Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meet Steena Holmes and her Favorite Things

Hi, I'm Steena and these are a few of my favorite things.

ON MY iPoD: Toby Mac
CURRENTLY READING: I 'just' finished a series from Anya Bast. 
COLOR:  blue
CITY: Calgary - the city of chinooks that bring warmth in the winter along with painful migraines.
DREAM VACATION: touring Europe
ACTIVITY: baking (that's an activity right?)
BOOK:Sarah's Key. It hits home every time I read it. 
BOOK ON WRITING:I have so many … really depends on what I need. 
PLACE TO READ:  in the bath or curled up in my comfy chair with a a hot drink and a blanket
TV SHOW:  Do I have to pick one? Alias is my all-time favourite. Love Nikita, Bones, NCIS and Once Upon A Time (a new favourite)
MOVIE: Lake House. I'm a sucker for long lost love stories.
SONG: whichever is playing on the radio ;) 
SINGER:  Michael Buble
BAND: hmmm….not sure
ACTOR:  Gerard Butler
ACTRESS:  Love Angelina Jolie - she has a depth that surprises me no matter what movie she's in.
PET PEEVE:  people who throw out chocolate - come on … you've already committed to those calories when you took that first bite. Just indulge and enjoy the whole thing :)
MOST LIKE TO MEET: fellow authors. I love meeting like minded people. 
My website:
My Twitter handle: @steenaholmes

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