Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes - Scriptchat Meetup

I just returned from Los Angeles last week. I was there for a trade show for my jewelry line (www.jamiesstudio.com), but I was in town early so we planned a meet up.
As the co-founder of Scriptchat on Twitter, we put the word out on the Scriptchat Facebook site and on Twitter that we'd be having a get-together at the Formosa Cafe.
And on the night of the meetup we had approximately 20 people attend. It was great fun, and I got to meet the people behind the Twitter names. See pics below.
Anyway, I had been sort on the fence about a project I was working on, and had planned to talk to one of the great guys at the meetup, Jon. We had a great conversation, but there were just so many people there it was hard to get much done. In meeting up with the people at the Formosa Cafe, I learned a lot about writing for TV, and I got some interest in making my project come to life. I'm hoping it all works out and three great minds can make a great film. After that night I was once again jazzed about my project. And I still am, even if other parts of my life aren't so jazzy at the moment.

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