Monday, April 2, 2012

Writers Lie?

A seriously funny, and scary but true blog post I came across recently talked about the 25 lies writers tell and start to believe.

Chuck Wendig, novelist and screenwriter, has one of the best blogs on the life of the writer and writing. If you read his blog regularly, you may live forever because of the health benefits of laughing.

Be sure to check out his Terrible Minds post on the lies writers tell:

Then come back here and let me know, what lies do you tell yourself?


  1. The lie I used to tell myself the most often was I don't have time. Between operating my own business and running the Twins to the edge of the Earth and back, I used to say I didn't have time. Now I make sure to write a thousand words a day. I keep my laptop in the car, use my phone as a hot spot when there is no WiFi and write anywhere I have a spare 30 minutes.

    There were other lies on the list I have told myself as well, such as this draft needs to be perfect, but in the end, I have found what I, and what I think any writer really needs to do, is write. Once I embraced that simple principal, my writing took off.

  2. Tony, I'm with you on taking my laptop and iPad everywhere. I run 2.5 businesses, and still find time, so I don't understand where people get away with that one. If you want it, the time is there.

  3. I love the Terrible Minds blog.
    I think I've probably used most of those lies on myself. I've also stopped telling myself most of those things. The 'no time' one was the hardest one to get over...