Friday, July 22, 2011

Writing a Novel

When writing a novel, publishing isn't the end game, selling is. And unlike writing a screenplay, you have to keep marketing and selling. Once a screenplay is written and sold, it's out of your hands, well sort of, at least if they bring on a new writer it's out of your hands. But the script is sold, and you are only selling one copy. With a novel, the hard work comes after you publish the book. Whether publishing with a traditional publisher, or self-publishing, you have to market the crap out of yourself and your book. Blog tours, radio shows, social media, you name it. And at the same time you have to write the next book, and the next... Marketing cuts into writing time and writing cuts into marketing time, and suddenly what was once a pleasurable "hobby" is now a serious business. 
I love both aspects of being a novelist, but since I'm also writing screenplays, it seems my screenwriting time has almost vanished. I'm trying to work out the right schedule along with running my two businesses, and eventually I'll get it right. 
So if you are reading this blog post, please check out my other blog for my author website, Whew, I've now done my marketing duty. 

Have a good one.

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