Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Early Thank You for LET US PREY

I want to thank everyone who downloaded LET US PREY this weekend and catapulted it into the Top 10 on Amazon's List.
PREY jumped all the way to #5 and stayed at #6/7 for most of the weekend. With this being a Mother's Day holiday, I'm surprised at the number of downloads.
This has been a wonderful, and exhausting weekend, promoting and getting TEXTUAL RELATIONS ready to launch.
I think I'm just going to sit back, have a glass of wine (like Mimi would) and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
I hope PREY finishes in the Top 10, but I'm just happy we've come so far.
I appreciate all of the Facebook posts, Tweets, ReTweets, website posts and general support. I couldn't have asked for more!


  1. I really enjoyed the characters and the story. The only negative point is that you need to have someone edit the spelling mistakes. There were far too many.
    I look forward to reading more of your books.

    1. Thanks Meg. I'll take another look at it. I had 3 beta readers and 2 professional editors read before publishing.