Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meet Vivi Anna and her Favorite Things

Hi, I’m Vivi Anna and these are a few of my favorite things.

ON MY iPOD: Adema, Sick Puppies, Papa Roach
CURRENTLY READING: Tangled Threads by Jennifer Estep
COLOR: red
CITY: San Diego, and Frieburg Germany
DREAM VACATION: a 2 month long European tour, ending in Ireland for 10 extra days
ACTIVITY: writing, commanding others and watching movies
BOOK: Hunger Games series, Gone series, Dark Tower series
BOOK ON WRITING: On Writing by Stephen King, Building Believable Characters by Marc McCutcheon
TV SHOW: Six Feet Under, LOST, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Supernatural, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, Burn Notice
MOVIE: LOTR trilogy, Avatar, Shawshank Redemption, Pride and Prejudice, Pirates 1,2,3
SONG: Lose Yourself by Eminem, My Love by Sia
SINGER: Sia, Eminem, Rihanna
BAND: Sick Puppies, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace
ACTOR: Johnny Depp, Michael Fassbender, Viggo Mortensen, John Cusack, Matt Damon, Sean Bean
ACTRESS: Diane Lane, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, Tricia Helfer
PET PEEVE: ignorant dickheads, catty bitches, people that drive fast, and people in my personal space
MOST LIKE TO MEET: Stephen King, Diablo Cody, Viggo Mortensen, Alan Ball, Ron Moore


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cleaning Out the Clutter

For the last few years I've had this feeling. I can't quite describe it, but it's a feeling of unease, there seems to be a void. I've tried to blame everything from my writing, procrastinating, my businesses, and of course my spouse. But in the last few weeks I've come to realize the uneasy feeling is inside me. I can't blame anyone except myself. I've let my life, soul and mind get overrun with clutter.
   I've been trying to fill the void with things, and people, and keeping busy. But I'm finally learning it's okay to just sit down on a Sunday morning (my only complete day off from work), and watch a movie or read a book. I've even stopped making jewelry on Sundays and I'm sort of taking it as a day of rest.
  I'm not going to go into the chats, chapters, blogs, and other things I've gotten myself involved in to fill the void, but I'm going to be cutting back on my "volunteer" work soon too.  I don't mean for this to be a long drawn out post, but it's a sort of cleansing in itself.
  Everyday for the next however-long I'm going to spend 30 minutes to an hour a day purging the clutter from my life. I mean seriously, how many T-shirts, jeans, shorts, and yes, shoes do I really need. And bras for God's sake. I bagged up a small garbage bag of bras today. And as much as I hate to say it, books. I'm going to take a box a day to the Goodwill, and libraries until I feel I'm down to a reasonable number.
  Ideally the physical clutter will help me get rid of the mental clutter that has been building up over the last several years and help me be a happier person. So for every hour I spend de-cluttering my life, I plan to devote 10 minutes (and build from there) to looking inward and finding out what makes me happy and peaceful and try to get back to that place.
  I'm warning everyone here so that if I start spouting off spiritual stuff you don't think I've gone off the deep end.
  So I'll be spending the next few weeks and months making a new space for myself, one with less stuff, less commitments, less stress, and more peace. I really hope clearing the clutter will help me see the light.
  Do you have clutter in the corners (and overflowing) in your life?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet Jenna Bennett and her Favorite Things

Hi, I’m Jenna Bennett and these are a few of my favorite things.
ON MY iPOD: George Strait
CURRENTLY READING: Blood Law, Jeannie Holmes
COLOR: black and white
CITY: Savannah, GA; St. Augustine, FL
ACTIVITY: window shopping; eating ice cream
BOOK: Jubilee Trail, Gwen Bristow; Gone with the Wind, Margaret Mitchell
BOOK ON WRITING: Bird by Bird, Ann Lamott
TV SHOW: Firefly (defunct); The Young Riders (even more defunct); Criminal Minds
MOVIE: Goonies; The Mummy
SONG: Crazy
SINGER: Patsy Cline
BAND: Lady Antebellum
ACTOR: Josh Brolin
ACTRESS: Reese Witherspoon
PET PEEVE: Litterbugs

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do NOT Underestimate me!

Tell me it can't be done,
and I will do it.
Tell me the goal is too high, and I will reach it.
Place an obstacle
in front of me
and I will soar over it.
Challenge me, Dare me, or even defy me.
But do NOT underestimate me.
For on the back of my horse
ANYTHING is possible.
Cowgirl up, and get it done!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet Andrew Kincaid and His Favorite Things

Hi, I’m Andrew Kincaid and these are a few of my favorite things.

ON MY iPOD: I have a ton of stuff on there. Disturbed, Soundgarden, and Iron Maiden have been getting the biggest work outs of late.

CURRENTLY READING: "Just After Sunset" by Stephen King
CITY: Rome

DREAM VACATION: A trip around the world, hitting England, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Japan, and Easter Island.

ACTIVITY: Watching really bad movies, watching really good movies, writing, blogging, riding roller coasters (don't get to do that near as much as I'd like though)

BOOK: The Sword of Shannara got me into fantasy. So that. And anything else by Terry Brooks, Stephen King, Robert Jordan, and Terry Goodkind.

BOOK ON WRITING: I don't have one that comes to mind.
PLACE TO READ: Anywhere I can get comfortable really.

TV SHOW: The Walking Dead is my favorite new show. Mystery Science Theater 3000 would be an old favorite. I like Family Guy, South Park, and a bunch of History and Discovery Channel shows (American Pickers, The Universe, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs)

MOVIE: Casino Royale, The Departed, Zombieland, Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead

SONG: Tough to pick just a few. Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden is one of my all time faves though.

SINGER: Chris Cornell, David Draiman
BAND: Soundgarden
ACTOR: Daniel Craig
ACTRESS: Natalie Portman
PET PEEVE: Bullies. Seriously. And bad spelling.
MOST LIKE TO MEET: Dead people I'd like to meet: The Buddha, Teddy Roosevelt, Albert Einstein. Living: Barack Obama, Chris Cornell, Stephen King

Lucid Dreams and Saturn Skies:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Series of Favorite Things from eBook Authors

I always think it's fun to see what other people are interested in. I have a list of my favorite things and I usually have it listed on my bio page. Of course the favorites are bound to change with time, but they represent me with the things I like.
So I've decided to have a series of Favorite Things with authors you may not know. These authors were nice enough to answer the email survey of their favorites and share with us.
I find that I learn about books, movies, etc. that I may have never learned about and expand my horizons. I hope you enjoy the series.
And I'll keep posting the as long as I have authors answering the survey.
As one of my favorite authors would say, Wheeeeeeee!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Book Promotion

There is a lot that goes into getting a book ready for promotion. This blog is an example. I have to buy the web domain for my author name, build a web site or blog, and then maintain with interesting tidbits to keep you coming back. And don't even get me started about Facebook (see the link in the right column), Twitter ( same place), and well you get the picture.
Now I love Twitter and if you want to know anything about my daily life, that's the place to find me. I try to jump on and say hi almost everyday.
And I'm also working on the book trailer. Wow, this is a piece of hefty work. I'd rather write the novel all over again. Haha, not really I'm ready to finish the next novel in the series. Can't wait for you to meet the characters in Let Us Prey. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Great American Pitch Fest

  It's amazing what you can learn without even trying. I was graciously allowed to sit at the table of a development director for a production company who had a table at the Great American Pitch Fest this last weekend. Zac has always been so generous with his information and time, and this time he let me sit with him for a full day of listening to pitches. The good, bad and ugly. Well, this is what I took from that experience.
1. Saturday is a full day of FREE, yes, I wrote, FREE classes about screenwriting for both the big and small screen. The classes are mainly about giving a better pitch, but others are just informative about the industry.
  I loved the class about TV pilots, or writing for TV by Chad Gervich. He was upbeat and engaging, and blunt. And Ellyn Sandler was great also. The adaptation class by Jeanne Bowerman and Douglas Blackmon was so informative to new writers, they were engaging and their chemistry for the screenplay and each other was palpable. They are a great writing team.
2. There is just as much networking going on behind the scenes at a pitch as there is in the room. Both Friday and Saturday night I had the opportunity to meet some great industry people.
  On Friday I met Dutch Doscher, short film writer director, and Pulitzer Prize winning author Douglas Blackmon who wrote Slavery by Another Name (his screenwriting partner is Jeanne Bowerman).
  An old friend of mine drove into town to say hello, and I was able to introduce 2nd Unit Director, Jeff Danoff, who has worked on such films as 127 Hours, and Into the Wild to some of my friends. Jeff is normally very humble about his film work (stuntman, 2nd Unit Director, stunt coordinator, etc.) but he enjoyed sharing his experiences of working with such directing greats as Danny Boyle and Sean Penn.
  On Saturday night I was so lucky to meet Kiyong Kim, a fellow with the Nickelodeon TV Writer Program, who was just a lovely as I expected. And there were several other TV writers I was able to chat with. But Saturday night was such a great turnout for the Script Chat writers from Twitter there is no way I can mention everyone without leaving someone out. But those who were there and read this post should comment and let us know what they thought of the meet up.
3. Oh, you want to know about the Pitch Fest...
  First, the pitch fest isn't about selling your screenplay (it's great if it happens, but...), it's about networking. You get to meet and dazzle as many as 23 (more if you're lucky) manager/agent/production companies in one afternoon. You get 5 minutes to pitch your screenplay and answer questions about your work.
  To those who pitched, we loved hearing them. And the pitchees need a great screenplay as much as you want to be the next writer to give them one. We heard many pitches, but I'm guessing only a handful will be requested by the company I sat with. (And Zac was nice enough to let me ask questions too. It was great to learn about how other writers work and write).
  But so your pitches didn't go as great as planned... You met how many new people? You now have how many new contacts you didn't have yesterday? And one new person in the movie industry is MUCH better than zero.
  There is a cocktail party after the pitching, and nearly everyone sticks around to have drinks. I met someone from a production company who was interested in the screenplay Slavery by Another Name, and I was able to put him in touch with the writers. It was a serendipitous moment, and even if nothing becomes of it, there was a connection.
  I also met a comic book guy who works to put comic writers together with producers to make movies. This was a great connection for a friend of mine, so I made sure the two were introduced. This introduction was via Twitter because my comic book friend wasn't at the pitch fest.
  And as fate would have it, I happened to sit down with a producer who was talking about his strange day. After he told his story he asked if I was a writer. I wasn't there to pitch so I said I wrote for TV. Engaged by our TV conversation he asked if I had any features. Well, yes, I do. I (very informally) pitched my thriller and he was intrigued. Little did I know, one of the other people at the table was also a producer and after my little impromptu pitch he gave me his card. "Send it to me."
  I was also lucky enough to meet Holly Bowman, a lovely English girl, from Total Film. We had some great conversation about dogs and such. She also loved a silly pitch a writer was joking about with Zac. You never know when a joke may turn into a viable screenplay.
  So in short, or is it long in this case, it's not about selling the script you came to pitch, it's about meeting like minded people and networking. I can tell you this, I met so many lovely people that I truly wanted to stay longer. The pitch fest isn't about the pitching, it's about the pitching AND all the networking.
  If it weren't for pitch fests Scriptchat would never be, as Zac Sanford met Jeanne Bowerman when she pitched to him a few years ago. Zac introduced me to Jeanne, and from there we built the treefort that became Scriptchat.
  Long winded, but anyone at the pitch fest who met me will tell you, that's how I am. I love people and this was the best weekend I've spent in a very long time. I can't wait to do it again soon. Thanks, Zac!!!