Monday, December 5, 2011

What's in a Tweet (or many Tweets) Monday Motivation

Don't get me wrong, I love Twitter! I've met some of the most wonderful people there. And I've met a few crazies too, like the guy who called me really bad names because I chopped the head off of a snake my dog was "playing" with. But I digress...
This is about writing and time. What's in a tweet? 140 characters, that's what. Now, I'm going to use my own tweets as an example, and I'm a prolific tweeter because I love the community, and because I co-moderate two screenwriting chats. (check them out #scriptchat & #tvwriterchat)
Well, I thought about the time I spend on the 'net, socializing, marketing, etc, and I started crunching numbers. I'm not a numbers kinda girl, but these numbers related to writing. So class is in session, pay attention:
Avg. Tweet = 140 characters
Avg Manuscript Page = 250 words
Avg # of characters per word = 5
Now for the public info on me. I've tweeted 38,300 times (not including the many, many I've deleted)
Now it's time for the math:
38,300x140=5,362,000 characters/5 characters per word=1,072,400 words/250 words per page= 4289.6 manuscript pages. Let's just say my average novel length is 400 pages: THAT'S nearly 11 novels (or, I don't know how many screenplays) I could have written in the time I've spent on Twitter!
 Would I take any of that time back? Sure a few hours here and there, but I think most of the time has been fun, and enlightening. And the support I get from other writers and readers on Twitter is worth the manuscript pages that didn't get typed. Besides, would I really have spent that time writing anyway?

Food for thought for your Monday

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