Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Go With the Flow - Taking a Story/Writing Detour

Originally I didn't have a blog post for Writer Wednesday. But after a one hour writing sprint, and reading a review that said the reader would like to have seen more twists, I'm on a roll.
I thought I knew exactly where I was going with my story. I won't say which one, but it was nearly set in stone. Then I'm writing and one of my characters says, "Did you see that? There, in the background of the picture." And wham! I was hit up beside the head with a new and twisted twist.
I fear this story is a bit darker than I'd originally planned, but tonight it just got a bit darker. I'll have to through in some humor to lighten the mood.
So what I'm trying to say, is I outlined this story. I knew exactly where I was going. I know who the killer is. I've set all the red herrings in place. Yup, I did all of that before I ever wrote a word of this work in progress, and now it's fresher and more twisted than I'd originally planned.
So go with the flow. Deviate from your outline if it's going to make your story better. Just remember, when you do this, be sure it still flows with the rest of your story.
Now, back to our regularly scheduled writing...

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