Saturday, August 20, 2011

You Have to Do the Work

Last I checked, writing was hard work. You do the work, you write the best screenplay you can, or novel, or article, then you go out there and network to get it sold.
Believe me, I've learned, networking is as important as the writing. Because the hard part starts after the writing is finished. Networking and meeting people takes time, effort, and money. I don't care who you are. And if you want to make a living as a writer you pay your dues first.
If you want to be a surgeon, you pay the money to go to medical school, no one just opens a hospital door for you because you requested to be a surgeon, you work at it, you spend the money to learn how to be a surgeon, you go to school, and then you sell yourself like a hooker on Soledad Street to get a job in the best hospital.
The same is true for writing, you work hard to learn your craft/art/whateveryouwanttocallit and you learn the business you want to work in, then you do the solitary work of writing that book, script, article, etc., and polish until it shines. Hahaha, and you thought that part was tough.
No excuses, you have to get out there and meet the right people, attend conferences, find out where the right people hang out and try to meet them.
There is a gentleman who thinks he's being discriminated against in this the movie industry, but is he really? Or does he just need to work harder and get better at both the writing and the networking? Here is a candid interview with him (by Jim Vines), and you can decide.

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  1. Hmm...(rubbing my palms)..well, in fairness, I cannot intelligently comment on Mr. Samuel's pending litigation because I don't know his work ethic personally nor have I viewed his work.

    As a published author of several plays, I've found that discipline and humility are tantamount. The process of writing is one in which you learn how to crawl, walk, and stand alone in your work. It is that vulnerability that places one on the path to becoming a good writer. And yes, that process is ton of sacrifice and work.