Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Writing Sprint

I must confess, I love #writingsprints. And I type it here with the hashtag from Twitter, because that's where I first got involved in these crazed group sprints.
The wonderful TV writer Jane Espenson - see her writing portfolio here - started offering up short sprints, "at the top of the hour" on Twitter. All who participated would check back at the end of the time period and share our writing results. These sprints can be for amount of time, 15 minutes, 30 minute, an hour.
I like the hour sprints best. I find that I'm completely concentrating on my story, and I refuse to be interrupted. No Twitter, Facebook, checking email, just 1 hour of unadulterated writing. I've been more productive during these sprints than when just writing on my own. I'm not sure why, but maybe because I'm accountable.
Yesterday, I announced I was doing a one hour sprint. Now mind you Jane and I aren't the only ones announcing sprints. But yesterday, I was just making a statement that I was doing a sprint for myself, "in 3 minutes." I was thrilled when several other Twitter peeps joined in on such short notice.
And we were productive. I had 5 pages, someone else had 3, another had edited 2 chapters. See? It's great to know you're not alone in the is writing world. And to be honest, it's a good way to get my own butt in the seat and start typing.
Have you joined a #writingsprint? And was it useful to you?
Be sure to join one next time you see it on Twitter and see what it does for your production rate.

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