Monday, December 10, 2012

On Writing - Shakespeare and Oscar

This quote was at the end of the article I've linked to in this post. It sums up the world of writing screenplays very well, but it also works for writers as well:

Marc Norman likens screenwriting to a phrase he used to hear that "The movie business is a place where you can make a fortune, but you can't make a living." Meaning every once in a while, someone comes up with a pot of gold. But, try to do it again or try to do it every year. Writing is difficult because it offers you no solace for failure. If you get frustrated and leave, no one will cry. 

The article can be found here: How writer Marc Norman went from the Mailroom to winning an Oscar 

It's worth reading.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Next Big Thing

Thanks to author Martin Crosbie for asking me to participate ( in "The Next Big Thing" blog tour.

Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing:

What is the working title of your book? -- What A Meth: Book 4 in the Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries.

Where did the idea come from for the book? -- I like to pick a character that I want to kill off, and what kind of death would be best for the character. The next thing is the title. I love to play with words, so What a Meth seems appropriate, since a meth lab in a home blows up in this novel

What genre does your book fall under? -- Mystery Series

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? I try not to think of actors in the roles for my characters, because I see them as real people. Everyone in my novels looks like someone I've met in my life, though the description doesn't necessarily match up with the original personality. I could contemplate for hours and not be able to come up with the actors I'd like to see in the roles.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? -- Gotcha Detective Agency owner Mimi Capurro gets sucked into a scheme by a couple of meth head dope dealers and is determined to uncover what really happened.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? -- Published by LBB Company.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? -- 2 months (so far), it's not finished yet. Looking at January 2013 for publication.

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? Sue Grafton or Janet Evanovich

Who or What inspired you to write this book? -- I had a character in mind for the victim, so I just tailored the story to fit the person's lifestyle.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? -- It's an interesting take on meth dealers and addicts. Above all, the characters that inhabit the Gotcha Detective Agency are fun and colorful. I've had several people tell me they'd want Charles Parks to decorate their house for Christmas. 

Take a look at these 4 authors who will be continuing "The Next Big Thing" Blog Hop Malena Lott Teresa Watson Erica Arroyo Kathy Wheeler

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Stranger...

(left to right) Jamie Livingston, Bunee Tomlinson, Sami Isler, Jett Anderson,
Caleb Barwick, Daniel Hoyos, Nicole Fancher
Back in May of this year, someone I knew from Twitter recommended my short script to someone I didn't know. This "stranger" asked to read the script. The stranger was producer, Daniel Hoyos, and he's no longer a stranger.
  Daniel went on to share the short script, No One Knows, with his director, Bunee Tomlinson, who was also a stranger to me at the time. Bunee is no longer a stranger.
  After a long process of crowd funding to turn this script into a film, and a tension filled pre-production, I drove 10 hours be be a part of the filming of No One Knows.
  The process was more than I could ever have imagined it would be, and because Twitter has made the world that much smaller, and made sure that no one ever has to call another person a stranger again, I can call myself a produced screenwriter.
  I met the most wonderful cast and crew a person could ask for. This film was made from my script, but Daniel Hoyos, and especially Bunee Tomlinson made my words come to life.
  Though I will likely never again see the cast and crew who made No One Knows come alive, they will forever be in my memory, because they made my dreams come true.
  Without Daniel's belief in a script that no one wanted to take on (because of the subject matter), Bunee's persistence in his vision, Jett Anderson being one of the only people brave enough to take on the role of Mr. Smith, Sami Isler's incredible performance as Hannah (another part difficult to cast), and the wonderful friends and new friends who believed enough to help fund the film, I'd still be sending the script out to people who would be saying, "Wow, great script, but I don't know how I'd film it."
  On the first day of filming, several people approached me and said, "Great script!" I wasn't sure they were talking to me. I must have seemed aloof, but I was actually stunned. They were talking about my script.
  I know, come 2013, and the premiere of No One Knows at the film festivals, that people will be saying, "Great film!" because Bunee is a wonderful director with a vision that will bring many films to a theater near you. The co-stars, Nicole Fancher (Mrs. Smith), Caleb Barwick (Jason), Sami Isler (Hannah), and Jett Anderson (Mr. Smith) gave phenomenal performances in their parts. And the other actors and extras, and crew, were so patient in the hot Oklahoma weather, giving it their all to make a great film.
  If I never see another of my scripts produced, this was enough. And all because I was introduced to a stranger.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Coming soon... DEATH OF A SALES REP

It's been awhile since I've posted, but I really do have a good excuse.

I spent a month helping with the crowd funding for my script, No One Knows, and helping the producer raise money so they can afford to make the film. It was a crazy busy month at our restaurant, too. Between the fundraising and the restaurant, I didn't get much time to write, much less blog.

I have to get back on the writing wagon. I'm a month past due with the next book in the Gotcha Detective Agency Series. On the plus side, I decided to expand what was going to be a novella, and make it a full fledged novel! I just couldn't sell this story short.

It doesn't take place in the hometown of the Gotcha agency, it takes place in San Francisco. And I'm excited to have a change of venue for this novel. Mimi and Nick take their "relationship" on the road. There will be a new employee at the agency, and you'll meet her in this novel, too.

As much as everyone was happy to see Charles playing a bigger role in Textual Relations, this novel is more about Mimi and Nick, but look for a larger role for Charles in book 4, What a Meth.

I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at the tentative cover for Death of a Sales Rep. I'm really happy with this cover, even if it may go through a few changes before the final book is ready for sale. Mostly I love the colors, and the voodoo doll. You'll notice that Lola is missing from the cover, mainly because she doesn't make the trip to San Francisco.

I've loved this story from the first word, and I'm hoping you will too.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

The picture to the left is my favorite view in the world. It's the view from sitting on a horse!

On April 1, 2012, Roxy, a horse I've had since she was a month old, spooked while I was standing in the pasture with her. Since I was being stupid and not respecting the power of a horse, I got kicked in the back of the head and in the ribs. She cracked my ribs, and cut the back of my head open, but that's not what this is about. This post is about getting back to what I love more than ANYTHING, including writing.

Because Roxy made the mistake of kicking me, and doing some pretty good damage, I finally got off the procrastination fence and sent her to a trainer for two months. I'd planned for six years to get her broke to ride, but something always came up. In reality, I'm pretty sure I just didn't have a desire to start another young horse. So I sucked it up, loaded her in the trailer and sent her away.

Two weeks ago, on an extremely hot day, I went to go check her progress. I didn't like that she was in an open pasture with no shelter from the 100 degree weather and sun, but she's a horse, she's a tough horse at that. But her feet needed trimming, and she looked ready to come home. So I loaded her up in the trailer (after waiting 1.5 hours for the trainer to arrive, and she didn't) and brought her home. Upon arriving home I did something I hadn't done in several years, I RODE! I mean really rode, not just piddled around. I walk, trotted, and loped Roxy in my indoor arena. And she ROCKED!

Yes, I remembered what it was like, to push away the rest of the world and just concentrate on the thousand pound animal under me. To feel her breathing, smell the sweat, and reach forward and scratch her between the ears. This was what I was born for. Roxy was fairly well mannered, light in the mouth, and genuinely trying to do the right thing. We need to get on the same page, because everyone rides differently and I may use my legs a bit differently than the trainer did, but I feel like I'll have a horse to take to the barrel races this winter, and be able to be proud.

Riding horses is all I've ever wanted to do, since I was ten, but life got in the way for almost a decade, and I got sidetracked. Now I'm right with the world again and riding. And if all goes well in the next 1-2 years, I'll be spending most of my time doing my two favorite things, riding and writing.

Life is good!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Opposing Opinion to By the Book - by Ruth Atkinson

I first met Jamie in Twitterverse (if you’re not already following her you should!). Her funny, entertaining and informative tweets got me hooked. I then had the good fortune of meeting her this June at The Great American Pitchfest where I was teaching a class. It was wonderful to finally have a face to put to the tweets. While our meeting was all too brief I could see that Jamie’s on-line personality was a true reflection of the live version. She’s witty, smart and an all round good peep. I’m honored to have an opportunity to contribute to her blog.

Recently Jamie posted a challenge to writers to choose their favorite screenwriting book and follow it to the letter, exercise by exercise, from first page to last. I couldn’t yell, “Don’t do it!!” loud enough. I’m a script consultant and story editor and I have a shelf full of “go to” books on screenwriting but I would never recommend someone undertake this task. “Why?” you ask. “Doesn’t Robert McKee sing the gospel? Isn’t following Blake Snyder the fastest way to write a Hollywood blockbuster?” In short, NO.

Don’t get me wrong I have enormous respect for many of the screenwriting gurus out there (Field, McKee, Seger, Synder, Vogler, Aronson, Bonnet, Truby among them) and what they say will give you the building blocks you need to write a screenplay. There are absolutely required reading. But they differ widely in their theories and approaches, many of books flat out contradict each other and everyone claims to have “the secret” to writing a screenplay that is not only amazing but will sell! At the end of the day they might be chock full of useful information that will help you write your script but none of them have all the answers. There simply isn’t a magic bullet. Success in screenwriting is based on many intangibles including productivity, talent and connections. You have to write (and rewrite a lot), you have to be good at it and you have to get your material to the right person at the right time. These are things that can’t be found by following a book to the letter.

So should you bother reading them at all? Well, YES. Because you still need a broad understanding of screenwriting theory in order to have a successful career as a screenwriter. Reading books on screenwriting will: 

  • Give you the building blocks you need to craft a screenplay – most importantly the three act structure.
  • Offer valuable tools and tips for developing characters, conflict, dialogue and theme (among others).
  • Introduce you to the format, language and jargon of screenwriting.
  • Guide you in the way to properly develop a script from log line and outline through to rewriting.
  • Give you ideas to improve your productivity and get to know your individual process of writing.
  • Introduce you to the varied approaches to screenplay development from Christopher Vogler’s take on The Hero’s Journey to Blake Snyder’s beat sheet for writing a high concept commercial blockbuster.
  • Explain the business of screenwriting from getting an agent to how deals are structured.

There’s a lot to be gained from immersing yourself in screenplay theory. Reading the “experts” is an absolute must for any new screenwriter. As you read you’ll also get a sense of what approach makes sense to you on an intuitive level. As you write you’ll see what ideas float back into your consciousness and what tools seem to be useful along the way. But don’t worry too much if things don’t add up exactly as you’ve been instructed. Trust your instincts and keep writing. If you’re stuck go back and reread that chapter that resonated for you. Find guidance and inspiration but don’t get too focused on any one idea or believe that any one of these theories have the secret solution. Ultimately you have to trust yourself more than any particular theory or book. This is why I wouldn’t recommend following any one book from first page to last because at the end of the day the only sure fire way to write a script that will sell is to sit down and write it!  

Ruth Atkinson is a Los Angeles-based script consultant and story editor with over 20 years of experience in the film and television business. Originally from Canada Ruth’s work in post production and on set led her to Los Angeles to work in development. Films Ruth has consulted on have won awards and been distributed around the world including The Perfect Family starring Kathleen Turner which was in theaters this Spring, the Genie nominated Who Loves the Sun, celebrated indie The People I’ve Slept With and the New Zealand hit Predicament. Ruth also reviews submissions to the Sundance Institute’s Feature Film Program and was this year’s screenwriting instructor for FIND’s (Film Independent) Project:Involve which developed six short films that screened at the Los Angeles Film Festival. Ruth recently taught a class at The Great American Pitchfest on theme. She is available for script consulting, story editing and workshops and can be reached at

Blogger's Note: That means Jamie's opinion on this blog post. I love that Ruth had this reaction to my "By the Book" blog post. She's right! Which is why I didn't want to say which book I'm using. No book is a be all end all, but there is a lot to be gleaned from many books. "Take what works for you and leave the rest" is my favorite saying. But I'm still trying my experiment, mostly because I'm using it to get to the FADE IN: stage, not to write the script.

Friday, June 22, 2012

By the Book - Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept

I've decided to try something new and fun for my next script I'm writing. The script I'm currently outlining got derailed by the crowdsourcing campaign for my short script, No One Knows. (blatant plug-->, so I decided to start over.

Then last night I had a "light bulb" moment. What if I followed the teachings of one of the screenwriting books I own, to the letter? 

So here's the mission:
Start a new screenwriting project, TV sitcom, TV drama, Feature...

Pick one of your favorite (or any for that fact) screenwriting books...

Now starting at Chapter 1, follow every exercise, suggestion, workbook, the book offers...

For this script you'll be writing...

Check back here each Friday, to chat about your progress. (or not, it's not imperative)

You don't have to reveal which book you're using (I'm not going to) until the end. Or not at all, if you don't want.

The idea is to take all of the information in the book (and only that information), and see just how good of a script you can write, just from that advice. No mixing and matching books, and it must only be for the one script.

Are you up to the mission?

When I'm done, I'm going to do a quick rewrite, then I'm going to give my script to a trusted reader, and see if the advice was worth the paper (real or electronic) that it was typed on.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Great American Pitchfest, Part 3 - The Pitches

Yeah, this blog post is a little late, but holy cow, crowd funding takes a LOT of time!
This post is all about the pitches. And we heard a wide variety of pitches at Great American PitchFest this year.

The way it works: There is a room full of tables with managers, agents and production companies just waiting to hear that pitch that will knock their socks off. The one that makes them stand up and shout, "I GOT ONE!" Sadly, that didn't happen to us.
Yes, we were a table of three. And in reality, I wish every writer that ever pitched could sit through a day of pitches like Sarah and I were able to do. I think it would do wonders for them to make their pitch stand out from the crowd.
Every pitch gets 5 minutes, but if the pitchee is interested, they can keep you longer. After your 5 minutes, you go back out and wait to come in in another wave of pitchers.

First I want to talk about pitching, and I'm bringing this up from the pitchee POV.

Not just for you, but maybe offer a small travel size to the person you're pitching to. It may well be the thing that gets you remembered. Assuming your pitch didn't already do that.
Take a deep breath, a shot of tequila, or a Xanax, or both (you think I'm kidding), but follow the Patron with a Listerine strip, so the producer/agent/manager doesn't ask to share your bottle.
This isn't brain surgery, hell, it's only a job interview, and if you already have a job, it's an interview for a job you don't need. So relax, you'll give a much better pitch.

Nothing is a bigger turn off than not being sure of yourself. I'm not talking cocky here, I'm talking about knowing you have a great script, and feeling good about sitting down and talking about it.

The best pitch we had came from a woman who walked up to the table like she knew us, and said, "I need a manager. My script has been requested by a lot of producers..." She wasn't making this up, she had great presence and a great pitch.

And I don't mean have a well rehearsed pitch, those are a dime a dozen. I mean know your story/pitch like it's your house in a tract house neighborhood of identical homes, like it's your baby in a nursery where they mixed up the names, like, well, you get it by now.
And tell your story like you've been telling it since you were twelve. That funny story everyone keeps asking you to repeat.

I beg you, learn how to shake hands!!! The biggest turnoff is a limp, half, or soft handshake! Shake a woman's hand the same as you'd shake a man's. Take the full hand with confidence and shake like you're glad to meet them.
When you sit down, say something about the company you're talking to (yes, this means doing your homework, whether it's before you arrive at the pitchfest, in your room the night before, or while waiting in line). Know something about them, so they know why you chose to pitch to them.
Tell the a little (very little) about yourself, and then BOOM! you get to start your pitch.

First, don't sit down and say, "Well, I have three different scripts, a romantic comedy, a thriller, and a civil war. Which one would you like to hear?" Are you fucking kidding me? Pick the one you plan to pitch, and tell them what you are pitching! The person listening to pitches doesn't want to make that decision all freaking day.
You're there to pitch your best piece, so pitch the hell out of it. And if you did your homework, and read the books I recommended, you'll kill it!
If there's extra time, you can tell them about other work you have, but you choose what you're going to talk about.
Offer up your high concept, knock their socks off, they want to reach over the table and hug you, logline!

Then when you see their eyes light up, give them another paragraph! Yup, just a paragraph. If you are killin' it, they'll be saying, "And then..." They'll be leaning forward, waiting for more. And if they are, then you have all the answers. And you answer and carry on with confidence because you know your story like, well, you know...
Speaking of answers, if you're interrupted with questions, be cool with it, answer the questions and know exactly how to pick back up naturally. This can be practiced by pitching to friends and having them ask you questions along the way. Or by knowing your story like...

Hollywood doesn't buy ideas. Well, at least not if you are pitching your first screenplay, they don't. Your script MUST be fully written, and polished before you go out trying to sell it. If you pitch and they love your story, you don't have months, or even weeks to finish it and send it off. By two weeks after the pitchfest, even if your story was KILLER, the producer is going to figure you aren't that interested in their company, or at the very least, you aren't a professional.

Yes, Hollywood makes a lot of expensive films, but not yours. As a first time writer you need to have a story your manager/producer/agent can sell. By this I mean, no period pieces whether it's 1893 or 2154, no blow them up action pics, and no exotic locations that can't be faked in the US.
You wouldn't believe how many of these scripts were pitched to us. Yeah, there's a chance this type of film will get made by a newbie screenwriter, but it's more like a chance in hell.
Some good advice for first time screenwriters (by first time, I mean never had a TV or feature screenplay produced):



Remember, Hollywood is first and foremost a business. You need to treat it like one. Before you start pitching your script, get to know some Hollywood folk, or read the books about the business side, not just the craft of screenwriting. If you educate yourself, like you would for any other professional career, you will be that much ahead of 99% of the other people pitching.

Bob and Signe offer up lots of chances to schmooze with Hollywood folk both before and after the pitching. If you don't take advantage of these opportunities, then you may as well stay home. I've made more lasting contacts at the lunches and cocktail parties, by just having a conversation with the professionals. NO! you don't want to pitch them at these functions, you just want to chat, talk about movies, the industry. If they want to know what you're working on, you can give them the logline, but don't offer it if they don't ask. By all means, have fun, producers/managers/agents are people too!

Zac Sanford would like to add:  Always have a one sheet of your script available and ready for what you pitch. 
 Also, no loose business cards.  Your contact information is (and should be on your one sheet).  If you want your business card to be part of the one sheet, staple that sucker on there.  Otherwise it just becomes a collection of cards that mean nothing at the end of the day.

Monday, June 18, 2012

No One Knows - a short film

I posted back in May about my short script, No One Knows, being filmed in Oklahoma in August. Well, we've started our crowd funding campaign to raise $7000 to pay for the costs of filming.  You can check out and donate to our campaign here:

Be sure to watch the powerful video that accompanies the film page on the IndieGoGo site, as the actor who plays our main character, Hannah, really tells it like it is for children being abused.
I promised to write part 3 of my Great American Pitchfest blog when we got to $1500,  little did I know we'd raise $1860 in less than 24 hours. So my post will go live tomorrow.

I want to thank everyone who has donated, posted on Facebook, tweeted, or RTed the link to our campaign. We hope this film will bring awareness to a subject no one seems to want to talk about.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

GAPF, part 3

I know I promised the part 3 of the Great American Pitchfest, but I'm kicking off a crowd funding campaign this week. So I've decided to put off the pitching blog post of the pitchfest, and all of the juicy nuggets of information gleaned from my day of listening to pitches until the crowd funding is under way.

I'm planning an elaborate post with great info on the business side of pitchfests, and producers, but I want to give some incentive to get there.

When our campaign reaches the $1500 level, I'll post the GAPF, part 3 post.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Great American PitchFest, part 2

Saturday morning started with 9am FREE sessions. Bob and Signe really compiled a diverse and informative set of panels for this day of learning.

The sessions lasted 1.5 hours each with half-hour breaks in between. There were so many good panels to listen to, I had a hard time choosing. I finally decided to go to the TV writing panels, since that's where my current writing interest is leaning.

Writing the Killer Procedural
9:00am to 10:30am – Academy Six Ballroom
with Jennifer Dornbush
Learn to ace the procedural with step-by-step instruction from Jennifer Dornbush. You’ll learn how to structure it, pick the best type for you, create a monster antagonist, lay out a crime scene, use scientific evidence, build a compelling string of clues and solve the crime with an emotional pay-off.

Jennifer gave a 16 point breakdown of the average procedural, which really resonated with me. And at the end of the day I had the chance to thank her for the session when she sat at our table for drinks. It was fun discussing her writing career. I'm sending out positive vibes for her pitch meetings at the end of June. She's pitching a police procedural to several network and cable stations.

How to Get, Keep & Manage Your Agent or Manager
11:00am to 12:30pm – Academy Four Ballroom
with Sheree Guitar (Mgr), Mike Kusciak (Mrg) & Chad Gervich
Every talented writer wants an agent or manager, but how do you find one? Our expert panel will share tips and insights on getting an agent or manager, selecting the representation that’s best for you and what your next steps are. Learn about the writer/rep relationship and what you can do to make sure you’re getting the most out of your team. Their advice will help you find the right agent or manager for you and teach you what you need to do to keep them in your corner.

There were actually four people on this panel, and I'm so sorry I don't have all of the names. This was standing room only, as people piled into the room to listen to the agents and managers dole out tasty morsels of information.

After the extremely informative session, the crowd mobbed the panel, so Sarah, Kiyong and I decided to flee.

In the lobby, I was able to speak to Mike from Samuri MK about writing and movies. We had so much in common, it was uncanny. After a short discussion on adapting screenplays into novels, we decided we should do a panel on this very subject next year. (Hopefully, Bob and Signe will agree that this would be a great session for the 2013 GAPF)

Had a tasty lunch with Zac Sanford, Sarah Newman, and Mike Alber. We had so much fun at lunch that we were late to the afternoon sessions and arrived to more "standing room only" rooms.

The afternoon sessions I attended were:

Write a TV Pilot Script
2:30pm to 4:00pm – Academy Four Ballroom
with Jen Grisanti
Since launching Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc., Jen has helped develop over 300 pilots and had 11 clients sell pilots. In this class, she’ll cover how to find a concept, story structure, finding your voice in your story, defining a dilemma and having a clear goal from it, building obstacles, elevating stakes, adding theme, symbolism and message and setting up your series. She’ll review common mistakes, explain how to write a pitch document and bible and include her workbook “How to Write a TV Pilot Script.”

The Comic Premise
4:30pm to 6:00pm – Academy Five Ballroom
with Steve Kaplan
What are the keys to writing a comedy that works? Why do some comedies work more successfully than others? This session will explore the heart of a comedy—its initial premise. The session will explore how to construct a great premise that has the potential to develop into the sharpest, funniest version of your comic idea.

The grueling day of learning was followed by a poolside "Schmooze Fest" of drinks and appetizers. In other words, hours of drinking and being pulled in a hundred different directions and just as many conversations. Again, I was able to meet several more ScriptChat regulars and guests. The highlight of my evening was seeing a friend I'd met at GAPF the year before. We'll call him "Schmidt." He's a true professional, and I hope the best for him in his screenwriting career, as he has a great script he's shopping.

Another highlight of the evening was meeting the Russian journalist, and horse enthusiast, Lena. We had an intriguing conversation, and now I want to go to Russia to see her husband's play. Lena is a fabulous photographer who is in California for the filmmaker school at USC.

I'm sure I'm forgetting many conversations, but there was just so much going on that night. One conversation I won't forget was with film editor Eric Brodeur. Great fun, and a very interesting guy. We talked about everything from bio-fuel to beer. The night ended way too soon.

Sunday was all about the pitches, and I'll post about those in Part 3, tomorrow...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great American PitchFest, Part 1

I'm writing this blog post as I sit in the airport waiting for my flight home from the 2012 Great American Pitchfest. I wanted to write while the experience was fresh in my mind. Regarding the GAPF, Bob and Signe do a fabulous job in coordinating this daunting event.

I know there must be glitches along the way, as with any event, but the attendees wouldn't know it, as the event ran extremely smoothly. The Marriott Burbank is a beautiful location, with an excellent banquet staff. And GAPF makes so much available at this location.

The weekend started with a Friday night meet up, planned by Jen Grisanti, at the Daily Grill. Lots of TV writers attended this event, which is a fabulous networking event for aspiring and currently staffed TV writers. Personally, I was lucky enough to have dinner with 2 of my favorite TV writers, Mike Alber and Kiyong Kim. We had a tasty meal and talked about Mike's job at Nick, fellowships, and short films. Kiyong is crowd funding a short film called You Will Meet a Sexy Stranger,and I'm in the pre-funding stages on a short script I wrote, called No One Knows, being produced by Daniel Hoyos and directed by Bunee Tomlinson. It was great fun to discuss this process, as I'm just a writer and have so much reverence for producers and directors.

 Sarah Newman, a fellow screenwriter, joined the three of us late during dinner and made the conversation that much more intriguing.

The goal of Friday night was to not drink too much, so we could enjoy ourselves at the free screenwriting sessions on Saturday. But with so many people to meet from ScriptChat and TVWriterChat, there was barely time to sip between conversations.

 I felt so lucky to meet the great participants of Scriptchat,(who i won't try to name because I'll inevitably leave someone out) and get to put actual faces and voices to the Twitter personalities. The night was over too soon, but then we did have to prepare for a day of learning on Saturday.

Great American Pitchfest, Part 2 GAPF Saturday session tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finding a Job When There Are No Jobs

“How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs, 2012 Edition: A Necessary Job Search Book & Career Planning Guide For Surviving And Prospering In Today's Hyper Competitive Job Market” 

Hopeful New Cover3.jpg★★★★★ Download this bestselling book by Paul Rega, nationally recognized Executive Recruiter with over 28 years of headhunting experience, and find out why it hit the #1 position in Job Hunting books in the country surpassing "What Color is Your Parachute." The book continues to be one of the most downloaded books on Amazon with over 13,700 downloads in just 3-days! The book rocketed to #1 Job Hunting, Careers & Resumes, #2 Nonfiction, #2 Business & Investing, and was ranked in the Top 20 at #14 on Amazon Kindle during a recent promotion. "A Must Read in Today's Job Market!"
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Paul Rega is president of a retained executive search firm he founded in 1985 and a professional recruiter with over twenty-eight years of job hunting and career planning experience. His provocative new book strikes a nerve with millions of displaced workers and goes well beyond the principles of job hunting. Paul introduces a revolutionary new concept in career management and personal development called "Intuitive Personal Assessment." He takes his readers on a powerful journey as he tells a gripping story about his own career and the challenges faced as an executive recruiter, often fraught with personal tragedy. This is a must read for anyone who is looking for a new job or wants to change careers in the worst economy since the Great Depression.
The author shares his vast knowledge of career planning and the inner workings of the job search process, citing hundreds of proven and effective job search techniques. He explains how to market your background to a targeted audience, interviewing skills and techniques, network building strategies, how to utilize personal and business contacts, effective use of social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, insider tips on working with headhunters, salary and benefits negotiation, how to write a resume, cover and follow-up letters, how to start and succeed in your own business and much more.
In a message to his readers, Paul believes that despite the many challenges faced by those suffering as a result of the weak job market, change in one's life can be positive. He explains that, "Change throughout your life is inevitable, and as your life changes so often does your career." His book is an effective guide that will provide you with the necessary tools, skills and inside knowledge from a professional recruiter to help you navigate through difficult economic times and find a new job or change careers.

Tremendous Insight!
"A rare insider's look into how a headhunter thinks as it relates to career planning and the job search process. If you need a job or want to change careers in this dismal economy and want the answers to what companies are really looking for, then read this book."
Robert Olsen

A Powerful Account of Triumph Over Adversity
"Over the years I have read countless "how to books," but Paul Rega's new job search book was from the beginning much different. It was a powerful, engaging read where the author incorporates many of his personal career stories and insight about the job search process as an executive headhunter. This is by far the best job search book and career planning guide on the market. Mr. Rega's many years of experience as an executive recruiter was evident throughout the book. He shares his extensive knowledge of the job search process with many examples and advice that can only be gained from an expert in his field. His book gave me the insight and courage I needed to finally land a job in this difficult economy. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about wanting to find a new job or change careers."
J. Sagers, Director of Sales, Arco Appliance

★★★★★ "This book was written by someone who has walked the walk. It is refreshing to read a book by someone who has experienced the same pain as its audience." 
Arleen Bradley, Career Coach "The Job-Loss Specialist"
"Paul Rega's level of professionalism and service to his clients is unmatched in the industry. In my experience, Paul coached me to a point where I could excel at my interview and ensure a win for my future."
Joy Isaacs, Food Technologist, ACH Food Companies

"Paul is a highly skilled recruiter and career coach. His guidance and advice has helped me through job transitions at several companies. I highly recommend Paul as a career coach and mentor. I also recommend his latest publication "How to Find a Job: When There Are No Jobs." It gives sound career advice and shows you how to market yourself in today's challenging job market."
Mary Procopio, Plant and Operations Manager, Gage Foods

Refreshing! Career Planning at its Core
"This book was refreshing to read. At times it was emotional as I was able to relate my own life and career struggles with the author's life, and his own challenges. It was real, and I am thankful that someone was finally able to put into words what I and many others are now feeling across the country. It is a raw glimpse into the mind of a recruiter who has experienced many challenges in his life and as a result his own career was radically changed.  As a professional teacher, I was impressed by the author's ability to craft a story that was not only interesting to read, but helpful to his readers at the same time. This is much more than a job search book, it is career planning at its core."
Braden Carter

Paul Rega is president of Paul J. Rega & Associates, a retained executive search firm he founded in 1985. He is well-known throughout the business community as an executive search professional and career coach. His new bestselling book, "How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs" hit the #1 position in Job Hunting books in the country, surpassing "What Color is Your Parachute." The book continues to be one of the most downloaded books on Amazon with over 13,700 downloads during a 3-day promotion. It rocketed to #1 Job Hunting, Careers & Resumes, #2 Nonfiction and #2 Business & Investing. It was also ranked in the Top 20 at #14 on Amazon Kindle.
Paul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Journalism, having attended the University of Illinois and Western Illinois University. He began his writing career while attending Western Illinois University as a staff reporter for the Western Courier. Prior to establishing his executive search firm, Paul held the position of Chemical Marketing Manager with Fisher Scientific Company, a division of Allied Chemical where he sold and marketed food and pharmaceutical grade chemicals. He currently lives with his fiancée in a small town along the Gulf Coast of Florida where he is working on his next book, a novel and coaches his children in soccer, one of his other passions in life.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What I Learned About Having a Novel FREE on Amazon

There is no such thing as "Build it and they will come." This is the first lesson everyone who plans to put a book for free should know.

I put in two weeks of marketing and overall research. I was lucky enough to have met authors who'd been through the process and had been successful, lead me in the right direction.

I'd always said there had to be a secret sauce that no one tells you about. And there is, I'm sure of it. I'm still not sure what the secret sauce is, but it's out there, and "they" know about it.

I can't say I blame the authors who aren't sharing, as they probably worked hard to find out what works and what doesn't. I do know this, throwing money at it DOESN'T work.

So, back to the free weekend. Going into the process, I knew what my dates would be about 2.5 weeks in advance, and I contacted any and every site I could think of that would promote a free eBook. Some responded and posted, some didn't.

Facebook pages and groups dedicated to indie authors are a great place to start, but they are mostly authors. When those authors are nice enough to jump on your bandwagon and help get the word out, it's awesome.

Get your website, Facebook Page, and Twitter account up to date, and use them. Let everyone know your book is free, and then follow up and let everyone know just how well it's doing. No, you don't want to tell the the number of downloads you had, but you can keep them posted on where your novel stands on the Amazon Top 100 lists.

Let Us Prey was at #6 on the Amazon Top 100 by the morning of the second day of the free campaign, and stayed there for most of the Mother's Day weekend.

If I had to do it again, I'd take my friend (and wonderful author) Martin Crosbie's advice and not do my Amazon freebie over a holiday weekend. I'm sure I'd have had many more downloads, instead of the dismal Sunday downloads I had.

My downloads were in the 5-digits, where as I know others who had freebies over the same time period who only had 3-digit downloads. I worked my butt off, and was exhausted by the end of the weekend. But it was a blast!

Would I do the freebie promo again? You bet! There are probably a few things I'd do differently, but overall, I'd go with the same game plan.

When it's all said and done, be sure to go back and thank everyone who helped you with your campaign.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

An Early Thank You for LET US PREY

I want to thank everyone who downloaded LET US PREY this weekend and catapulted it into the Top 10 on Amazon's List.
PREY jumped all the way to #5 and stayed at #6/7 for most of the weekend. With this being a Mother's Day holiday, I'm surprised at the number of downloads.
This has been a wonderful, and exhausting weekend, promoting and getting TEXTUAL RELATIONS ready to launch.
I think I'm just going to sit back, have a glass of wine (like Mimi would) and enjoy the rest of the weekend.
I hope PREY finishes in the Top 10, but I'm just happy we've come so far.
I appreciate all of the Facebook posts, Tweets, ReTweets, website posts and general support. I couldn't have asked for more!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Twitter Party Transcript for Those Who Couldn't Make It

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us. It was a crazy fast 2 hours of chatting. We'll be scanning the transcript and randomly selecting winner of book from our authors.

Enjoy the read:

2012-05-12 1:24 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles Good thing 2nd will be out on Sunday then. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:24 am authormmartin @Martinthewriter Hi's lots of fun. Good luck with all your
endeavors. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:24 am Martinthewriter @WendyandCharles you saw my post on 'koda perhaps? Glad you're
here, pass the dip please. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:24 am WendyandCharles oops, no! lol, Nice to see another Iowan~ oh well, will have to make
due with my tea! lol, #5authors, #5authors
2012-05-12 1:24 am luciejcharles Do you have questions/comments for us Wendy/Charles?n #
2012-05-12 1:24 am Martinthewriter @authormmartin Mary! Very cool, I hope you're going to stick around.
2012-05-12 1:24 am Jamie_LD @authormmartin thanks for joining us! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:25 am Martinthewriter @WendyandCharles What's with Iowa and writers @Jamie_LD?
When I was there all I remember are the steaks, they were so good. #
2012-05-12 1:26 am sjezioro I'm excited to be in here with you guys! I love @jamie_LD's books! I'm
lucky enough to be a beta tester for book 2 #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 1:26 am luciejcharles Why am I not seeing Mary? I'm on the TweetChat page. Is everyone
else there?n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:26 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter Iowa Writer's Workshop in Iowa City. Best writers
come from there. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:27 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles Mary is @authormmartin #5authors
2012-05-12 1:27 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro Yay, everyone, this is Stacy, and she's my beta reader. #
2012-05-12 1:27 am Martinthewriter @sjezioro Welcome, and yes, you are lucky! Good to meet you. #
2012-05-12 1:27 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles If someone has their profile set to private, you can't
see the tweets here. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:28 am luciejcharles Hi, Stacy. You have a great job being Jamie's beta reader. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:28 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD thanks for the lovely introduction! n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:28 am madisonjohns11 Hello.n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:28 am Lisa_A_Alford WOOHOO Hi! ALLnn #5authors
2012-05-12 1:28 am LeanneTyler Hello everyone. #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am luciejcharles Hi, madisonjohns. Welcome. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 Hi, thanks for coming. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 Madison! Nice to see you too! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am KarenDocter RT @luciejcharles: For everyone who wants to know what a Twitter
Party is all about #5authors #IRInk
2012-05-12 1:29 am Martinthewriter @Lisa_A_Alford Hey Lisa! Welcome to you. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am Jamie_LD @authorvivianna and @jenniebentley will be a little late. Car trouble
(just kidding) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am luciejcharles Hi, Leanne. I'm L.j. Thanks for joining us. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am sjezioro @sjezioro great to meet you too @martinthewriter! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am Martinthewriter @LeanneTyler Welcome to the party, Leanne! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am madisonjohns11 Thanks Martin, I saw your post. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:29 am Jamie_LD Does anyone have any questions? Or a topic they'd like to discuss? #
2012-05-12 1:30 am Jamie_LD @LeanneTyler *waves* #5authors
2012-05-12 1:30 am guyanesedougla Hi there I am here from Masterkoda #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 1:30 am madisonjohns11 Thanks Jamie! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:30 am Jamie_LD @Lisa_A_Alford Hi.n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am madisonjohns11 Wind is blowing~ #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am guyanesedougla I have never been to a tweetchat before #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am luciejcharles Well, I think all of us want to keep track of where Let Us Prey is on the
top 100 list. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am Jamie_LD Now this might go at breakneck speed, so if someone misses a tweet,
don't hesitate to tweet again with a question. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD 25! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am Jamie_LD Me?!? RT @Martinthewriter: @Jamie_LD 25! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:31 am luciejcharles Oh, lots of new people. Hi, everyone. Welcome to our party. #
2012-05-12 1:32 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD YOU! 25! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:32 am luciejcharles Way to go, Jamie. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:32 am Lisa_A_Alford Great Newsn #5authors
2012-05-12 1:32 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles What made you decide to become a writer? #
2012-05-12 1:32 am Martinthewriter For anybody that didn't catch that, Jamie's book, Let Us Prey, just hit
25 in the rankings. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:32 am guyanesedougla So what are we chatting about? Or the party hasnt started as yet? #
2012-05-12 1:33 am luciejcharles Jamie, maybe you could tell us a bit about the book you're releasing
on Sunday... #5authors
2012-05-12 1:33 am madisonjohns11 It takes like forever for mine to show up. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:33 am Jamie_LD Me!!! This is crazy! Good crazy. RT @Martinthewriter: @Jamie_LD
YOU! 25! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:33 am Martinthewriter @guyanesedougla Just started, welcome! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:33 am LeanneTyler @luciejcharles @Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD Thanks. Glad to be
here. #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 1:33 am sjezioro @luciejcharles thanks! let me tell you! Jamie is super talented and
this sequel does not disappoint! n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am luciejcharles There were stories in my head and they were keeping me awake at
night. I had to get up and start writing. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 You can go to the refresh speed and have it pick
up the pace. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am madisonjohns11 @Jamie Congrats! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am luciejcharles It was a little but freaky, actually. But I love it. Can't imagine doing
anything else. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am KarenMagill hello one and all. n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:34 am Jamie_LD @guyanesedougla Pick a topic, or ask any question. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am guyanesedougla @Martinthewriter congrats on that #25 #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am SpiceBites Yay! I made it on time *waving to all* #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am Martinthewriter @guyanesedougla what time is it in Guyana? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am authorViviAnna I'll be talking about my newest book A Wolf's Heart, and giving away a
couple of print copies during the chat #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am luciejcharles Hello, Karen. Welcome. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am Martinthewriter @KarenMagill welcome my friend! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am guyanesedougla @Martinthewriter It is now 9:35pm #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro is reading Textual Relations in beta. It will be out on
Amazon on Sunday or Monday, depending on Amazon. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am sjezioro Hey @jamie_LD who is the inspiration for Nick? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:35 am KarenMagill thanks lucijcharlesn #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am sjezioro Yay @authorViviAnna is here! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am luciejcharles HI, Rashda. Everyone, @spicebites is Mina Kahn, my critique partner
and an amazing writer. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD Stopping by to say congrats on the Let Us Prey success
today! Hello to all the authors! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles Do you think everyone has those stories? Or do some
think we're crazy? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am guyanesedougla @Jamie_LD well am new to this so dont even know what topic to
choose, lol. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am KarenMagill thanks @Martinthewriter Did you think I would miss your twitter party?
2012-05-12 1:36 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro Oh, I plead the 5th. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:36 am Martinthewriter Hey guys, describe your most current book in 3 words. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:37 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 Hey Sarah, my kids sister is an alexis too. Welcome!
2012-05-12 1:37 am SpiceBites Thanks @luciejcharles for the intro :) Nice to meet you all! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:37 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD That's one for an night of drinks huh n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:37 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 Thanks Sarah. Do you have any quesions you'd like
to ask about writing novels? If I snore? Etc.? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:37 am luciejcharles Seance, secrets, spreadsheets. To Touch a Thief released last
Sunday. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro Actually, it's loosely based on a guy I knew in college. #
2012-05-12 1:38 am Martinthewriter @SpiceBites Welcome, and congratulations, you have an awesome
twitter handle. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am SpiceBites This is my first Author Twitter Party *sooo excited!*n #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am guyanesedougla @Martinthewriter hot, sexy, weird #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am luciejcharles Did I spell your name wrong, Mina? Honestly. Butter fingers. #
2012-05-12 1:38 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter Sarah and I are rooming together in L.A. next
month. She's a screenwriter. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles see, that sounds totally intriguing! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am madisonjohns11 Rednecks, romance, funny #5authors
2012-05-12 1:38 am Martinthewriter @guyanesedougla yep, I'd read that too! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:39 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles I'm reading To Touch a Thief now. I love it! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:39 am luciejcharles It goes so fast. Difficult to read all the tweets, but if I slow it down, I
miss absolutely everything. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:39 am SpiceBites @Martinthewriter Thanks, I'm also a food works for both
personas :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:39 am luciejcharles Oh, Sarah. Wow. Screenwriting sounds crazy hard to me. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:39 am art1032 Hello #5authors:) Congrats on Let Us Prey Jamie, that is soo
2012-05-12 1:39 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 yep, Madison, I already have your book. #
2012-05-12 1:39 am SpiceBites That @luciejcharles, she maybe butter finger but also a lean, mean
writing proud of her! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD uh huh n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am luciejcharles Are you really, Jamie. Wow. Thanks for reading it...and boy am I glad
you like it. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am authorViviAnna I'm at a booksigning right now, but will answer all Qs asked of me in
second hour of chat #5authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am Jamie_LD @art1032 Yay, hi Andrea! Thanks. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am KarenMagill music, rebellion, outlawsn #5authors
2012-05-12 1:40 am guyanesedougla I am reading the Pen Pal by Richard Thomas Banegas, just started. #
2012-05-12 1:40 am Jamie_LD @art1032 Not where I expected to be by the time the party started. #
2012-05-12 1:40 am luciejcharles Thanks, Mina. Mina writes about djinns...pronounced gins. Like the
drink. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:41 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro Some night, when I'm in Chicago, we'll have drinks and I'll
tell you all about Nick. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:41 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD Love the title! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:41 am luciejcharles Where did you think you'd be, Jamie? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles djinns pronounced gins are genies...just as
intoxicating! ;D #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles I don't know. 2000 or so at the most. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am madisonjohns11 Thanks Martin! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am art1032 I hope it creates even more buzz for u Jamie:) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am luciejcharles @guyanesedougla What is Pen Pal about?n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD it's due to change again any minute isn't it? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:42 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD Hmm... wondering what everybody's favorite books are?
And if they have any passion projects they hope to one day write? #
2012-05-12 1:43 am Jamie_LD @WriterWarrior Join us in the chat room at and
ask away of all of our indie authors.
2012-05-12 1:43 am Jamie_LD Higher? Lower? That is the question. RT @Martinthewriter:
@Jamie_LD it's due to change again any minute isn't it? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:43 am madisonjohns11 @Martin I meant my next book is called Redneck Romance. #
2012-05-12 1:44 am luciejcharles My favorite books have a touch of the paranormal and some humor. I
guess that's why I write with those elements. Huh. Who knew?n #
2012-05-12 1:44 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 Favorite book, Jane Smileys' Horse Heaven, and
anything from Elmore Leonard. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:44 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 I like the title. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:44 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD YES! I cannot wait! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:44 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 good title, Madison. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:44 am SpiceBites @madisonjohns11 Red Neck Romance?!? Share deets! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:44 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD you're scared to look aren't ya, lol. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:45 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 Redneck Romance sounds like a great read. #
2012-05-12 1:45 am sjezioro My apologies to my followers for the next couple of hours. I'm in the #
5authors chat. You guys should stop by (psst @michelle_timian)
2012-05-12 1:45 am luciejcharles How is it possible that I haven't ever read Elmore Leonard? #
2012-05-12 1:45 am authorViviAnna A Wolf's Heart is the 6th book in my Valorian Chronicles series from
Harlequin Nocturne, I hope you'll check out the other 5 book #
2012-05-12 1:45 am madisonjohns11 Once I went to humor it's hard to change. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:45 am Jamie_LD @sjezioro It'll be our little secret. lol #5authors
2012-05-12 1:45 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter yes! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD :) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am Jamie_LD Yes, @michelle_tamian you should. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am madisonjohns11 Armed and Outrageous was released May 1st. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 sounds like you have a book to write, we all want
to read redneck romance, Madison. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am luciejcharles You write in several genres don't you, ViviAnna? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am Jamie_LD @authorViviAnna Vivi, you made it! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles You've never read Elmore Leonard? I'm shocked!!!
(The things u learn about your cp....) ;) #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:46 am Jamie_LD This is why I love you! RT @art1032: I hope it creates even more
buzz for u Jamie:) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:47 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD What kind of prep work do you do before settling into the
actual writing? Wondering how everybody outlines or begins. #
2012-05-12 1:47 am SpiceBites RT @sjezioro: My apologies to my followers for the next couple of
hours. Im in the #5authors chat. You guys should stop by! #
2012-05-12 1:47 am madisonjohns11 Thanks everyone! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:47 am luciejcharles Yeah. I'm thinking Elmore and I need become acquainted in the very
near future. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:47 am Jamie_LD @ByondScrnwrting Stop by and what with us
about writing. Party on now.
2012-05-12 1:47 am SarahAlexis4 @authorViviAnna Hi! Hope your signing is going great! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am art1032 @Jamie_LD Aww <3 #5authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 I think you're either an outliner or a pantser. I'm a
pantser myself. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 Character bios (easy because it's a series) then
research, then outline loosely, then tight, then change it all #5authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am SpiceBites JMO, humor is difficult to do, but sells. I mean what's better than
making someone laugh? #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am madisonjohns11 @SarahAlexis4 Research, research, research! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:48 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles @sarahalexis4 and I love Elmore. lol #5authors
2012-05-12 1:49 am luciejcharles I don't outline. For me, writing begins with the characters. They talk to
me and I have to sit down and write. I'm a pantser. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:49 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites Humor is very difficult. Coming from someone working
on a sitcom spec at the moment. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:49 am DarleneCypser RT @luciejcharles: I don't outline. For me, writing begins with the
characters. They talk to me and I have to sit down and write. I'm a
pantser. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:49 am _Kristin315_ @SpiceBites I love when there is humor in books. #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:49 am art1032 Nora Roberts, Danielle Steele, Stephen Cannell, E Duke Vincent, Any
and everything Helen Keller. Richard Castle.LOTS:) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:50 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 I live the story in my head while I'm writing it, wander
around mumbling to myself, thinkin I'm my protagonist #5authors
2012-05-12 1:50 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD but you do a good job of throwing it in at the right spots!
2012-05-12 1:50 am Jamie_LD I used to be a pantster until I started screenwriting. Have to write too
tight to wing it. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:50 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD Good luck! That's so cool you work in different media. #
2012-05-12 1:50 am Jamie_LD @art1032 LMAO Richard Castle. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:50 am luciejcharles I don't think I could write humor. It just happens when my characters
talk. It's about them, not me. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:50 am madisonjohns11 My outlines consist of one or two sentences, nothing too restrictive. #
2012-05-12 1:51 am madisonjohns11 I jot down so many notes if only I can remember which notebook?n #
2012-05-12 1:51 am SarahAlexis4 @Martinthewriter Cool, I also let my characters & stories marinate in
my head and live with me for a bit before hitting the page. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:51 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites I'm actually a screenwriter first. But I had this mystery
series that just had to be written. #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:51 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles Lol! Well, I'm glad u can type humor b/c your
characters are funny, often sly funny :D #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am luciejcharles Richard Castle? He's not real. He's Nathan Fillion playing a role. But
whoever writes the books is good. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am art1032 @Jamie_LD I have the Nikki Heat books lol #5authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am sjezioro @Jamie_LD @art1033 HAHAHA #5authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am madisonjohns11 @luciejcharles Humor comes when you least expect it. I never think
what I write is funny. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 Robert Dugoni says to "light a candle and invite your
characters into the room" I like that. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:52 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 I'm with you on that. I have a bunch of notebooks
and the one I want is always someplace I'm not. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:53 am Jamie_LD RT @Martinthewriter: @SarahAlexis4 Robert Dugoni says to "light a
candle and invite your characters into the room" I like that. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:53 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD Did your screenwriting help or hinder your fiction writing?
2012-05-12 1:53 am luciejcharles @Martinthewriter Ooooh. I like that too. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:53 am SarahAlexis4 @madisonjohns11 haha me too (re: jotting down notes all over the
place) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:53 am sjezioro @art1032 @jamie_LD @luciejcharles I have read them all except the
last one. I want to know who is the real author of Castle books #
2012-05-12 1:53 am madisonjohns11 @luciejcharles Giggles~ #5authors
2012-05-12 1:53 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites It helped in so many ways. I picked up the book Save
the Cat, and the rest is history. #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:54 am SarahAlexis4 @Martinthewriter Interesting... Next time they don't come when I
beckon, I'll have to do that and invite them! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:54 am luciejcharles @SpiceBites I'm curious about that too, Jamie. How does
screenwriting help/hinder novel writing? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:54 am madisonjohns11 Who has a writing schedule? #5authors
2012-05-12 1:54 am Jamie_LD I will be posting a transcript of tonight's chat on my blog, so you can
go back and catch anything you may have missed. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:54 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles Real or not, I have a total crush on Richard #Castle! #
2012-05-12 1:55 am art1032 @sjezioro @jamie_LD @luciejcharles Andrew Marlowe and or Terri
Edda, at least she hints that way anyway. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:55 am Jamie_LD Me too. RT @SpiceBites: @luciejcharles Real or not, I have a total
crush on Richard #Castle! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:55 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 I always have voices in my head, so I'm kinda
blessed... #5authors
2012-05-12 1:55 am luciejcharles Me, too. Castle is fabulous. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:55 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 Wow, that's a tough one. I work about 70 hours a
week, so I fit it in where I can. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:56 am authorViviAnna want to know more about A Wolf's Heart, check out the Amazon page
here #5authors
2012-05-12 1:56 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles @SpiceBites screenwriting helps because I can write
very tight and fill in. I get the words on the page fast. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:56 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 I'm trying to write daily these days, need to get wip
a little farther along. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:56 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD @Luciejcharles Then there's Michael Hague &
Alexandra Sokoloff for screenwriting techs in fiction #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:56 am Jamie_LD RT @authorViviAnna: want to know more about A Wolf's Heart, check
out the Amazon page here #5authors
2012-05-12 1:57 am sjezioro Me three! RT @Jamie_LD: Me too. RT @SpiceBites: @luciejcharles
Real or not, I have a total crush on Richard #Castle! #5authors
2012-05-12 1:57 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites @Luciejcharles Yes, both are very good. #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:57 am art1032 Oh wow so many #Castle fans sqqquuueeee :) #5authors
2012-05-12 1:57 am luciejcharles A schedule is tough. I'm writing pretty tight to get two more books out
in the next couple of months. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:57 am Martinthewriter RT @Jamie_LD: RT @authorViviAnna: want to know more about A
Wolfs Heart, check out the Amazon page here
2012-05-12 1:57 am madisonjohns11 @Martinthewriter Do you have a marketing schedule?n #5authors
2012-05-12 1:58 am luciejcharles Alexandra Sokoloff is a doll. She's a member of my RWA chapter.
One smart cookie. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:58 am ridingnwriting RT @Jamie_LD: Me too. RT @SpiceBites: @luciejcharles Real or
not, I have a total crush on Richard #Castle! #5Authors
2012-05-12 1:58 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles wow, that sounds super productive, lucie. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:58 am SpiceBites Lol! We def. have a Richard #Castle fan club here :) Woot! #
2012-05-12 1:58 am luciejcharles Marketing and promo are continuous. A daily thing for me. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:58 am Jamie_LD How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? #
2012-05-12 1:58 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 yes, I do. #5authors
2012-05-12 1:59 am SarahAlexis4 Do any of you have any advice or tips for somebody entering into the
world of short story and/or novel writing? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:00 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD the same number as the amount of times you've
checked your ranking since the party started? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:00 am madisonjohns11 Please share. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:00 am SashaWhite RT @authorViviAnna: want to know more about A Wolf's Heart, check
out the Amazon page here #5authors
2012-05-12 2:00 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter 3 licks? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:00 am RebeccaTomorrow RT @madisonjohns11: I jot down so many notes if only I can
remember which notebook?n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am SpiceBites Any advice on how to survive a book signing? #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 Just write what you love, and write for yourself. The
rest will come. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am luciejcharles So, just in case anyone is interested, I have a free book on Amazon
right now. A Touch of Ice. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am madisonjohns11 I'm beginning to think checking my rankings is a bad thing. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am sjezioro RT @Jamie_LD: @SarahAlexis4 Just write what you love, and write
for yourself. The rest will come. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites Bring and !Pad or your phone to play games when only
5 show up for a 2 hour signing. lol #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:01 am SpiceBites RT @luciejcharles: So, just in case anyone is interested, I have a free
book on Amazon right now. A Touch of Ice. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:02 am Jamie_LD RT @luciejcharles: So, just in case anyone is interested, I have a free
book on Amazon right now. A Touch of Ice. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:02 am luciejcharles I only have one short story and one novella...I'm better at full length
stories. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:02 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 Follow your instinct. If you believe in ur story, then
follow your instinct. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:02 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD Sounds good to me. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:02 am luciejcharles But I think you have to write very tight for short story to be effective. #
2012-05-12 2:02 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles Facebook me the link, Lucie, and I'll pass it along. #
2012-05-12 2:03 am SpiceBites @SarahAlexis4 For shorts, don't have too many characters! #
2012-05-12 2:03 am Martinthewriter RT @luciejcharles: So, just in case anyone is interested, I have a free
book on Amazon right now. A Touch of Ice. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:03 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 And if you indie pub, get a good editor, or two.
Nothing beats a great editor. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:03 am luciejcharles Mina is right about that. It's hard to write multiple characters in a
short. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:04 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD Eeep! That's what I'm afraid of...but I will have my phone
handy! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:04 am SarahAlexis4 @Martinthewriter @SpiceBites @jamie_LD Thanks for the responses!
2012-05-12 2:04 am Jamie_LD @JennieBentley
2012-05-12 2:04 am luciejcharles I'd be dead in the novel without my crit partners, beta readers, and
editor. Critical parts to my writing life. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:04 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 It's so wonderful for you to be here. I appreciate it. #
2012-05-12 2:05 am Jamie_LD Haha. It can be addicting. RT @madisonjohns11: I'm beginning to
think checking my rankings is a bad thing. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:05 am SpiceBites I love it when @luciejcharles say "Mina is right...." just as much as I
love teasing her ;D #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:05 am luciejcharles What do you write, Sarah? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:06 am JennieBentley OK... #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:06 am madisonjohns11 It seems like you don't see as many short these days. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:06 am luciejcharles BRB - Have to give the cats treats or they'll try to type for me. #
2012-05-12 2:06 am Jamie_LD @RebeccaTomorrow I do the same thing with notes. So I started
carrying a recorder with me. You never know where an idea will hit. #
2012-05-12 2:06 am _Kristin315_ @Jamie_LD I have to agree with that. Having an editor is well worth it
when publishing a book. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:06 am SpiceBites @Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 Oh it's an obsesion...rank checking
that is. Also Richard Castle. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:07 am Jamie_LD Yes! RT @_Kristin315_: @Jamie_LD I have to agree with that.
Having an editor is well worth it when publishing a book. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:07 am SarahAlexis4 @luciejcharles I write screenplays and television scripts. Would love
to try my hand at short stories. Also trying short scripts. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:07 am Jamie_LD @Mike_JahnWords Go to Amazon book page. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:07 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD Glad to be a part of it. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:07 am luciejcharles Oh, I think short stories would be a natural thing to follow screenplays.
You'll do very well. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:08 am Jamie_LD @_Kristin315_ What are you writing? #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:08 am SpiceBites obsession...yes, it's v. imp. to have editors! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:08 am madisonjohns11 Nobody should ever publish a book without an editor. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:08 am Jamie_LD Welcome NY Time bestselling author Jennie Bentley. RT
@JennieBentley: OK... #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am ByondScrnwrting i'm party crashing but i was kinda invited. my name is sterling
anderson. i'm a television writer ('medium' and 'the unit') #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am Jamie_LD @JennieBentley If you are in the room, it adds the hashtag for you. #
5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am art1032 @SarahAlexis4 @luciejcharles Now see I cant write a short script to
save my life it's a feature or tv. :( #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am luciejcharles @SpiceBites You're always right, Mina. Especially when you tear my
work apart to make it better. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am SarahAlexis4 Any fun items/tokens you need to have in your workspace? Or other
writer's quirks? Where do you work best? Write by pen? Computer? #
2012-05-12 2:09 am Martinthewriter @JennieBentley Welcome Jennie! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 Lots of anthologies though. I love buying those. #
2012-05-12 2:09 am JennieBentley Gotcha. n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:09 am luciejcharles @ByondScrnwrting I love Medium. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am Jamie_LD @ByondScrnwrting Welcome Sterling! So glad you made it. Any novel
writing questions? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am SarahAlexis4 @ByondScrnwrting Hello! I loved 'Medium.' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am luciejcharles Hey, Jennie. Are you with us now?n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles The tearing is down with love :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 I grew up in Scotland and my last novel was set
there, so I wear a kilt when I write. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:10 am _Kristin315_ @Jamie_LD Oh I don't write but I review books and get a lot of
indie's. You can clearly tell when there's no editor involved. #
2012-05-12 2:10 am madisonjohns11 I love the Medium too. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles I think I am. I'm trying to be.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am Jamie_LD @SarahAlexis4 I say we invite Sterling out for drinks when we are in
L.A. in June. @ByondScrnwrting #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am SpiceBites @JennieBentley Welcome! Love mysteries :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am luciejcharles @SpiceBites Love is good. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting Welcome Sterling! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am art1032 @SarahAlexis4 Laptop,coffee table,coffee and orange slices:) #
2012-05-12 2:11 am luciejcharles A kilt? Seriously? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:11 am Jamie_LD @_Kristin315_ That is so true. A writer is never the best judge of their
own work. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am SarahAlexis4 @Jamie_LD Sounds good to me! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am luciejcharles Jennie writes great mysteries. I've read a bunch of them. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles yep, and a toque, because I live in Canada now. #
2012-05-12 2:12 am Jamie_LD @ByondScrnwrting Gray said you may be looking for a
beta/proofreader? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am SarahAlexis4 @art1032 I like the orange slices. :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am JennieBentley @SpiceBites Thank you!n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am ByondScrnwrting thank you martin... enjoying the conversation and a minute from
kiddies... #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Awww, thank you! That's so sweet!n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:12 am Jamie_LD @SpiceBites I'm @JennieBentley critique partner. Her books are
awesome. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:13 am Beverly_Akerman @Martinthewriter rotflmao! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:13 am ByondScrnwrting yes...n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:13 am luciejcharles I can't believe I didn't meet you before tonight, Martin. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:13 am Martinthewriter @Beverly_Akerman hey Beverly! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:13 am madisonjohns11 Here's my Amazon author page if you'd like to
check it out. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles I'm the guy in the restaurant sittin by himself
mumbling, wearing a kilt and toque, easy to spot, Lucie. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am SarahAlexis4 @Martinthewriter I love that! (re: kilt wearing) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am HaHaScribe As always...late to a party #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am madisonjohns11 @Martinthewriter is very helpful and nice! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am Jamie_LD @luciejcharles @Martinthewriter book My Temporary Life is a great
book. I just started reading. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:14 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 Oh, Madison, you're adorable! And your books
look good. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am Jamie_LD RT @madisonjohns11: Here's my Amazon author
page if you'd like to check it out. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am Jamie_LD @HaHaScribe better late than never. Welcome #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am Martinthewriter @_Kristin315_ I have a book that you may want to review, Kristin.
This is it if you want to take a peek #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter Have you check for me lately? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am madisonjohns11 Thanks @lucijcharles #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am luciejcharles Next time I'm in Canada, I'll look you up. I live in ND, very close to the
border. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:15 am SarahAlexis4 For those of you who write mysteries, how do you attack the plotting?
Do you work backwards? Any tricks to help? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD No, sorry, Jamie. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am lavendartime @SarahAlexis4 An elephant needs to be in my writing space. There
should always be an elephant in the room and story. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am Beverly_Akerman @Martinthewriter yes, hi from toronto. just caught your kilt remark. we
need a national dress code in canada. tuxedo? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am SpiceBites Mmm, must check out My Temporary Life by kilt-wearing
@Martinthewriter #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am HaHaScribe Thanks...what did I miss? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles I'm on the west coast, Lucie, please do. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am luciejcharles My books all have mystery elements, and yes, I often work backwards
when I get near the end. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am HaHaScribe All the drinks are gone already, aren't they #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am Jamie_LD @HaHaScribe We're just talking about writing. Join in, ask questions,
make fun of us. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:16 am 9olivia I made it Jamie. Hello everyone. Cora Blu at my first Twitter party.
Don't stop talking. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am Martinthewriter @lavendartime Perfect! I agree. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am Jamie_LD @9olivia Yay! So good to see you! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am madisonjohns11 I'd love to have half of your reviews Martin! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am Martinthewriter @Beverly_Akerman I'm gonna be in t.o. next month, and yes, I think
kilt and wooly toque would be good! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am ByondScrnwrting i'm in laguna beach california... #5authors
2012-05-12 2:17 am madisonjohns11 @Martinthewriter Only the five star ones, lol.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:18 am JennieBentley I work from front to back, always. I don't plot. I'm a pantser. n #
2012-05-12 2:18 am SpiceBites @9olivia Hey, don't I know you? So good to twitter party with ya! :) #
2012-05-12 2:18 am Jamie_LD @ByondScrnwrting Make the trip to Burbank the first weekend in
June and @SarahAlexis4 and I will buy drinks. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:18 am matt_janacone RT @SarahAlexis4: For those of you who write mysteries, how do you
attack the plotting? Do you work backwards? Any tricks to help? #
2012-05-12 2:18 am Martinthewriter @madisonjohns11 I saw a 3 star review today that made me want to
read the book. They don't have to always be 5 star to intrigue #
2012-05-12 2:18 am madisonjohns11 I can barely writer frontwards. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:19 am HaHaScribe Excellent...not a make fun of others kind of guy, but enjoy talking to
other writers #5authors
2012-05-12 2:19 am Jamie_LD LMAO I love it. RT @madisonjohns11: I can barely writer frontwards.
2012-05-12 2:19 am madisonjohns11 I have a four star review that was a great review! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:20 am Jamie_LD You are not a REAL writer until you have that 1-star review that
makes you cry. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:20 am madisonjohns11 Even NYT bestseller get one star reviews. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:20 am jcalvert719 @JennieBentley I love your books! How many books do you have
planned for Avery and Derek? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:20 am art1032 @SarahAlexis4 For mine I have a tentative ending then usually a
beginning comes then the middle. All kinds of bass akwards LOL;) #
2012-05-12 2:20 am JennieBentley @Jamie_LD Ignore reviews. Write the next book.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:20 am Martinthewriter @SpiceBites thank you, I hope you like it! There is a kilt in it too,
somewhere. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:21 am ByondScrnwrting can anyone let me know what you all have written...? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:21 am Jamie_LD Best advice from a NYT bestseller ----> RT @JennieBentley:
@Jamie_LD Ignore reviews. Write the next book. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:21 am HaHaScribe My hats off to those of you that have books out there...a whole
different can of worms to me. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:21 am SpiceBites Good Advice: RT @JennieBentley Ignore reviews. Write the next
book. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:21 am Jamie_LD @ByondScrnwrting 3 feature screenplays, 1 TV drama, 2 sitcoms,
and 2 novels. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:22 am madisonjohns11 When I write mystery I never know how it's going to end. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:22 am JennieBentley @jcalvert719 Book 6 comes in September. Wall to Wall Dead. There'll
be at least one more. A Xmas book for 2013. Dunno after that. #
2012-05-12 2:22 am 9olivia Hey, Rashda. I got your box and your post cards and key chains are
awesome. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:22 am KellyHitchcock RT @Jamie_LD: You are not a REAL writer until you have that 1-star
review that makes you cry. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:22 am madisonjohns11 I have written everything from horror to cozy mysteries. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:22 am ByondScrnwrting yes, jamie... gray introduced me to vivi anna and we've been sharing
emails.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:23 am Jamie_LD Great book by the talented @ByondScrnwrting #
2012-05-12 2:23 am SpiceBites My stories always end up with mystery elements & paranormal
beings...even when I tried writing chicklit. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:23 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting 1 published novel, one more in progress.
Published work just dyin' to find it's way to a big screen. just sayin.. #
2012-05-12 2:23 am madisonjohns11 RT @KellyHitchcock: RT @Jamie_LD: You are not a REAL writer
until you have that 1-star review that makes you cry. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:23 am Jamie_LD @HaHaScribe very true #5authors
2012-05-12 2:23 am SpiceBites @9olivia Woot! So glad to hear & bunches of thanks :) Appreciate
you! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:24 am Jamie_LD @madisonjohns11 I know the ending when I start, but it's never the
ending when I finish. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:24 am ByondScrnwrting nice martin... are you shopping it as a movie? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:25 am SpiceBites @ByondScrnwrting I have two paranormal romances with genies...the
most recent also has a flying carpet! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:25 am madisonjohns11 RT @Jamie_LD: @madisonjohns11 I know the ending when I start,
but its never the ending when I finish. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:25 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter We'll have to discuss adaptations in our next phone
call. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:25 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting got 20 second of phone time with Gerard Butler's
agent, but that's as far as I got. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:25 am HaHaScribe I will make sure i go to everyone's website to find out what novel's
you've written...need to put together my reading list #5authors
2012-05-12 2:26 am 9olivia @Jamie_LD I thought I was strange, because mine always leaned
further to the left at the end than intended. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:26 am Jamie_LD @HaHaScribe My novel Let Us Prey is FREE on Amazon this
weekend. Just sayin' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:26 am madisonjohns11 20 seconds, wow. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:26 am Martinthewriter @HaHaScribe Thank you, I really appreciate that! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:26 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 All right! Guess I've made it in the world. Thank
goodness for the 4 and 5 star reviews. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am Jamie_LD @9olivia And I outline! haha #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am ByondScrnwrting in twenty years of paid television and movie writing. about a third of
my assignments have been book adaptations. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am JennieBentley Good book! RT @Jamie_LD: @HaHaScribe My novel Let Us Prey is
FREE on Amazon this weekend. Just sayin #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am Martinthewriter RT @Jamie_LD: @HaHaScribe My novel Let Us Prey is FREE on
Amazon this weekend. Just sayin #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am HaHaScribe No prob, never can read enough. As long as they aren't
screenplays...too much like work. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am Jamie_LD RT @ByondScrnwrting: in 20 years of paid television & movie writing.
about a third of my assignments have been book adaptations. #
2012-05-12 2:27 am SpiceBites @HaHaScribe Much appreciated! Wow, you write comedy we were
just discussing how hard that is...any tips? #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:27 am ByondScrnwrting shopping a book has more clout than shopping a screenplay. george
clooney only buys books... no screenplays.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:28 am HaHaScribe @Martinthewriter No kidding...I will get it for sure #5authors
2012-05-12 2:28 am Jamie_LD Hey Twitterverse, if you feel so inclined, join us at the #5authors
Twitter Party.
2012-05-12 2:28 am cgricci hi everyone. sorry I am laten #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting very interesting, thanks for that. I'm self-pubbed
and agentless so Gerard's agent wasn't int in my pitch. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am 9olivia @HaHaScribe My Novella for my under water series came out
yesterday if you like tiger sharks. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am HaHaScribe @SpiceBites The best comedy writing tip I can give, write about what
makes you laugh and not what you think others find funny #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am madisonjohns11 Hello #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am luciejcharles So, I really liked that Madison gave us the link to her Amazon author
page. Here's mine. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am Jamie_LD @Martinthewriter you should go to the in L.A.
the first weekend in June. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:29 am EllisVidler RT @JennieBentley: Good book! RT @Jamie_LD: @HaHaScribe My
novel Let Us Prey is FREE on Amazon this weekend. Just sayin #
2012-05-12 2:29 am madisonjohns11 It's hard to get an agent. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am ByondScrnwrting i have been sent about six unpublished manuscripts that were bought
by a production company... for adaption to screen. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am SpiceBites RT @HaHaScribe: The best comedy writing tip I can give, write about
what makes you laugh and not what you think others find funny #
2012-05-12 2:30 am Jamie_LD @HaHaScribe Great advice. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am Martinthewriter @9olivia Can you post the link to it! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am art1032 3 features 2tv and 2 novels 7 old old novellas. All in various stages
and the novellas will never see light of day.LOL #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am cgricci @madisonjohns11 what is a schedule?n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am HaHaScribe @9olivia got a little to close to a tiger shark once...but will look
forward to getting it #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am luciejcharles I want links, people, so I can check out everyone's stuff. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am Martinthewriter @Jamie_LD Unfortunately, I'll be in Toronto, but thank you. #
2012-05-12 2:30 am JennieBentley Here's my Amazon author page, if anyone wants it. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:30 am Jamie_LD Yes! RT @luciejcharles: I want links, people, so I can check out
everyone's stuff. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am Jamie_LD There will be a transcript of the chat too. So you can scan for the links
later if you like. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am cgricci schedules don't exist in my house :)n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am madisonjohns11 RT @luciejcharles: So, I really liked that Madison gave us the link to
her Amazon author page. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am ByondScrnwrting the best advice i ever got was from david mamet. he said, 'write to
think, don't think to write or you will think all day long.' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am JennieBentley Sometimes you're better off without one. Just sayin'. RT
@madisonjohns11: Its hard to get an agent. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:31 am madisonjohns11 It said the other part was too long. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am luciejcharles Thanks, Jennie. I own a lot of your books, but it's so much easier to
check out the ones I don't have when there's a link. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am Martinthewriter This is my Amazon Author page #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am HaHaScribe @Jamie_LD haven't updated my website for a while but here it is: #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am luciejcharles @ByondScrnwrting Oh, I like that. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am 9olivia @Martinthewriter. "Max" . The first book is
"Dagger" B007748JTG. I hope you like it. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:32 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting That rocked! Thanks for that. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am LeanneTyler #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am sjezioro How did you guys know when your ideas enough to turn into a
novel?n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Yeah, well, even if you do, maybe there are others
who don't. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am Jamie_LD A review from last hour, 2 or 3 parts. I downloaded the book an hour
ago and am half way through it already. I came back #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am Jamie_LD to Amazon to see what else she had written. Looking forward to the
next book in the series. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:33 am ByondScrnwrting working with mamet every day for two years changed my life...! #
2012-05-12 2:34 am SpiceBites My latest is a Romeo & Juliet tale w/genies & feminists. 50% of the
proceeds going to UNICEF :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:34 am Jamie_LD #scriptchat RT @ByondScrnwrting: working with mamet every day for
two years changed my life...! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:34 am luciejcharles @JennieBentley Good point. And they should read your books. Great
stuff. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:34 am HaHaScribe @Jamie_LD and IMDB page: #5authors
2012-05-12 2:34 am JennieBentley @sjezioro I can take any idea and spin it into a novel. Case in point: a
200 word flash fiction piece turned into a 4 book series. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:35 am sjezioro @JennieBentley That's crazy! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:35 am HaHaScribe @JennieBentley wow! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:35 am madisonjohns11 @luciejcharles your author page needs some love. I'll be back liking everything in sight. :) #
2012-05-12 2:35 am lavendartime RT @ByondScrnwrting: the best advice i ever got was from david
mamet. he said, 'write to think, don't think to write or you will think all
day long.' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:36 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 Thanks, Madison. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:36 am HaHaScribe Is anyone familiar with the novel Jennifer Government...It was
recommended to me #5authors
2012-05-12 2:36 am art1032 @sjezioro The 1st novel I wrote was during NaNo 2010,and I had to
make it work to win it and I did:) The important part was 50,000 #
2012-05-12 2:36 am TVWriterChat Jamie Lee Scott is in Twitter jail because she's tweeted too much
today, so she's tweeting from TV Writer account. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:36 am SpiceBites @JennieBentley Totally. I think agent-author rel. is like marriage. The
wrong person just doesn't work. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:36 am madisonjohns11 I'm into the whole liking books and author pages on Amazon. #
2012-05-12 2:37 am art1032 @JennieBentley @sjezioro Wow your awesome:) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:37 am sjezioro @art1032 I've been thinking about doing #NaNo. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:37 am SarahAlexis4 @HaHaScribe By Max Barry? I read it many years ago. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:38 am ByondScrnwrting i went from feature writing to television... i was called a 'baby
television writer' after 1st novel. guess i'm a 'baby novelist.' #
2012-05-12 2:38 am luciejcharles @madisonjohns11 I do a lot of that too, especially with my indie
group. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:38 am TVWriterChat @ByondScrnwrting Baby novelist. I love it. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:38 am SpiceBites @sjezioro I love the idea of #NaNo, but doesn't work with my writing
style. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:39 am TVWriterChat RT @HaHaScribe: @Jamie_LD and IMDB page:
2012-05-12 2:39 am art1032 @sjezioro Do it-worry about rewrite later, just get out that vommit
draft. :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:39 am TVWriterChat Yay! RT @sjezioro: @art1032 I've been thinking about doing #NaNo.
2012-05-12 2:39 am HaHaScribe @SarahAlexis4 I'm pretty sure that's the author. Worth the read? #
2012-05-12 2:39 am luciejcharles I'm following everyone. It is so wonderful to meet all of you. #
2012-05-12 2:39 am 9olivia @Martinthewriter I'll have to check out that book Martin. Looks
interesting. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:39 am madisonjohns11 You have and indie group @luciejcharles? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:40 am JennieBentley @SpiceBites Nope. The wrong agent is much worse than no agent at
all. Better off on your own than with the wrong person. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:40 am Martinthewriter you betcha! RT @art1032: @sjezioro Do it-worry about rewrite later,
just get out that vommit draft. :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:40 am TVWriterChat @sjezioro Write it from beginning to end. No editing. Go back and
edit once you've typed "the end." #5authors
2012-05-12 2:41 am TVWriterChat @JennieBentley @SpiceBites Jennie knows what she's talking about!
2012-05-12 2:41 am sjezioro @SpiceBites I can see that! I think that for my first run @art1032 has
a good idea. Maybe vomit is good for the first one #5authors
2012-05-12 2:41 am HaHaScribe @JennieBentley nothing worse than wrong agent. And if you're
starting out to get representation...small boutique is better #5authors
2012-05-12 2:41 am madisonjohns11 @jennieBently I knew more than a few writers that went through two
bad agents and finally found a publisher herself. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:41 am HaHaScribe Even sometimes if you're established...small boutique is better #
2012-05-12 2:41 am jeremy92morgan RT @ByondScrnwrting: i went from feature writing to television... i
was called a 'baby television writer' after 1st novel. guess i'm a 'baby
novelist.' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am JennieBentley Speaking of fast drafting... Candace Havens is starting a new fast
draft & revision hell class on Monday. If anyone's interested. #
2012-05-12 2:42 am cgricci i must admitt i am having a hard time keeping up in heren #5authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am TVWriterChat @Martinthewriter 6067, is that good? (tweeting for Jamie) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am madisonjohns11 RT @Martinthewriter: you betcha! RT @art1032: @sjezioro Do
it-worry about rewrite later, just get out that vommit draft. :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am ByondScrnwrting agree martin... ann lamont liberated me with her comment 'write a
child's first draft' cept she didn't say 'child.' #5authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am SpiceBites @JennieBentley Unfortunately, sometimes interviewing isn't enuff to
vet :( Any tips? #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:42 am SarahAlexis4 @HaHaScribe If I remember correctly, it was a fun satire. I also read
his novel Syrup around the same time. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am JennieBentley @cgricci You and me both.n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am HaHaScribe @TVWriterChat is your group mostly LA or both coasts? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am madisonjohns11 Me too @cgricci. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am SpiceBites MT @JennieBentley: Speaking of fast drafting...Candace Havens is
starting a new fast draft & revision hell class on Monday. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am TVWriterChat @HaHaScribe The chatters are from all over. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:43 am Martinthewriter @TVWriterChat downloads? yeppers, I would think so. KDP has
changed, hard to get a grip on it, but that sounds really strong to me #
2012-05-12 2:44 am cgricci does everyone here indie pub and trad pub? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:44 am ByondScrnwrting what she wrote in 'bird by bird' was write a '..itty' 1st draft. (left out two
consonants.) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:44 am TVWriterChat We'd love to have @ByondScrnwrting as a guest on #tvwriterchat #
2012-05-12 2:44 am JennieBentley @SpiceBites Sadly, no. I've been there. It's no fun splitting up. Esp.
when things started out so positive. Guess you grow apart. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:44 am TVWriterChat @Martinthewriter Thanks. I have no idea what's good. haha #
2012-05-12 2:44 am art1032 @sjezioro @SpiceBites And we have jeannevb to thank for the
"Vommit" draft she's a hoot :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:44 am luciejcharles I'm only indie. NY couldn't figure out how to market me. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:44 am SpiceBites Candace Havens' Fast Draft is really useful! (psst...@SarahAlexis4) #
2012-05-12 2:45 am ByondScrnwrting thank you...!!! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:45 am TVWriterChat @ByondScrnwrting Bird by Bird is the best writing book! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:45 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles me too, Lucie, I'm kinda glad now though actually. #
2012-05-12 2:45 am SpiceBites @JennieBentley True. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:45 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Nothing wrong with only indie. I just can't seem to
make it work for me. Do better with a publisher. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:45 am SarahAlexis4 @TVWriterChat I've been meaning to read that... #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am madisonjohns11 One of my friends is about to tell me what she thought about my book.
I'm sweating bullets! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am HaHaScribe @SarahAlexis4 Didn't know about Syrup...I'll pick up both #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am SpiceBites @art1032 Lol!n #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am luciejcharles @Martinthewriter Me, too. I'm enjoying the freedom and control. And
I'm selling books. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am TVWriterChat @SarahAlexis4 It's really a great book from the writer's POV. Annie
Lamot is a genius. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am luciejcharles Fortunately, I could figure out how to market me. Hahahah. #
2012-05-12 2:46 am sjezioro @art1032 I LOVE @jeannevb! I should have know the vomit draft
was hers. Why didn't I remember! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:46 am ByondScrnwrting i've had a modicum of success... and i thank ann lamont. i wrote a
'..itty' 1st draft that brought me 3 emmy nominations. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:47 am SpiceBites @JennieBentley I'm straddling the fence -- 1 traditional (Harlequin) &
1 Indie. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:47 am HaHaScribe @ByondScrnwrting Congratts #5authors
2012-05-12 2:47 am art1032 @SpiceBites LOL she's where I learned it from, she comes up w/all
kinds of genious words like that:) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:47 am SarahAlexis4 @SpiceBites Thanks for the recommendation. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles me too, we should compare notes one day, Lucie. #
2012-05-12 2:48 am luciejcharles @ByondScrnwrting emmy nominations? Really? Okay, we're in the
presence of genius here. This is a good thing. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am SpiceBites Truth! RT @luciejcharles: Fortunately, I could figure out how to
market me. Hahahah. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am TVWriterChat RT @SpiceBites: Candace Havens' Fast Draft is really useful!
(psst...@SarahAlexis4) #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am HaHaScribe Not sure how I found out about this...but glad I did. Very relaxing and
fun. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting you rock! well done. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am HaHaScribe Even with my 8 year old coming in and bouncing up and down on my
lap while I try to type #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am TVWriterChat @HaHaScribe So glad you could stop by, it's been a blast (from
Jamie) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:48 am art1032 @sjezioro @jeannevb She so funny:) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:49 am HaHaScribe Where is everyone from? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:49 am ByondScrnwrting thanks jamie...!!! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:50 am luciejcharles I'm in North Dakota, Glenn. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:50 am ByondScrnwrting i grew up in tuskegee alabama... moved to davis california at 12
years-old. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:50 am art1032 <<<<5authors
2012-05-12 2:50 am Martinthewriter I'm just outside Vancouver, Canada. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:50 am TVWriterChat @luciejcharles Hey, we're state neighbors (from Jamie) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:51 am SpiceBites @HaHaScribe I'm in Texas, by way of Bangladesh. #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:51 am ByondScrnwrting been in hollywood for 20 years... now live in toronto. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:51 am JennieBentley @HaHaScribe I live in Nashville. NYC before that. Grew up in
Norway. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:51 am TVWriterChat From CA live in IA (Jamie) RT @HaHaScribe: Where is everyone
from? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am luciejcharles @JennieBentley I'll be in Norway in August. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am madisonjohns11 RT @ByondScrnwrting: i've had a modicum of success... and i thank
ann lamont. i wrote a '..itty' 1st draft that brought me 3 emmy
nominations. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am HaHaScribe Okay...pretty damn impressive backgrounds...especially the
bangladesh route #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am TVWriterChat Do you need a translator? RT @luciejcharles: @JennieBentley I'll be
in Norway in August. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am HaHaScribe I'm from NYC now living in LA #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting you should connect with @Beverly_Akerman if
you haven't already, she's in your neck of the woods. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am ByondScrnwrting in laguna beach, california with kiddies... staring at the ocean. #
2012-05-12 2:52 am jeannevb @art1032 @sjezioro I'm here for your amusement ;) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:52 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Will you really? Enjoy! It's a beautiful place. #
2012-05-12 2:53 am luciejcharles Would love a translator. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:53 am madisonjohns11 I live in Michigan. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:53 am HaHaScribe by way of Raleigh nc and montgomery alabama (that would be two
marriages...ha) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:53 am SpiceBites @HaHaScribe Lol, thank! That's where my djinns come from :) #
2012-05-12 2:53 am cgricci @HaHaScribe from the East Coast here. Not far from Boston #
2012-05-12 2:53 am ByondScrnwrting is she a screenwriter? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:53 am WendyandCharles thank you for the invite! I saw it on MK #5authorsn #5authors
2012-05-12 2:53 am art1032 @jeannevb @sjezioro LOL #5authors
2012-05-12 2:54 am WendyandCharles sorry was gone for a bit, had to fix supper, #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:54 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles Take me with you!!! Pack me in a suitcase! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:54 am TVWriterChat @WendyandCharles Welcom back #5authors #5authors
2012-05-12 2:54 am HaHaScribe @cgricci God I miss Boston...great Italian food #5authors
2012-05-12 2:55 am luciejcharles @SpiceBites Wish I could. I'll blog every day...with pictures. #
2012-05-12 2:56 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles What will you be doing in Norway? Just going on
vacation, or business? #5authors
2012-05-12 2:56 am SpiceBites @HaHaScribe I miss Boston too...Italian food, Irish pubs -- diversity of
cute guys...sigh. #collegedays #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:56 am HaHaScribe @ByondScrnwrting LOVE Toronto...I've got good friends there. #
2012-05-12 2:56 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles Ooh pictures...take lots! #5Authors
2012-05-12 2:56 am HaHaScribe @ByondScrnwrting Nice...I live in the mountains of LA...but love the
ocean...must be really nice tonight to, great breeze #5authors
2012-05-12 2:57 am luciejcharles Has everyone downloaded Jamie's book? You're #3 in police
procedurals and women sleuths. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:58 am ByondScrnwrting toronto is great... a bit cold. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:58 am 9olivia @madisonjohns11 I live in Michigan, madison. Beauty at almost every
turn #5authors
2012-05-12 2:58 am luciejcharles @JennieBentley Vacation. It's a 2 week cruise. Ireland and Scotland
also. I'll be doing research for my 3rd YA. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:58 am art1032 @luciejcharles Woowhoo go Jamie :) #5authors
2012-05-12 2:59 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Oooh. Now I'm REALLY envious. Ireland AND
Scotland? Dayum! #5authors
2012-05-12 2:59 am yeah_write I had to change accounts. This is Jamie again. #5authors
2012-05-12 2:59 am 9olivia @luciejcharles. downloaded a copy before I signed in. n #5authors
2012-05-12 2:59 am HaHaScribe I've really enjoyed this...wife and son are at the Avengers and my
daughter is giving me the "feed me" look...gotta go #5authors
2012-05-12 2:59 am JennieBentley @luciejcharles Tax deductions totally rock, though. Don't they? n #
2012-05-12 3:00 am yeah_write @luciejcharles *smooch* thanks for the plug #3 #5authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am luciejcharles The hubby likes to travel. I'm very fortunate. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am cgricci @ByondScrnwrting I write contemporary romance. my book is at
amazon now #5authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am ByondScrnwrting martin, you should talk to a couple people i know. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am SpiceBites And Ms. @luciejcharles was recently in Hawaii...for research among
other things. I get to travel via her stories :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am madisonjohns11 RT @9olivia: @madisonjohns11 I live in Michigan, madison. Beauty
at almost every turn #5authors
2012-05-12 3:00 am SpiceBites @HaHaScribe Nice chatting with ya! Good night! #5Authors
2012-05-12 3:01 am Martinthewriter @ByondScrnwrting anytime, and thanks.
2012-05-12 3:01 am luciejcharles @JennieBentley Tax deductions are the best. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:01 am art1032 @HaHaScribe Ohh lawwdd feed her before she gets evil on ya lol, at
least mine do :) #5authors
2012-05-12 3:01 am yeah_write @Martinthewriter See, Twitter ROCKS! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:02 am luciejcharles Nice to have met you, Glenn. Good night. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:02 am DianneGreenlay Just joined in.Was at funeral.While others were hugging + crying, I
was sneaking into bathroom to read tweets. Was that wrong?? #
2012-05-12 3:02 am cgricci is there a good place to learn about tax deds for writers?n #5authors
2012-05-12 3:02 am yeah_write @DianneGreenlay Not wrong, well, maybe. Okay, I'd be doing the
same thing. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:02 am Martinthewriter @DianneGreenlay nope, you're a writer, you're allowed, nice to see
you Dianne! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:02 am luciejcharles @DianneGreenlay No, that was a very wise use of the time. Nice to
meet you, Dianne. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:03 am HaHaScribe I think I was able to follow all of you on twitter...if not, follow me and I'll
make sure I do. Thanks for suggesting your writing #5authors
2012-05-12 3:03 am SarahAlexis4 I have to cut out but thanks for the chat & answering questions.
Wishing the authors much continued success. Happy writing to all! #
2012-05-12 3:03 am DianneGreenlay Thx for the invite! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:03 am HaHaScribe I'll do my best to get everyone's work on my shelf...night guys! #
2012-05-12 3:04 am Martinthewriter @yeah_write man, I thought I had lots of voices in my head, you have
multiple identities, Jamie! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:04 am luciejcharles @cgricci I hope that my accountant knows all of that stuff. It's beyond
me. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:04 am yeah_write RT @jimmytwiz: Let Us Prey - Well written & engaging. Read 1st 9
chapters, want to read more, but my bedroom beckons. Great job #
2012-05-12 3:04 am art1032 @DianneGreenlay Is it wrong I really wanna laugh over that *spits
coffee* #5authors #sorrylostmymannersforasecond
2012-05-12 3:04 am Martinthewriter @HaHaScribe great to meet you! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:04 am SpiceBites @SarahAlexis4 Happy Writing to you too! And enjoyed chatting w/you
:) #5Authors
2012-05-12 3:04 am luciejcharles Good night, Sarah. Thanks for joining us. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:04 am JennieBentley Nice to have met y'all. Sorry I was late. :( #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am Martinthewriter @SarahAlexis4 great to meet you! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am yeah_write @Martinthewriter I told you I was a Twitter addict. But the chat locked
me out of my main account. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am 9olivia @HaHaScribe Enjoy dinner with your daughter. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am SpiceBites This was fun, but I better call it a night too! Nice meeting you all :) #
2012-05-12 3:05 am yeah_write Thanks for joining us! RT @9olivia: @HaHaScribe Enjoy dinner with
your daughter. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am Martinthewriter @yeah_write you're funny, this is a good day to be you! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am art1032 @Martinthewriter @yeah_write LMAO!!!!! *snorts* #5authors
2012-05-12 3:05 am ByondScrnwrting backatcha' -- promise, shopping a best selling novel carries weight. #
2012-05-12 3:06 am Martinthewriter @SpiceBites pleasure, hope to chat to you again! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:06 am luciejcharles @yeah_write I didn't know you could be punished for over-tweeting! #
2012-05-12 3:06 am yeah_write @SpiceBites Thanks so much for joining us. It was nice to meet you!
2012-05-12 3:06 am luciejcharles Night, Mina. I'll have pages for you next week. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:06 am SarahAlexis4 @Martinthewriter Likewise! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:06 am ByondScrnwrting it's fun looking at everyone's profile! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:06 am yeah_write @luciejcharles When you tweet as much as I have today. lol #
2012-05-12 3:07 am SpiceBites @Martinthewriter same here :) @yeahwrite #5Authors
2012-05-12 3:07 am SarahAlexis4 @luciejcharles Good night! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:07 am art1032 @luciejcharles @yeah_write LOL she's in "twitter Jail" :) #5authors
2012-05-12 3:07 am SpiceBites @luciejcharles Looking forward to them! G'nite :) #5Authors
2012-05-12 3:07 am luciejcharles @ByondScrnwrting I agree. I went through and followed everyone. #
2012-05-12 3:08 am SarahAlexis4 @SpiceBites Thanks! Same here! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:08 am yeah_write Twitter jail sucks. lol RT @art1032: @luciejcharles @yeah_write LOL
she's in "twitter Jail" :) #5authors
2012-05-12 3:08 am 9olivia Thanks for letting me pop in. I think I have everyone on my TBR list. I
have a fireman waiting to go to sleep. Good night. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am art1032 Its so way past my bedtime night all!:) #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am yeah_write @9olivia Thanks so much for joining in. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am ByondScrnwrting right?! anyone want to see my picture... #
2012-05-12 3:09 am yeah_write @art1032 Thanks sweetie! Sweet dreams. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am luciejcharles Good night, Cora. Thanks for joining us. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am Martinthewriter @art1032 g'night, pleasure talking to you. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am ByondScrnwrting sorry i have no picture... #5authors
2012-05-12 3:09 am Martinthewriter @9olivia have a good night, good to talk to you. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:10 am luciejcharles Good night, Andrea. Thanks for joining our party. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:10 am sjezioro Goodnight @art1032!n #5authors
2012-05-12 3:10 am yeah_write @ByondScrnwrting Sterling, I'm so glad you could join us tonight. #
2012-05-12 3:11 am yeah_write @sjezioro I already have a new review from the free day! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:11 am JennieBentley Aww, is the party over? But it's still early! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:11 am luciejcharles Aaawwwk. I just realized we haven't given any books away. #
2012-05-12 3:11 am yeah_write @JennieBentley I can't believe it's been almost 2 hours. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:11 am yeah_write oops. RT @luciejcharles: Aaawwwk. I just realized we haven't given
any books away. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:12 am sjezioro @yeah_write yay!!!!! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:12 am yeah_write Well, shall we start picking up the empties? #5authors
2012-05-12 3:12 am ByondScrnwrting thanks jennie... i'm a bit of a 'baby writer' in the novel world but i'm
confronting my fear... #5authors
2012-05-12 3:12 am luciejcharles Do you get a transcript, Jamie? #5authors
2012-05-12 3:12 am yeah_write @luciejcharles I will pull one. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:13 am luciejcharles We'll have to go through and randomly select some people. #
2012-05-12 3:13 am yeah_write @luciejcharles Good idea, then we can tweet out the winners #
2012-05-12 3:13 am jcalvert719 @JennieBentley I can't wait to read the next one in the series.
Hopefully, it will continue for many years to come. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:13 am ByondScrnwrting i have a book i can give... how do i do it? #5authors
2012-05-12 3:13 am luciejcharles Exactly. Winning is good. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:14 am yeah_write @ByondScrnwrting We'll post a transcript can then let you know who
won. Thanks so much. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:14 am Martinthewriter I'd like to give a book away too. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:14 am luciejcharles Okay. Very tired, so I'm going to head for bed. Goodnight everyone. #
2012-05-12 3:15 am yeah_write @ByondScrnwrting DM me your email and I'll talk to you about
proofreading DM to @Jamie_LD #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am yeah_write @luciejcharles Thanks for helping host this party. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am yeah_write RT @Martinthewriter: I'd like to give a book away too. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am DianneGreenlay tell me how the give aways work pls. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am ByondScrnwrting great... thx. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am Martinthewriter @luciejcharles night night, Lucie, great talking to you. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:15 am JennieBentley @jcalvert719 Thank you. Dunno how long it'll last, but I've got a
couple other series starting this year, anyway. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:16 am luciejcharles @ByondScrnwrting I want your book...I think screenwriting stuff would
make my novels much tighter. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:16 am yeah_write Thanks to everyone who joined us for the #5Authors Twitter Party
tonight. We apprecieate it! (via @Jamie_LD )
2012-05-12 3:16 am ByondScrnwrting i have a budding relationship with a novel writer who is being really
generous. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:16 am jcalvert719 @JennieBentley Really? I missed that. What are they about? #
2012-05-12 3:16 am yeah_write @DianneGreenlay We will pull a transcript and pick tweeters who
were at the party at random. We'll tweet out to winners. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:17 am yeah_write Is is Tawny? She's awesome. RT @ByondScrnwrting: i have a
budding relationship with a novel writer who is being really generous.
2012-05-12 3:17 am sjezioro I'm out! Thanks for such a great time! Thanks to Jamie for inviting me
and I can't wait to read everyone's stuff! Night! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:18 am yeah_write @sjezioro Thanks for hanging out with us tonight! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:18 am DianneGreenlay sorry I got here so late, but nice to meet you all. Sleep well! #
2012-05-12 3:18 am JennieBentley @jcalvert719 One's that flash-fiction-into-4-book-series i mentioned.
Futuristic romantic suspense. And a straight RS series. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:18 am Martinthewriter yeppers, from me too! RT @yeah_write: @sjezioro Thanks for
hanging out with us tonight! #5authors
2012-05-12 3:19 am yeah_write @Martinthewriter Well, did you enjoy your first Twitter party? #
2012-05-12 3:20 am Martinthewriter @yeah_write yes, thank you very much for inviting me, Jamie. #
2012-05-12 3:20 am JennieBentley @yeah_write This was kinda insane, darling! But fun. Thanks for
including me! xoxo #5authors
2012-05-12 3:21 am yeah_write @Martinthewriter I'll be sending you and email soon. Thanks for
helping host. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:21 am ByondScrnwrting was a joy...! thank you very much everyone. #5authors
2012-05-12 3:21 am yeah_write @JennieBentley Thanks so much for participating and helping host. #
2012-05-12 3:22 am yeah_write @ByondScrnwrting Thanks for joining us (via Jamie_ld) #5authors
2012-05-12 3:22 am ByondScrnwrting sometimes i just plane wanna' speak my language. thanks for that. #