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles Good thing 2nd will be out on Sunday then. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:24 am authormmartin @Martinthewriter Hi's lots of fun. Good luck with all your
endeavors. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:24 am Martinthewriter @WendyandCharles you saw my post on 'koda perhaps? Glad you're
here, pass the dip please. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:24 am WendyandCharles oops, no! lol, Nice to see another Iowan~ oh well, will have to make
due with my tea! lol, #5authors, #5authors
2012-05-12 1:24 am luciejcharles Do you have questions/comments for us Wendy/Charles?n #
2012-05-12 1:24 am Martinthewriter @authormmartin Mary! Very cool, I hope you're going to stick around.
2012-05-12 1:24 am Jamie_LD @authormmartin thanks for joining us! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:25 am Martinthewriter @WendyandCharles What's with Iowa and writers @Jamie_LD?
When I was there all I remember are the steaks, they were so good. #
2012-05-12 1:26 am sjezioro I'm excited to be in here with you guys! I love @jamie_LD's books! I'm
lucky enough to be a beta tester for book 2 #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 1:26 am luciejcharles Why am I not seeing Mary? I'm on the TweetChat page. Is everyone
else there?n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:26 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter Iowa Writer's Workshop in Iowa City. Best writers
come from there. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:27 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles Mary is @authormmartin #5authors
2012-05-12 1:27 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro Yay, everyone, this is Stacy, and she's my beta reader. #
2012-05-12 1:27 am Martinthewriter @sjezioro Welcome, and yes, you are lucky! Good to meet you. #
2012-05-12 1:27 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles If someone has their profile set to private, you can't
see the tweets here. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:28 am luciejcharles Hi, Stacy. You have a great job being Jamie's beta reader. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:28 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD thanks for the lovely introduction! n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:28 am madisonjohns11 Hello.n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:28 am Lisa_A_Alford WOOHOO Hi! ALLnn #5authors
2012-05-12 1:28 am LeanneTyler Hello everyone. #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am luciejcharles Hi, madisonjohns. Welcome. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 Hi, thanks for coming. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 Madison! Nice to see you too! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am KarenDocter RT @luciejcharles: For everyone who wants to know what a Twitter
Party is all about #5authors #IRInk
2012-05-12 1:29 am Martinthewriter @Lisa_A_Alford Hey Lisa! Welcome to you. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am Jamie_LD @authorvivianna and @jenniebentley will be a little late. Car trouble
(just kidding) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am luciejcharles Hi, Leanne. I'm L.j. Thanks for joining us. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am sjezioro @sjezioro great to meet you too @martinthewriter! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am Martinthewriter @LeanneTyler Welcome to the party, Leanne! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am madisonjohns11 Thanks Martin, I saw your post. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am Jamie_LD Does anyone have any questions? Or a topic they'd like to discuss? #
2012-05-12 1:30 am Jamie_LD @LeanneTyler *waves* #5authors
2012-05-12 1:30 am guyanesedougla Hi there I am here from Masterkoda #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 1:30 am madisonjohns11 Thanks Jamie! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:30 am Jamie_LD @Lisa_A_Alford Hi.n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am madisonjohns11 Wind is blowing~ #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am guyanesedougla I have never been to a tweetchat before #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am luciejcharles Well, I think all of us want to keep track of where Let Us Prey is on the
top 100 list. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am Jamie_LD Now this might go at breakneck speed, so if someone misses a tweet,
don't hesitate to tweet again with a question. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD 25! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am Jamie_LD Me?!? RT @Martinthewriter: @Jamie_LD 25! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am luciejcharles Oh, lots of new people. Hi, everyone. Welcome to our party. #
2012-05-12 1:32 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD YOU! 25! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:32 am luciejcharles Way to go, Jamie. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:32 am Lisa_A_Alford Great Newsn #5authors
2012-05-12 1:32 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles What made you decide to become a writer? #
2012-05-12 1:32 am Martinthewriter For anybody that didn't catch that, Jamie's book, Let Us Prey, just hit
25 in the rankings. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:32 am guyanesedougla So what are we chatting about? Or the party hasnt started as yet? #
2012-05-12 1:33 am luciejcharles Jamie, maybe you could tell us a bit about the book you're releasing
on Sunday... #5authors
2012-05-12 1:33 am madisonjohns11 It takes like forever for mine to show up. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:33 am Jamie_LD Me!!! This is crazy! Good crazy. RT @Martinthewriter: @Jamie_LD
YOU! 25! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:33 am Martinthewriter @guyanesedougla Just started, welcome! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:33 am LeanneTyler @luciejcharles @Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD Thanks. Glad to be
here. #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 1:33 am sjezioro @luciejcharles thanks! let me tell you! Jamie is super talented and
this sequel does not disappoint! n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am luciejcharles There were stories in my head and they were keeping me awake at
night. I had to get up and start writing. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 You can go to the refresh speed and have it pick
up the pace. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am madisonjohns11 @Jamie Congrats! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am luciejcharles It was a little but freaky, actually. But I love it. Can't imagine doing
anything else. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am KarenMagill hello one and all. n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am Jamie_LD @guyanesedougla Pick a topic, or ask any question. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am guyanesedougla @Martinthewriter congrats on that #25 #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am SpiceBites Yay! I made it on time *waving to all* #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am Martinthewriter @guyanesedougla what time is it in Guyana? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am authorViviAnna I'll be talking about my newest book A Wolf's Heart, and giving away a
couple of print copies during the chat #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am luciejcharles Hello, Karen. Welcome. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am Martinthewriter @KarenMagill welcome my friend! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am guyanesedougla @Martinthewriter It is now 9:35pm #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro is reading Textual Relations in beta. It will be out on
Amazon on Sunday or Monday, depending on Amazon. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am sjezioro Hey @jamie_LD who is the inspiration for Nick? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am KarenMagill thanks lucijcharlesn #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am sjezioro Yay @authorViviAnna is here! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am luciejcharles HI, Rashda. Everyone, @spicebites is Mina Kahn, my critique partner
and an amazing writer. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD Stopping by to say congrats on the Let Us Prey success
today! Hello to all the authors! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles Do you think everyone has those stories? Or do some
think we're crazy? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am guyanesedougla @Jamie_LD well am new to this so dont even know what topic to
choose, lol. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am KarenMagill thanks @Martinthewriter Did you think I would miss your twitter party?
2012-05-12 1:36 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro Oh, I plead the 5th. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am Martinthewriter Hey guys, describe your most current book in 3 words. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:37 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 Hey Sarah, my kids sister is an alexis too. Welcome!
2012-05-12 1:37 am SpiceBites Thanks @luciejcharles for the intro :) Nice to meet you all! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:37 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD That's one for an night of drinks huh n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:37 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 Thanks Sarah. Do you have any quesions you'd like
to ask about writing novels? If I snore? Etc.? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:37 am luciejcharles Seance, secrets, spreadsheets. To Touch a Thief released last
Sunday. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro Actually, it's loosely based on a guy I knew in college. #
2012-05-12 1:38 am Martinthewriter @SpiceBites Welcome, and congratulations, you have an awesome
twitter handle. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am SpiceBites This is my first Author Twitter Party *sooo excited!*n #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am guyanesedougla @Martinthewriter hot, sexy, weird #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am luciejcharles Did I spell your name wrong, Mina? Honestly. Butter fingers. #
2012-05-12 1:38 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter Sarah and I are rooming together in L.A. next
month. She's a screenwriter. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles see, that sounds totally intriguing! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am madisonjohns11 Rednecks, romance, funny #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am Martinthewriter @guyanesedougla yep, I'd read that too! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:39 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles I'm reading To Touch a Thief now. I love it! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:39 am luciejcharles It goes so fast. Difficult to read all the tweets, but if I slow it down, I
miss absolutely everything. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:39 am SpiceBites @Martinthewriter Thanks, I'm also a food works for both
personas :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:39 am luciejcharles Oh, Sarah. Wow. Screenwriting sounds crazy hard to me. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:39 am art1032 Hello #5authors:) Congrats on Let Us Prey Jamie, that is soo
2012-05-12 1:39 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 yep, Madison, I already have your book. #
2012-05-12 1:39 am SpiceBites That @luciejcharles, she maybe butter finger but also a lean, mean
writing proud of her! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD uh huh n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am luciejcharles Are you really, Jamie. Wow. Thanks for reading it...and boy am I glad
you like it. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am authorViviAnna I'm at a booksigning right now, but will answer all Qs asked of me in
second hour of chat #5authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am Jamie_LD @art1032 Yay, hi Andrea! Thanks. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am KarenMagill music, rebellion, outlawsn #5authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am guyanesedougla I am reading the Pen Pal by Richard Thomas Banegas, just started. #
2012-05-12 1:40 am Jamie_LD @art1032 Not where I expected to be by the time the party started. #
2012-05-12 1:40 am luciejcharles Thanks, Mina. Mina writes about djinns...pronounced gins. Like the
drink. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:41 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro Some night, when I'm in Chicago, we'll have drinks and I'll
tell you all about Nick. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:41 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD Love the title! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:41 am luciejcharles Where did you think you'd be, Jamie? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles djinns pronounced gins are genies...just as
intoxicating! ;D #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles I don't know. 2000 or so at the most. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am madisonjohns11 Thanks Martin! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am art1032 I hope it creates even more buzz for u Jamie:) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am luciejcharles @guyanesedougla What is Pen Pal about?n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD it's due to change again any minute isn't it? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD Hmm... wondering what everybody's favorite books are?
And if they have any passion projects they hope to one day write? #
2012-05-12 1:43 am Jamie_LD @WriterWarrior Join us in the chat room at and
ask away of all of our indie authors.
2012-05-12 1:43 am Jamie_LD Higher? Lower? That is the question. RT @Martinthewriter:
@Jamie_LD it's due to change again any minute isn't it? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:43 am madisonjohns11 @Martin I meant my next book is called Redneck Romance. #
2012-05-12 1:44 am luciejcharles My favorite books have a touch of the paranormal and some humor. I
guess that's why I write with those elements. Huh. Who knew?n #
2012-05-12 1:44 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 Favorite book, Jane Smileys' Horse Heaven, and
anything from Elmore Leonard. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:44 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 I like the title. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:44 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD YES! I cannot wait! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:44 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 good title, Madison. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:44 am SpiceBites @madisonjohns11 Red Neck Romance?!? Share deets! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:44 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD you're scared to look aren't ya, lol. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:45 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 Redneck Romance sounds like a great read. #
2012-05-12 1:45 am sjezioro My apologies to my followers for the next couple of hours. I'm in the #
5authors chat. You guys should stop by (psst @michelle_timian)
2012-05-12 1:45 am luciejcharles How is it possible that I haven't ever read Elmore Leonard? #
2012-05-12 1:45 am authorViviAnna A Wolf's Heart is the 6th book in my Valorian Chronicles series from
Harlequin Nocturne, I hope you'll check out the other 5 book #
2012-05-12 1:45 am madisonjohns11 Once I went to humor it's hard to change. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:45 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro It'll be our little secret. lol #5authors
2012-05-12 1:45 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter yes! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD :) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am Jamie_LD Yes, @michelle_tamian you should. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am madisonjohns11 Armed and Outrageous was released May 1st. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 sounds like you have a book to write, we all want
to read redneck romance, Madison. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am luciejcharles You write in several genres don't you, ViviAnna? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am Jamie_LD @authorViviAnna Vivi, you made it! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles You've never read Elmore Leonard? I'm shocked!!!
(The things u learn about your cp....) ;) #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am Jamie_LD This is why I love you! RT @art1032: I hope it creates even more
buzz for u Jamie:) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:47 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD What kind of prep work do you do before settling into the
actual writing? Wondering how everybody outlines or begins. #
2012-05-12 1:47 am SpiceBites RT @sjezioro: My apologies to my followers for the next couple of
hours. Im in the #5authors chat. You guys should stop by! #
2012-05-12 1:47 am madisonjohns11 Thanks everyone! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:47 am luciejcharles Yeah. I'm thinking Elmore and I need become acquainted in the very
near future. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:47 am Jamie_LD @ByondScrnwrting Stop by and what with us
about writing. Party on now.
2012-05-12 1:47 am SarahAlexis4 @authorViviAnna Hi! Hope your signing is going great! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am art1032 @Jamie_LD Aww <3 #5authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 I think you're either an outliner or a pantser. I'm a
pantser myself. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 Character bios (easy because it's a series) then
research, then outline loosely, then tight, then change it all #5authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am SpiceBites JMO, humor is difficult to do, but sells. I mean what's better than
making someone laugh? #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am madisonjohns11 @SarahAlexis4 Research, research, research! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles @sarahalexis4 and I love Elmore. lol #5authors
2012-05-12 1:49 am luciejcharles I don't outline. For me, writing begins with the characters. They talk to
me and I have to sit down and write. I'm a pantser. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:49 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites Humor is very difficult. Coming from someone working
on a sitcom spec at the moment. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:49 am DarleneCypser RT @luciejcharles: I don't outline. For me, writing begins with the
characters. They talk to me and I have to sit down and write. I'm a
pantser. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:49 am _Kristin315_ @SpiceBites I love when there is humor in books. #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:49 am art1032 Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, Stephen Cannell, E Duke Vincent, Any
and everything Helen Keller. Richard Castle.LOTS:) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:50 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 I live the story in my head while I'm writing it, wander
around mumbling to myself, thinkin I'm my protagonist #5authors
2012-05-12 1:50 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD but you do a good job of throwing it in at the right spots!
2012-05-12 1:50 am Jamie_LD I used to be a pantster until I started screenwriting. Have to write too
tight to wing it. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:50 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD Good luck! That's so cool you work in different media. #
2012-05-12 1:50 am Jamie_LD @art1032 LMAO Richard Castle. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:50 am luciejcharles I don't think I could write humor. It just happens when my characters
talk. It's about them, not me. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:50 am madisonjohns11 My outlines consist of one or two sentences, nothing too restrictive. #
2012-05-12 1:51 am madisonjohns11 I jot down so many notes if only I can remember which notebook?n #
2012-05-12 1:51 am SarahAlexis4 @Martinthewriter Cool, I also let my characters & stories marinate in
my head and live with me for a bit before hitting the page. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:51 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites I'm actually a screenwriter first. But I had this mystery
series that just had to be written. #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:51 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles Lol! Well, I'm glad u can type humor b/c your
characters are funny, often sly funny :D #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am luciejcharles Richard Castle? He's not real. He's Nathan Fillion playing a role. But
whoever writes the books is good. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am art1032 @Jamie_LD I have the Nikki Heat books lol #5authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD @art1033 HAHAHA #5authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am madisonjohns11 @luciejcharles Humor comes when you least expect it. I never think
what I write is funny. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 Robert Dugoni says to "light a candle and invite your
characters into the room" I like that. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 I'm with you on that. I have a bunch of notebooks
and the one I want is always someplace I'm not. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:53 am Jamie_LD RT @Martinthewriter: @SarahAlexis4 Robert Dugoni says to "light a
candle and invite your characters into the room" I like that. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:53 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD Did your screenwriting help or hinder your fiction writing?
2012-05-12 1:53 am luciejcharles @Martinthewriter Ooooh. I like that too. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:53 am SarahAlexis4 @madisonjohns11 haha me too (re: jotting down notes all over the
place) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:53 am sjezioro @art1032 @jamie_LD @luciejcharles I have read them all except the
last one. I want to know who is the real author of Castle books #
2012-05-12 1:53 am madisonjohns11 @luciejcharles Giggles~ #5authors
2012-05-12 1:53 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites It helped in so many ways. I picked up the book Save
the Cat, and the rest is history. #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:54 am SarahAlexis4 @Martinthewriter Interesting... Next time they don't come when I
beckon, I'll have to do that and invite them! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:54 am luciejcharles @SpiceBites I'm curious about that too, Jamie. How does
screenwriting help/hinder novel writing? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:54 am madisonjohns11 Who has a writing schedule? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:54 am Jamie_LD I will be posting a transcript of tonight's chat on my blog, so you can
go back and catch anything you may have missed. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:54 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles Real or not, I have a total crush on Richard #Castle! #
2012-05-12 1:55 am art1032 @sjezioro @jamie_LD @luciejcharles Andrew Marlowe and or Terri
Edda, at least she hints that way anyway. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:55 am Jamie_LD Me too. RT @SpiceBites: @luciejcharles Real or not, I have a total
crush on Richard #Castle! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:55 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 I always have voices in my head, so I'm kinda
blessed... #5authors
2012-05-12 1:55 am luciejcharles Me, too. Castle is fabulous. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:55 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 Wow, that's a tough one. I work about 70 hours a
week, so I fit it in where I can. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:56 am authorViviAnna want to know more about A Wolf's Heart, check out the Amazon page
here #5authors
2012-05-12 1:56 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles @SpiceBites screenwriting helps because I can write
very tight and fill in. I get the words on the page fast. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:56 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 I'm trying to write daily these days, need to get wip
a little farther along. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:56 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD @Luciejcharles Then there's Michael Hague &
Alexandra Sokoloff for screenwriting techs in fiction #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:56 am Jamie_LD RT @authorViviAnna: want to know more about A Wolf's Heart, check
out the Amazon page here #5authors
2012-05-12 1:57 am sjezioro Me three! RT @Jamie_LD: Me too. RT @SpiceBites: @luciejcharles
Real or not, I have a total crush on Richard #Castle! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:57 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites @Luciejcharles Yes, both are very good. #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:57 am art1032 Oh wow so many #Castle fans sqqquuueeee :) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:57 am luciejcharles A schedule is tough. I'm writing pretty tight to get two more books out
in the next couple of months. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:57 am Martinthewriter RT @Jamie_LD: RT @authorViviAnna: want to know more about A
Wolfs Heart, check out the Amazon page here
2012-05-12 1:57 am madisonjohns11 @Martinthewriter Do you have a marketing schedule?n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:58 am luciejcharles Alexandra Sokoloff is a doll. She's a member of my RWA chapter.
One smart cookie. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:58 am ridingnwriting RT @Jamie_LD: Me too. RT @SpiceBites: @luciejcharles Real or
not, I have a total crush on Richard #Castle! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:58 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles wow, that sounds super productive, lucie. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:58 am SpiceBites Lol! We def. have a Richard #Castle fan club here :) Woot! #
2012-05-12 1:58 am luciejcharles Marketing and promo are continuous. A daily thing for me. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:58 am Jamie_LD How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? #
2012-05-12 1:58 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 yes, I do. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:59 am SarahAlexis4 Do any of you have any advice or tips for somebody entering into the
world of short story and/or novel writing? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:00 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD the same number as the amount of times you've
checked your ranking since the party started? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:00 am madisonjohns11 Please share. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:00 am SashaWhite RT @authorViviAnna: want to know more about A Wolf's Heart, check
out the Amazon page here #5authors
2012-05-12 2:00 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter 3 licks? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:00 am RebeccaTomorrow RT @madisonjohns11: I jot down so many notes if only I can
remember which notebook?n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am SpiceBites Any advice on how to survive a book signing? #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 Just write what you love, and write for yourself. The
rest will come. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am luciejcharles So, just in case anyone is interested, I have a free book on Amazon
right now. A Touch of Ice. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am madisonjohns11 I'm beginning to think checking my rankings is a bad thing. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am sjezioro RT @Jamie_LD: @SarahAlexis4 Just write what you love, and write
for yourself. The rest will come. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites Bring and !Pad or your phone to play games when only
5 show up for a 2 hour signing. lol #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am SpiceBites RT @luciejcharles: So, just in case anyone is interested, I have a free
book on Amazon right now. A Touch of Ice. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:02 am Jamie_LD RT @luciejcharles: So, just in case anyone is interested, I have a free
book on Amazon right now. A Touch of Ice. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:02 am luciejcharles I only have one short story and one novella...I'm better at full length
stories. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:02 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 Follow your instinct. If you believe in ur story, then
follow your instinct. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:02 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD Sounds good to me. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:02 am luciejcharles But I think you have to write very tight for short story to be effective. #
2012-05-12 2:02 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles Facebook me the link, Lucie, and I'll pass it along. #
2012-05-12 2:03 am SpiceBites @SarahAlexis4 For shorts, don't have too many characters! #
2012-05-12 2:03 am Martinthewriter RT @luciejcharles: So, just in case anyone is interested, I have a free
book on Amazon right now. A Touch of Ice. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:03 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 And if you indie pub, get a good editor, or two.
Nothing beats a great editor. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:03 am luciejcharles Mina is right about that. It's hard to write multiple characters in a
short. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:04 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD Eeep! That's what I'm afraid of...but I will have my phone
handy! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:04 am SarahAlexis4 @Martinthewriter @SpiceBites @jamie_LD Thanks for the responses!
2012-05-12 2:04 am Jamie_LD @JennieBentley
2012-05-12 2:04 am luciejcharles I'd be dead in the novel without my crit partners, beta readers, and
editor. Critical parts to my writing life. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:04 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 It's so wonderful for you to be here. I appreciate it. #
2012-05-12 2:05 am Jamie_LD Haha. It can be addicting. RT @madisonjohns11: I'm beginning to
think checking my rankings is a bad thing. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:05 am SpiceBites I love it when @luciejcharles say "Mina is right...." just as much as I
love teasing her ;D #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:05 am luciejcharles What do you write, Sarah? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:06 am JennieBentley OK... #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:06 am madisonjohns11 It seems like you don't see as many short these days. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:06 am luciejcharles BRB - Have to give the cats treats or they'll try to type for me. #
2012-05-12 2:06 am Jamie_LD @RebeccaTomorrow I do the same thing with notes. So I started
carrying a recorder with me. You never know where an idea will hit. #
2012-05-12 2:06 am _Kristin315_ @Jamie_LD I have to agree with that. Having an editor is well worth it
when publishing a book. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:06 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 Oh it's an obsesion...rank checking
that is. Also Richard Castle. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:07 am Jamie_LD Yes! RT @_Kristin315_: @Jamie_LD I have to agree with that.
Having an editor is well worth it when publishing a book. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:07 am SarahAlexis4 @luciejcharles I write screenplays and television scripts. Would love
to try my hand at short stories. Also trying short scripts. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:07 am Jamie_LD @Mike_JahnWords Go to Amazon book page. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:07 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD Glad to be a part of it. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:07 am luciejcharles Oh, I think short stories would be a natural thing to follow screenplays.
You'll do very well. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:08 am Jamie_LD @_Kristin315_ What are you writing? #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:08 am SpiceBites obsession...yes, it's v. imp. to have editors! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:08 am madisonjohns11 Nobody should ever publish a book without an editor. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:08 am Jamie_LD Welcome NY Time bestselling author Jennie Bentley. RT
@JennieBentley: OK... #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am ByondScrnwrting i'm party crashing but i was kinda invited. my name is sterling
anderson. i'm a television writer ('medium' and 'the unit') #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am Jamie_LD @JennieBentley If you are in the room, it adds the hashtag for you. #
5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am art1032 @SarahAlexis4 @luciejcharles Now see I cant write a short script to
save my life it's a feature or tv. :( #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am luciejcharles @SpiceBites You're always right, Mina. Especially when you tear my
work apart to make it better. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am SarahAlexis4 Any fun items/tokens you need to have in your workspace? Or other
writer's quirks? Where do you work best? Write by pen? Computer? #
2012-05-12 2:09 am Martinthewriter @JennieBentley Welcome Jennie! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 Lots of anthologies though. I love buying those. #
2012-05-12 2:09 am JennieBentley Gotcha. n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am luciejcharles @ByondScrnwrting I love Medium. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am Jamie_LD @ByondScrnwrting Welcome Sterling! So glad you made it. Any novel
writing questions? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am SarahAlexis4 @ByondScrnwrting Hello! I loved 'Medium.' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am luciejcharles Hey, Jennie. Are you with us now?n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles The tearing is down with love :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 I grew up in Scotland and my last novel was set
there, so I wear a kilt when I write. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am _Kristin315_ @Jamie_LD Oh I don't write but I review books and get a lot of
indie's. You can clearly tell when there's no editor involved. #
2012-05-12 2:10 am madisonjohns11 I love the Medium too. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles I think I am. I'm trying to be.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 I say we invite Sterling out for drinks when we are in
L.A. in June. @ByondScrnwrting #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am SpiceBites @JennieBentley Welcome! Love mysteries :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am luciejcharles @SpiceBites Love is good. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting Welcome Sterling! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am art1032 @SarahAlexis4 Laptop,coffee table,coffee and orange slices:) #
2012-05-12 2:11 am luciejcharles A kilt? Seriously? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am Jamie_LD @_Kristin315_ That is so true. A writer is never the best judge of their
own work. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD Sounds good to me! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am luciejcharles Jennie writes great mysteries. I've read a bunch of them. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles yep, and a toque, because I live in Canada now. #
2012-05-12 2:12 am Jamie_LD @ByondScrnwrting Gray said you may be looking for a
beta/proofreader? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am SarahAlexis4 @art1032 I like the orange slices. :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am JennieBentley @SpiceBites Thank you!n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am ByondScrnwrting thank you martin... enjoying the conversation and a minute from
kiddies... #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Awww, thank you! That's so sweet!n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites I'm @JennieBentley critique partner. Her books are
awesome. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:13 am Beverly_Akerman @Martinthewriter rotflmao! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:13 am ByondScrnwrting yes...n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:13 am luciejcharles I can't believe I didn't meet you before tonight, Martin. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:13 am Martinthewriter @Beverly_Akerman hey Beverly! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:13 am madisonjohns11 Here's my Amazon author page if you'd like to
check it out. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles I'm the guy in the restaurant sittin by himself
mumbling, wearing a kilt and toque, easy to spot, Lucie. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am SarahAlexis4 @Martinthewriter I love that! (re: kilt wearing) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am HaHaScribe As always...late to a party #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am madisonjohns11 @Martinthewriter is very helpful and nice! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles @Martinthewriter book My Temporary Life is a great
book. I just started reading. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 Oh, Madison, you're adorable! And your books
look good. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am Jamie_LD RT @madisonjohns11: Here's my Amazon author
page if you'd like to check it out. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am Jamie_LD @HaHaScribe better late than never. Welcome #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am Martinthewriter @_Kristin315_ I have a book that you may want to review, Kristin.
This is it if you want to take a peek #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter Have you check for me lately? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am madisonjohns11 Thanks @lucijcharles #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am luciejcharles Next time I'm in Canada, I'll look you up. I live in ND, very close to the
border. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am SarahAlexis4 For those of you who write mysteries, how do you attack the plotting?
Do you work backwards? Any tricks to help? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD No, sorry, Jamie. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am lavendartime @SarahAlexis4 An elephant needs to be in my writing space. There
should always be an elephant in the room and story. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am Beverly_Akerman @Martinthewriter yes, hi from toronto. just caught your kilt remark. we
need a national dress code in canada. tuxedo? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am SpiceBites Mmm, must check out My Temporary Life by kilt-wearing
@Martinthewriter #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am HaHaScribe Thanks...what did I miss? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles I'm on the west coast, Lucie, please do. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am luciejcharles My books all have mystery elements, and yes, I often work backwards
when I get near the end. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am HaHaScribe All the drinks are gone already, aren't they #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am Jamie_LD @HaHaScribe We're just talking about writing. Join in, ask questions,
make fun of us. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am 9olivia I made it Jamie. Hello everyone. Cora Blu at my first Twitter party.
Don't stop talking. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am Martinthewriter @lavendartime Perfect! I agree. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am Jamie_LD @9olivia Yay! So good to see you! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am madisonjohns11 I'd love to have half of your reviews Martin! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am Martinthewriter @Beverly_Akerman I'm gonna be in t.o. next month, and yes, I think
kilt and wooly toque would be good! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am ByondScrnwrting i'm in laguna beach california... #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am madisonjohns11 @Martinthewriter Only the five star ones, lol.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:18 am JennieBentley I work from front to back, always. I don't plot. I'm a pantser. n #
2012-05-12 2:18 am SpiceBites @9olivia Hey, don't I know you? So good to twitter party with ya! :) #
2012-05-12 2:18 am Jamie_LD @ByondScrnwrting Make the trip to Burbank the first weekend in
June and @SarahAlexis4 and I will buy drinks. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:18 am matt_janacone RT @SarahAlexis4: For those of you who write mysteries, how do you
attack the plotting? Do you work backwards? Any tricks to help? #
2012-05-12 2:18 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 I saw a 3 star review today that made me want to
read the book. They don't have to always be 5 star to intrigue #
2012-05-12 2:18 am madisonjohns11 I can barely writer frontwards. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:19 am HaHaScribe Excellent...not a make fun of others kind of guy, but enjoy talking to
other writers #5authors
2012-05-12 2:19 am Jamie_LD LMAO I love it. RT @madisonjohns11: I can barely writer frontwards.
2012-05-12 2:19 am madisonjohns11 I have a four star review that was a great review! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:20 am Jamie_LD You are not a REAL writer until you have that 1-star review that
makes you cry. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:20 am madisonjohns11 Even NYT bestseller get one star reviews. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:20 am jcalvert719 @JennieBentley I love your books! How many books do you have
planned for Avery and Derek? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:20 am art1032 @SarahAlexis4 For mine I have a tentative ending then usually a
beginning comes then the middle. All kinds of bass akwards LOL;) #
2012-05-12 2:20 am JennieBentley @Jamie_LD Ignore reviews. Write the next book.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:20 am Martinthewriter @SpiceBites thank you, I hope you like it! There is a kilt in it too,
somewhere. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:21 am ByondScrnwrting can anyone let me know what you all have written...? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:21 am Jamie_LD Best advice from a NYT bestseller ----> RT @JennieBentley:
@Jamie_LD Ignore reviews. Write the next book. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:21 am HaHaScribe My hats off to those of you that have books out there...a whole
different can of worms to me. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:21 am SpiceBites Good Advice: RT @JennieBentley Ignore reviews. Write the next
book. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:21 am Jamie_LD @ByondScrnwrting 3 feature screenplays, 1 TV drama, 2 sitcoms,
and 2 novels. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:22 am madisonjohns11 When I write mystery I never know how it's going to end. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:22 am JennieBentley @jcalvert719 Book 6 comes in September. Wall to Wall Dead. There'll
be at least one more. A Xmas book for 2013. Dunno after that. #
2012-05-12 2:22 am 9olivia Hey, Rashda. I got your box and your post cards and key chains are
awesome. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:22 am KellyHitchcock RT @Jamie_LD: You are not a REAL writer until you have that 1-star
review that makes you cry. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:22 am madisonjohns11 I have written everything from horror to cozy mysteries. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:22 am ByondScrnwrting yes, jamie... gray introduced me to vivi anna and we've been sharing
emails.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:23 am Jamie_LD Great book by the talented @ByondScrnwrting #
2012-05-12 2:23 am SpiceBites My stories always end up with mystery elements & paranormal
beings...even when I tried writing chicklit. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:23 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting 1 published novel, one more in progress.
Published work just dyin' to find it's way to a big screen. just sayin.. #
2012-05-12 2:23 am madisonjohns11 RT @KellyHitchcock: RT @Jamie_LD: You are not a REAL writer
until you have that 1-star review that makes you cry. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:23 am Jamie_LD @HaHaScribe very true #5authors
2012-05-12 2:23 am SpiceBites @9olivia Woot! So glad to hear & bunches of thanks :) Appreciate
you! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:24 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 I know the ending when I start, but it's never the
ending when I finish. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:24 am ByondScrnwrting nice martin... are you shopping it as a movie? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:25 am SpiceBites @ByondScrnwrting I have two paranormal romances with genies...the
most recent also has a flying carpet! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:25 am madisonjohns11 RT @Jamie_LD: @madisonjohns11 I know the ending when I start,
but its never the ending when I finish. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:25 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter We'll have to discuss adaptations in our next phone
call. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:25 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting got 20 second of phone time with Gerard Butler's
agent, but that's as far as I got. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:25 am HaHaScribe I will make sure i go to everyone's website to find out what novel's
you've written...need to put together my reading list #5authors
2012-05-12 2:26 am 9olivia @Jamie_LD I thought I was strange, because mine always leaned
further to the left at the end than intended. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:26 am Jamie_LD @HaHaScribe My novel Let Us Prey is FREE on Amazon this
weekend. Just sayin' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:26 am madisonjohns11 20 seconds, wow. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:26 am Martinthewriter @HaHaScribe Thank you, I really appreciate that! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:26 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 All right! Guess I've made it in the world. Thank
goodness for the 4 and 5 star reviews. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am Jamie_LD @9olivia And I outline! haha #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am ByondScrnwrting in twenty years of paid television and movie writing. about a third of
my assignments have been book adaptations. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am JennieBentley Good book! RT @Jamie_LD: @HaHaScribe My novel Let Us Prey is
FREE on Amazon this weekend. Just sayin #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am Martinthewriter RT @Jamie_LD: @HaHaScribe My novel Let Us Prey is FREE on
Amazon this weekend. Just sayin #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am HaHaScribe No prob, never can read enough. As long as they aren't
screenplays...too much like work. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am Jamie_LD RT @ByondScrnwrting: in 20 years of paid television & movie writing.
about a third of my assignments have been book adaptations. #
2012-05-12 2:27 am SpiceBites @HaHaScribe Much appreciated! Wow, you write comedy we were
just discussing how hard that is...any tips? #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am ByondScrnwrting shopping a book has more clout than shopping a screenplay. george
clooney only buys books... no screenplays.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:28 am HaHaScribe @Martinthewriter No kidding...I will get it for sure #5authors
2012-05-12 2:28 am Jamie_LD Hey Twitterverse, if you feel so inclined, join us at the #5authors
Twitter Party.
2012-05-12 2:28 am cgricci hi everyone. sorry I am laten #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting very interesting, thanks for that. I'm self-pubbed
and agentless so Gerard's agent wasn't int in my pitch. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am 9olivia @HaHaScribe My Novella for my under water series came out
yesterday if you like tiger sharks. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am HaHaScribe @SpiceBites The best comedy writing tip I can give, write about what
makes you laugh and not what you think others find funny #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am madisonjohns11 Hello #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am luciejcharles So, I really liked that Madison gave us the link to her Amazon author
page. Here's mine. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter you should go to the in L.A.
the first weekend in June. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am EllisVidler RT @JennieBentley: Good book! RT @Jamie_LD: @HaHaScribe My
novel Let Us Prey is FREE on Amazon this weekend. Just sayin #
2012-05-12 2:29 am madisonjohns11 It's hard to get an agent. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am ByondScrnwrting i have been sent about six unpublished manuscripts that were bought
by a production company... for adaption to screen. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am SpiceBites RT @HaHaScribe: The best comedy writing tip I can give, write about
what makes you laugh and not what you think others find funny #
2012-05-12 2:30 am Jamie_LD @HaHaScribe Great advice. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am Martinthewriter @9olivia Can you post the link to it! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am art1032 3 features 2tv and 2 novels 7 old old novellas. All in various stages
and the novellas will never see light of day.LOL #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am cgricci @madisonjohns11 what is a schedule?n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am HaHaScribe @9olivia got a little to close to a tiger shark once...but will look
forward to getting it #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am luciejcharles I want links, people, so I can check out everyone's stuff. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD Unfortunately, I'll be in Toronto, but thank you. #
2012-05-12 2:30 am JennieBentley Here's my Amazon author page, if anyone wants it. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am Jamie_LD Yes! RT @luciejcharles: I want links, people, so I can check out
everyone's stuff. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am Jamie_LD There will be a transcript of the chat too. So you can scan for the links
later if you like. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am cgricci schedules don't exist in my house :)n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am madisonjohns11 RT @luciejcharles: So, I really liked that Madison gave us the link to
her Amazon author page. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am ByondScrnwrting the best advice i ever got was from david mamet. he said, 'write to
think, don't think to write or you will think all day long.' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am JennieBentley Sometimes you're better off without one. Just sayin'. RT
@madisonjohns11: Its hard to get an agent. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am madisonjohns11 It said the other part was too long. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am luciejcharles Thanks, Jennie. I own a lot of your books, but it's so much easier to
check out the ones I don't have when there's a link. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am Martinthewriter This is my Amazon Author page #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am HaHaScribe @Jamie_LD haven't updated my website for a while but here it is: #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am luciejcharles @ByondScrnwrting Oh, I like that. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am 9olivia @Martinthewriter. "Max" . The first book is
"Dagger" B007748JTG. I hope you like it. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting That rocked! Thanks for that. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am LeanneTyler #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am sjezioro How did you guys know when your ideas enough to turn into a
novel?n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Yeah, well, even if you do, maybe there are others
who don't. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am Jamie_LD A review from last hour, 2 or 3 parts. I downloaded the book an hour
ago and am half way through it already. I came back #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am Jamie_LD to Amazon to see what else she had written. Looking forward to the
next book in the series. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am ByondScrnwrting working with mamet every day for two years changed my life...! #
2012-05-12 2:34 am SpiceBites My latest is a Romeo & Juliet tale w/genies & feminists. 50% of the
proceeds going to UNICEF :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:34 am Jamie_LD #scriptchat RT @ByondScrnwrting: working with mamet every day for
two years changed my life...! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:34 am luciejcharles @JennieBentley Good point. And they should read your books. Great
stuff. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:34 am HaHaScribe @Jamie_LD and IMDB page: #5authors
2012-05-12 2:34 am JennieBentley @sjezioro I can take any idea and spin it into a novel. Case in point: a
200 word flash fiction piece turned into a 4 book series. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:35 am sjezioro @JennieBentley That's crazy! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:35 am HaHaScribe @JennieBentley wow! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:35 am madisonjohns11 @luciejcharles your author page needs some love. I'll be back liking everything in sight. :) #
2012-05-12 2:35 am lavendartime RT @ByondScrnwrting: the best advice i ever got was from david
mamet. he said, 'write to think, don't think to write or you will think all
day long.' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:36 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 Thanks, Madison. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:36 am HaHaScribe Is anyone familiar with the novel Jennifer Government...It was
recommended to me #5authors
2012-05-12 2:36 am art1032 @sjezioro The 1st novel I wrote was during NaNo 2010,and I had to
make it work to win it and I did:) The important part was 50,000 #
2012-05-12 2:36 am TVWriterChat Jamie Lee Scott is in Twitter jail because she's tweeted too much
today, so she's tweeting from TV Writer account. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:36 am SpiceBites @JennieBentley Totally. I think agent-author rel. is like marriage. The
wrong person just doesn't work. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:36 am madisonjohns11 I'm into the whole liking books and author pages on Amazon. #
2012-05-12 2:37 am art1032 @JennieBentley @sjezioro Wow your awesome:) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:37 am sjezioro @art1032 I've been thinking about doing #NaNo. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:37 am SarahAlexis4 @HaHaScribe By Max Barry? I read it many years ago. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:38 am ByondScrnwrting i went from feature writing to television... i was called a 'baby
television writer' after 1st novel. guess i'm a 'baby novelist.' #
2012-05-12 2:38 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 I do a lot of that too, especially with my indie
group. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:38 am TVWriterChat @ByondScrnwrting Baby novelist. I love it. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:38 am SpiceBites @sjezioro I love the idea of #NaNo, but doesn't work with my writing
style. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:39 am TVWriterChat RT @HaHaScribe: @Jamie_LD and IMDB page:
2012-05-12 2:39 am art1032 @sjezioro Do it-worry about rewrite later, just get out that vommit
draft. :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:39 am TVWriterChat Yay! RT @sjezioro: @art1032 I've been thinking about doing #NaNo.
2012-05-12 2:39 am HaHaScribe @SarahAlexis4 I'm pretty sure that's the author. Worth the read? #
2012-05-12 2:39 am luciejcharles I'm following everyone. It is so wonderful to meet all of you. #
2012-05-12 2:39 am 9olivia @Martinthewriter I'll have to check out that book Martin. Looks
interesting. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:39 am madisonjohns11 You have and indie group @luciejcharles? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:40 am JennieBentley @SpiceBites Nope. The wrong agent is much worse than no agent at
all. Better off on your own than with the wrong person. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:40 am Martinthewriter you betcha! RT @art1032: @sjezioro Do it-worry about rewrite later,
just get out that vommit draft. :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:40 am TVWriterChat @sjezioro Write it from beginning to end. No editing. Go back and
edit once you've typed "the end." #5authors
2012-05-12 2:41 am TVWriterChat @JennieBentley @SpiceBites Jennie knows what she's talking about!
2012-05-12 2:41 am sjezioro @SpiceBites I can see that! I think that for my first run @art1032 has
a good idea. Maybe vomit is good for the first one #5authors
2012-05-12 2:41 am HaHaScribe @JennieBentley nothing worse than wrong agent. And if you're
starting out to get representation...small boutique is better #5authors
2012-05-12 2:41 am madisonjohns11 @jennieBently I knew more than a few writers that went through two
bad agents and finally found a publisher herself. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:41 am HaHaScribe Even sometimes if you're established...small boutique is better #
2012-05-12 2:41 am jeremy92morgan RT @ByondScrnwrting: i went from feature writing to television... i
was called a 'baby television writer' after 1st novel. guess i'm a 'baby
novelist.' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am JennieBentley Speaking of fast drafting... Candace Havens is starting a new fast
draft & revision hell class on Monday. If anyone's interested. #
2012-05-12 2:42 am cgricci i must admitt i am having a hard time keeping up in heren #5authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am TVWriterChat @Martinthewriter 6067, is that good? (tweeting for Jamie) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am madisonjohns11 RT @Martinthewriter: you betcha! RT @art1032: @sjezioro Do
it-worry about rewrite later, just get out that vommit draft. :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am ByondScrnwrting agree martin... ann lamont liberated me with her comment 'write a
child's first draft' cept she didn't say 'child.' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am SpiceBites @JennieBentley Unfortunately, sometimes interviewing isn't enuff to
vet :( Any tips? #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am SarahAlexis4 @HaHaScribe If I remember correctly, it was a fun satire. I also read
his novel Syrup around the same time. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am JennieBentley @cgricci You and me both.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am HaHaScribe @TVWriterChat is your group mostly LA or both coasts? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am madisonjohns11 Me too @cgricci. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am SpiceBites MT @JennieBentley: Speaking of fast drafting...Candace Havens is
starting a new fast draft & revision hell class on Monday. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am TVWriterChat @HaHaScribe The chatters are from all over. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am Martinthewriter @TVWriterChat downloads? yeppers, I would think so. KDP has
changed, hard to get a grip on it, but that sounds really strong to me #
2012-05-12 2:44 am cgricci does everyone here indie pub and trad pub? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:44 am ByondScrnwrting what she wrote in 'bird by bird' was write a '..itty' 1st draft. (left out two
consonants.) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:44 am TVWriterChat We'd love to have @ByondScrnwrting as a guest on #tvwriterchat #
2012-05-12 2:44 am JennieBentley @SpiceBites Sadly, no. I've been there. It's no fun splitting up. Esp.
when things started out so positive. Guess you grow apart. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:44 am TVWriterChat @Martinthewriter Thanks. I have no idea what's good. haha #
2012-05-12 2:44 am art1032 @sjezioro @SpiceBites And we have jeannevb to thank for the
"Vommit" draft she's a hoot :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:44 am luciejcharles I'm only indie. NY couldn't figure out how to market me. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:44 am SpiceBites Candace Havens' Fast Draft is really useful! (psst...@SarahAlexis4) #
2012-05-12 2:45 am ByondScrnwrting thank you...!!! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:45 am TVWriterChat @ByondScrnwrting Bird by Bird is the best writing book! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:45 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles me too, Lucie, I'm kinda glad now though actually. #
2012-05-12 2:45 am SpiceBites @JennieBentley True. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:45 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Nothing wrong with only indie. I just can't seem to
make it work for me. Do better with a publisher. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:45 am SarahAlexis4 @TVWriterChat I've been meaning to read that... #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am madisonjohns11 One of my friends is about to tell me what she thought about my book.
I'm sweating bullets! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am HaHaScribe @SarahAlexis4 Didn't know about Syrup...I'll pick up both #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am SpiceBites @art1032 Lol!n #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am luciejcharles @Martinthewriter Me, too. I'm enjoying the freedom and control. And
I'm selling books. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am TVWriterChat @SarahAlexis4 It's really a great book from the writer's POV. Annie
Lamot is a genius. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am luciejcharles Fortunately, I could figure out how to market me. Hahahah. #
2012-05-12 2:46 am sjezioro @art1032 I LOVE @jeannevb! I should have know the vomit draft
was hers. Why didn't I remember! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am ByondScrnwrting i've had a modicum of success... and i thank ann lamont. i wrote a
'..itty' 1st draft that brought me 3 emmy nominations. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:47 am SpiceBites @JennieBentley I'm straddling the fence -- 1 traditional (Harlequin) &
1 Indie. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:47 am HaHaScribe @ByondScrnwrting Congratts #5authors
2012-05-12 2:47 am art1032 @SpiceBites LOL she's where I learned it from, she comes up w/all
kinds of genious words like that:) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:47 am SarahAlexis4 @SpiceBites Thanks for the recommendation. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles me too, we should compare notes one day, Lucie. #
2012-05-12 2:48 am luciejcharles @ByondScrnwrting emmy nominations? Really? Okay, we're in the
presence of genius here. This is a good thing. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am SpiceBites Truth! RT @luciejcharles: Fortunately, I could figure out how to
market me. Hahahah. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am TVWriterChat RT @SpiceBites: Candace Havens' Fast Draft is really useful!
(psst...@SarahAlexis4) #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am HaHaScribe Not sure how I found out about this...but glad I did. Very relaxing and
fun. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting you rock! well done. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am HaHaScribe Even with my 8 year old coming in and bouncing up and down on my
lap while I try to type #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am TVWriterChat @HaHaScribe So glad you could stop by, it's been a blast (from
Jamie) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am art1032 @sjezioro @jeannevb She so funny:) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:49 am HaHaScribe Where is everyone from? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:49 am ByondScrnwrting thanks jamie...!!! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:50 am luciejcharles I'm in North Dakota, Glenn. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:50 am ByondScrnwrting i grew up in tuskegee alabama... moved to davis california at 12
years-old. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:50 am art1032 <<<<5authors
2012-05-12 2:50 am Martinthewriter I'm just outside Vancouver, Canada. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:50 am TVWriterChat @luciejcharles Hey, we're state neighbors (from Jamie) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:51 am SpiceBites @HaHaScribe I'm in Texas, by way of Bangladesh. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:51 am ByondScrnwrting been in hollywood for 20 years... now live in toronto. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:51 am JennieBentley @HaHaScribe I live in Nashville. NYC before that. Grew up in
Norway. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:51 am TVWriterChat From CA live in IA (Jamie) RT @HaHaScribe: Where is everyone
from? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am luciejcharles @JennieBentley I'll be in Norway in August. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am madisonjohns11 RT @ByondScrnwrting: i've had a modicum of success... and i thank
ann lamont. i wrote a '..itty' 1st draft that brought me 3 emmy
nominations. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am HaHaScribe Okay...pretty damn impressive backgrounds...especially the
bangladesh route #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am TVWriterChat Do you need a translator? RT @luciejcharles: @JennieBentley I'll be
in Norway in August. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am HaHaScribe I'm from NYC now living in LA #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting you should connect with @Beverly_Akerman if
you haven't already, she's in your neck of the woods. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am ByondScrnwrting in laguna beach, california with kiddies... staring at the ocean. #
2012-05-12 2:52 am jeannevb @art1032 @sjezioro I'm here for your amusement ;) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Will you really? Enjoy! It's a beautiful place. #
2012-05-12 2:53 am luciejcharles Would love a translator. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:53 am madisonjohns11 I live in Michigan. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:53 am HaHaScribe by way of Raleigh nc and montgomery alabama (that would be two
marriages...ha) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:53 am SpiceBites @HaHaScribe Lol, thank! That's where my djinns come from :) #
2012-05-12 2:53 am cgricci @HaHaScribe from the East Coast here. Not far from Boston #
2012-05-12 2:53 am ByondScrnwrting is she a screenwriter? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:53 am WendyandCharles thank you for the invite! I saw it on MK #5authorsn #5authors
2012-05-12 2:53 am art1032 @jeannevb @sjezioro LOL #5authors
2012-05-12 2:54 am WendyandCharles sorry was gone for a bit, had to fix supper, #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:54 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles Take me with you!!! Pack me in a suitcase! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:54 am TVWriterChat @WendyandCharles Welcom back #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:54 am HaHaScribe @cgricci God I miss Boston...great Italian food #5authors
2012-05-12 2:55 am luciejcharles @SpiceBites Wish I could. I'll blog every day...with pictures. #
2012-05-12 2:56 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles What will you be doing in Norway? Just going on
vacation, or business? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:56 am SpiceBites @HaHaScribe I miss Boston too...Italian food, Irish pubs -- diversity of
cute guys...sigh. #collegedays #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:56 am HaHaScribe @ByondScrnwrting LOVE Toronto...I've got good friends there. #
2012-05-12 2:56 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles Ooh pictures...take lots! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:56 am HaHaScribe @ByondScrnwrting Nice...I live in the mountains of LA...but love the
ocean...must be really nice tonight to, great breeze #5authors
2012-05-12 2:57 am luciejcharles Has everyone downloaded Jamie's book? You're #3 in police
procedurals and women sleuths. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:58 am ByondScrnwrting toronto is great... a bit cold. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:58 am 9olivia @madisonjohns11 I live in Michigan, madison. Beauty at almost every
turn #5authors
2012-05-12 2:58 am luciejcharles @JennieBentley Vacation. It's a 2 week cruise. Ireland and Scotland
also. I'll be doing research for my 3rd YA. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:58 am art1032 @luciejcharles Woowhoo go Jamie :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:59 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Oooh. Now I'm REALLY envious. Ireland AND
Scotland? Dayum! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:59 am yeah_write I had to change accounts. This is Jamie again. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:59 am 9olivia @luciejcharles. downloaded a copy before I signed in. n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:59 am HaHaScribe I've really enjoyed this...wife and son are at the Avengers and my
daughter is giving me the "feed me" look...gotta go #5authors
2012-05-12 2:59 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Tax deductions totally rock, though. Don't they? n #
2012-05-12 3:00 am yeah_write @luciejcharles *smooch* thanks for the plug #3 #5authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am luciejcharles The hubby likes to travel. I'm very fortunate. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am cgricci @ByondScrnwrting I write contemporary romance. my book is at
amazon now #5authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am ByondScrnwrting martin, you should talk to a couple people i know. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am SpiceBites And Ms. @luciejcharles was recently in Hawaii...for research among
other things. I get to travel via her stories :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am madisonjohns11 RT @9olivia: @madisonjohns11 I live in Michigan, madison. Beauty
at almost every turn #5authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am SpiceBites @HaHaScribe Nice chatting with ya! Good night! #5Authors
2012-05-12 3:01 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting anytime, and thanks.
2012-05-12 3:01 am luciejcharles @JennieBentley Tax deductions are the best. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:01 am art1032 @HaHaScribe Ohh lawwdd feed her before she gets evil on ya lol, at
least mine do :) #5authors
2012-05-12 3:01 am yeah_write @Martinthewriter See, Twitter ROCKS! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:02 am luciejcharles Nice to have met you, Glenn. Good night. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:02 am DianneGreenlay Just joined in.Was at funeral.While others were hugging + crying, I
was sneaking into bathroom to read tweets. Was that wrong?? #
2012-05-12 3:02 am cgricci is there a good place to learn about tax deds for writers?n #5authors
2012-05-12 3:02 am yeah_write @DianneGreenlay Not wrong, well, maybe. Okay, I'd be doing the
same thing. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:02 am Martinthewriter @DianneGreenlay nope, you're a writer, you're allowed, nice to see
you Dianne! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:02 am luciejcharles @DianneGreenlay No, that was a very wise use of the time. Nice to
meet you, Dianne. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:03 am HaHaScribe I think I was able to follow all of you on twitter...if not, follow me and I'll
make sure I do. Thanks for suggesting your writing #5authors
2012-05-12 3:03 am SarahAlexis4 I have to cut out but thanks for the chat & answering questions.
Wishing the authors much continued success. Happy writing to all! #
2012-05-12 3:03 am DianneGreenlay Thx for the invite! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:03 am HaHaScribe I'll do my best to get everyone's work on my shelf...night guys! #
2012-05-12 3:04 am Martinthewriter @yeah_write man, I thought I had lots of voices in my head, you have
multiple identities, Jamie! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:04 am luciejcharles @cgricci I hope that my accountant knows all of that stuff. It's beyond
me. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:04 am yeah_write RT @jimmytwiz: Let Us Prey - Well written & engaging. Read 1st 9
chapters, want to read more, but my bedroom beckons. Great job #
2012-05-12 3:04 am art1032 @DianneGreenlay Is it wrong I really wanna laugh over that *spits
coffee* #5authors #sorrylostmymannersforasecond
2012-05-12 3:04 am Martinthewriter @HaHaScribe great to meet you! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:04 am SpiceBites @SarahAlexis4 Happy Writing to you too! And enjoyed chatting w/you
:) #5Authors
2012-05-12 3:04 am luciejcharles Good night, Sarah. Thanks for joining us. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:04 am JennieBentley Nice to have met y'all. Sorry I was late. :( #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 great to meet you! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am yeah_write @Martinthewriter I told you I was a Twitter addict. But the chat locked
me out of my main account. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am 9olivia @HaHaScribe Enjoy dinner with your daughter. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am SpiceBites This was fun, but I better call it a night too! Nice meeting you all :) #
2012-05-12 3:05 am yeah_write Thanks for joining us! RT @9olivia: @HaHaScribe Enjoy dinner with
your daughter. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am Martinthewriter @yeah_write you're funny, this is a good day to be you! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am art1032 @Martinthewriter @yeah_write LMAO!!!!! *snorts* #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am ByondScrnwrting backatcha' -- promise, shopping a best selling novel carries weight. #
2012-05-12 3:06 am Martinthewriter @SpiceBites pleasure, hope to chat to you again! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:06 am luciejcharles @yeah_write I didn't know you could be punished for over-tweeting! #
2012-05-12 3:06 am yeah_write @SpiceBites Thanks so much for joining us. It was nice to meet you!
2012-05-12 3:06 am luciejcharles Night, Mina. I'll have pages for you next week. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:06 am SarahAlexis4 @Martinthewriter Likewise! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:06 am ByondScrnwrting it's fun looking at everyone's profile! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:06 am yeah_write @luciejcharles When you tweet as much as I have today. lol #
2012-05-12 3:07 am SpiceBites @Martinthewriter same here :) @yeahwrite #5Authors
2012-05-12 3:07 am SarahAlexis4 @luciejcharles Good night! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:07 am art1032 @luciejcharles @yeah_write LOL she's in "twitter Jail" :) #5authors
2012-05-12 3:07 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles Looking forward to them! G'nite :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 3:07 am luciejcharles @ByondScrnwrting I agree. I went through and followed everyone. #
2012-05-12 3:08 am SarahAlexis4 @SpiceBites Thanks! Same here! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:08 am yeah_write Twitter jail sucks. lol RT @art1032: @luciejcharles @yeah_write LOL
she's in "twitter Jail" :) #5authors
2012-05-12 3:08 am 9olivia Thanks for letting me pop in. I think I have everyone on my TBR list. I
have a fireman waiting to go to sleep. Good night. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am art1032 Its so way past my bedtime night all!:) #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am yeah_write @9olivia Thanks so much for joining in. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am ByondScrnwrting right?! anyone want to see my picture... #
2012-05-12 3:09 am yeah_write @art1032 Thanks sweetie! Sweet dreams. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am luciejcharles Good night, Cora. Thanks for joining us. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am Martinthewriter @art1032 g'night, pleasure talking to you. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am ByondScrnwrting sorry i have no picture... #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am Martinthewriter @9olivia have a good night, good to talk to you. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:10 am luciejcharles Good night, Andrea. Thanks for joining our party. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:10 am sjezioro Goodnight @art1032!n #5authors
2012-05-12 3:10 am yeah_write @ByondScrnwrting Sterling, I'm so glad you could join us tonight. #
2012-05-12 3:11 am yeah_write @sjezioro I already have a new review from the free day! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:11 am JennieBentley Aww, is the party over? But it's still early! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:11 am luciejcharles Aaawwwk. I just realized we haven't given any books away. #
2012-05-12 3:11 am yeah_write @JennieBentley I can't believe it's been almost 2 hours. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:11 am yeah_write oops. RT @luciejcharles: Aaawwwk. I just realized we haven't given
any books away. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:12 am sjezioro @yeah_write yay!!!!! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:12 am yeah_write Well, shall we start picking up the empties? #5authors
2012-05-12 3:12 am ByondScrnwrting thanks jennie... i'm a bit of a 'baby writer' in the novel world but i'm
confronting my fear... #5authors
2012-05-12 3:12 am luciejcharles Do you get a transcript, Jamie? #5authors
2012-05-12 3:12 am yeah_write @luciejcharles I will pull one. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:13 am luciejcharles We'll have to go through and randomly select some people. #
2012-05-12 3:13 am yeah_write @luciejcharles Good idea, then we can tweet out the winners #
2012-05-12 3:13 am jcalvert719 @JennieBentley I can't wait to read the next one in the series.
Hopefully, it will continue for many years to come. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:13 am ByondScrnwrting i have a book i can give... how do i do it? #5authors
2012-05-12 3:13 am luciejcharles Exactly. Winning is good. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:14 am yeah_write @ByondScrnwrting We'll post a transcript can then let you know who
won. Thanks so much. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:14 am Martinthewriter I'd like to give a book away too. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:14 am luciejcharles Okay. Very tired, so I'm going to head for bed. Goodnight everyone. #
2012-05-12 3:15 am yeah_write @ByondScrnwrting DM me your email and I'll talk to you about
proofreading DM to @Jamie_LD #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am yeah_write @luciejcharles Thanks for helping host this party. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am yeah_write RT @Martinthewriter: I'd like to give a book away too. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am DianneGreenlay tell me how the give aways work pls. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am ByondScrnwrting great... thx. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles night night, Lucie, great talking to you. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am JennieBentley @jcalvert719 Thank you. Dunno how long it'll last, but I've got a
couple other series starting this year, anyway. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:16 am luciejcharles @ByondScrnwrting I want your book...I think screenwriting stuff would
make my novels much tighter. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:16 am yeah_write Thanks to everyone who joined us for the #5Authors Twitter Party
tonight. We apprecieate it! (via @Jamie_LD )
2012-05-12 3:16 am ByondScrnwrting i have a budding relationship with a novel writer who is being really
generous. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:16 am jcalvert719 @JennieBentley Really? I missed that. What are they about? #
2012-05-12 3:16 am yeah_write @DianneGreenlay We will pull a transcript and pick tweeters who
were at the party at random. We'll tweet out to winners. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:17 am yeah_write Is is Tawny? She's awesome. RT @ByondScrnwrting: i have a
budding relationship with a novel writer who is being really generous.
2012-05-12 3:17 am sjezioro I'm out! Thanks for such a great time! Thanks to Jamie for inviting me
and I can't wait to read everyone's stuff! Night! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:18 am yeah_write @sjezioro Thanks for hanging out with us tonight! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:18 am DianneGreenlay sorry I got here so late, but nice to meet you all. Sleep well! #
2012-05-12 3:18 am JennieBentley @jcalvert719 One's that flash-fiction-into-4-book-series i mentioned.
Futuristic romantic suspense. And a straight RS series. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:18 am Martinthewriter yeppers, from me too! RT @yeah_write: @sjezioro Thanks for
hanging out with us tonight! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:19 am yeah_write @Martinthewriter Well, did you enjoy your first Twitter party? #
2012-05-12 3:20 am Martinthewriter @yeah_write yes, thank you very much for inviting me, Jamie. #
2012-05-12 3:20 am JennieBentley @yeah_write This was kinda insane, darling! But fun. Thanks for
including me! xoxo #5authors
2012-05-12 3:21 am yeah_write @Martinthewriter I'll be sending you and email soon. Thanks for
helping host. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:21 am ByondScrnwrting was a joy...! thank you very much everyone. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:21 am yeah_write @JennieBentley Thanks so much for participating and helping host. #
2012-05-12 3:22 am yeah_write @ByondScrnwrting Thanks for joining us (via Jamie_ld) #5authors
2012-05-12 3:22 am ByondScrnwrting sometimes i just plane wanna' speak my language. thanks for that. #

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