Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guest Blogger Jill Hughey

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Thank you Jamie for inviting me to visit your blog!  I am Jill Hughey, a self-published author of historical romance and I am especially excited to be here today because my first self-published book, Unbidden, will be free as an ebook on Amazon April 19 and 20.

My journey to becoming self-published has been similar to many others.  I started writing in 2000 because there were characters and scenes in my head that wanted out.  I fell into the traps common to many beginners:  no conflict, little plot, sketchy settings.  But I worked on my craft and kept on writing the kind of romances I like to read:  fast-paced, passionate, with a dash of humor.

In August 2011 (yes, ten years later) with many rejections in hand from agents and editors, and with three completed manuscripts on the hard drive of my computer, my mother-in-law Carolyn Hughey told me that many of her author friends were publishing ebooks on their own.  I was excited that this might be a way for me to build an audience.  So, in November 2011, I posted Unbidden, followed in February by its sequel in The Evolution Series, Redeemed.

Self-publishing is challenging because, unless you are independently wealthy or are enjoying financial success with some books you already have available, there is plenty of SELF required in the process.  I enjoy the artistic control of designing covers, I am comfortable with formatting my own manuscripts, but I find promotion to be time-consuming and almost mystifying.  I can honestly say that I learn something new every day.

In the final analysis, I am self-publishing because I love to write.  Enough intelligent people have read my books and enjoyed them that I am confident I CAN write.  If I can someday achieve enough success that all I have to do is write I will be thrilled!  Until then, I am revising and editing the short sweet romance I've named Sass Meets Class, then I will be plotting my third book in The Evolution Series.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story Jill. I am glad you persevered and have continued to chase your dream. Good luck in the future!