Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Editing With Your Kindle

As I've been listening to eBooks on my Kindle this week, I had an epiphany. When the Kindle voice reads to me, she reads every word, and therefore she catches every editing mistake. I must admit, these errors are jarring, because I think maybe she read it wrong. I mean she does have issues with the pronunciation of some words, but the errors are glaring, and tend to jolt me out of the story.
This week I've already listened to 7 novels, and noticed numerous errors in each one. (I'm "reading" both traditionally published and indie published books). These errors got me thinking, this Kindle text-to-speech device should be a part of every writer's editing process. I even include screenwriters in this.
After all of the editing, copy editing and critiques, have your Kindle "read" your novel/script to you. When you hear a mistake, stop the reading and type the sentence into the FIND feature of your word processing software. (it'll be too difficult to try to figure out the page from the Kindle to the document) When you find the sentence, you can fix it. Or you can just track all of the errors and fix the manuscript all at once.
To put your manuscript on the Kindle, save it as a .doc and email it to your Kindle email. Once the document is uploaded, listen to it via the text-to-speech function under the font button.
Try it, and see how many errors your Kindle catches for you. Hopefully it's zero, because it's edited perfectly already.
I wonder, has anyone thought of this as an editing tool before?


  1. I hadn't considered that before, but I'm totally going to try it now. Well, not NOW now, but soon!

  2. I'm telling you, that chick (or guy, if you use the other voice) doesn't miss a thing. It's great.

  3. Microsoft has a free narrator voice you can use. I use Natural Reader to listen to my books as part of the editing process.

  4. Kathleen, Microsoft is also a great tool. I just get tired of sitting in front of my computer all the time, so I put the headset on and "read" from my Kindle.