Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Motivation - Getting Healthier in Small Steps

Nothing will motivate you to take a better look at what you put in your mouth than a bad test result from the doctor. Or will it? Nearly a year ago, I got my blood tests back from the doctor, high bad cholesterol, and nearly diabetic levels of blood sugar. I thought, "Oh God, I'm going to die. I can't die, I'm only (insert number here)."

I went online and read all the articles on eating to lower cholesterol. I changed my overall diet. I wanted to live!

Apparently I didn't want to live that bad, because within a week I was back to eating the same old crap. And not just some of it. Apparently the trigger in my brain that says, "One package of HoHos is enough," wasn't triggering. Somehow I decided that I knew my body better than the doctors. NOT!

What was going on here was that my brain couldn't accept the changes. And to this day, almost a year later, I go up and down with my eating habits. I've lost 15 pounds, but I seriously need to lose more. (I'm not obese, but I'm not skinny either).

So I was reading a book called,One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way about a month ago. The point is to change things in very small increments. So I started. Garlic is supposed to be a great food to help with cholesterol levels, and olives have heart healthy fat, so I started eating just one garlic stuffed olive each morning. After a few weeks, I added a multivitamin (I know, I should have been taking it all along). And most recently I started throwing away the first bite of food. (I take the bite and spit it in the garbage, or I cut it off with a knife and toss in the garbage immediately).

There's so much more I can do, in small steps, that will eventually become such habit I won't remember when I started doing things this way. But I'm committed to adding one more small step each week.

There is plenty more I can do. I'll talk about adding exercise to you life next week.

I'm cutting out one more bite of my food with each meal, and I'm adding flax seed to at least one meal.

This is about my life, I need to get serious! I want at least as many more years as I've already had.

If you are interested in changing a habit, I'd love for you to join me here each week and we can check in and add a new small habit that's good.

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