Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Screenwriting Info on Twitter

Pretty much everywhere you look these days, there is a Twitter account linked to a person's blog, business, or web site. Yup, I have a (okay a couple) Twitter account too. I'm @yeah_write because I use this account to Tweet about all things writing related and about my life. Not that any of it is all that interesting.
People not in the know always ask me, "What is Twitter? And why do you tell random strangers about your life?"
Twitter is the best tool I've ever come across for networking. I'm on Facebook and Linkedin, and I really only get to know people I already knew or have done business with. On Twitter I've met literally 1000s of people I never knew. Hell, I've tweeted with people from several European countries. These are people with the same common interests I have.
I can't even begin to tell you the evolution of my Twitter existence. At first I followed all the famous people, but not so much anymore. Now I follow writers I love, and new writers I've had the opportunity to meet. And mostly I now hang with a group of screenwriters. And this is where Scriptchat comes in.
After realizing I knew @zacsanford from a Yahoo group I belong to, he introduced me to @jeannevb. Now Zac works in Hollywood, and Jeanne is a screenwriter. I also met her writing partner @dawnbierschwal (who is now a customer for my wholesale jewelry business).
Anyway, one Sunday afternoon Jeanne invited Zac and me to Writechat. Thrilled at the prospect of meeting even more writers, we jumped on the 'net and joined in the chat. It wasn't long into the chat before we realized this wasn't for us. Zac and I started tweeting about starting our own chat, one that concentrated on screenwriting, and Scriptchat was born, well sort of.
We got together with Jeanne, and @KageyNYC and picked a time we thought would work for everyone. The decision was made, 5 pm PST. We tweeted the heck out of #scriptchat, trying to make it a trending topic. Well it didn't become a trending topic, but it did attract a lot of screenwriters. So now we have to work something out for our writers on the other side of the pond because 5 pm PST is like 1 am GMT, and that sucked for them. So along comes the talented @dreamsgrafter, or Mina as we know her. Mina moderates the chat for our European tweople at 8 pm GMT, while Jeanne moderates for the US chat.
As if that wasn't good enough, the wonderful @rachlanger set us up with a blog and taught Jeanne to pull transcripts of our weekly chats to be added to the blog for those unlucky enough to miss the chat on any given Sunday.
We call the founders of Scriptchat the #treefort. And thank God for the treefort, as not only have they been a great source for the chat, they have been inspiration, hand holder, back patter, and general, "thank god I 'met' you" kind of people. And I've actually met Zac in the flesh. My DH and I had a lovely dinner with him when we were in L.A. in January. Then he wrangled us into Screenwriter Karaoke, for which he'll forever regret.
And that is how Scriptchat came to be. Each one of the treefort has their forte in the writing of scripts, from TV writing to features to pimping and pitching, and we bounce off and compliment each other in a way I'd never have imagined a year ago.
So why do I tweet, and spend time on Twitter? Because I would never have met the #treefort gang, not to mention the hundreds of other interesting writers, producers, and directors that tweet too.
I consider myself lucky to be a part of so many lives, as they have changed mine, supported my writing (and my business), and opened my world to a new way of thinking.
I'm not even going to mention the crazy wonderful people like @wookiesgirl, @tylerweaver, @iamjaymes and @travislegge that make me smile daily. I could go on and on, but I'd inevitably miss someone important.
And in all of this, I've learned more about screenwriting than I could have learned in any workshop or screenwriting class. And I'll be the biggest fangirl when one of our #scriptchat tweople gets their first deal, be it option or production, whatever.
Thanks Twitter for making the world just a wee bit smaller. Oh, and you can follow @scriptchat on Twitter or visit the web site at www.scriptchat.com


  1. What a great post, Jamie.

    I've often wondered how Scriptchat came to be. Thanks for the insight. Cheers!

  2. Nice post, and appreciate what all the #treefort team does for #scriptchat. People are always asking what's so great about Twitter, and everyone has their own answer. Yours was heartfelt and nicely articulated!

  3. I'm with you Jamie, folks who aren't on Twitter don't get that it's all about the fun and friends. And Jamie, you and our #treefort make the MOST fun friends! XOXOXO

  4. Our scriptchat treefort has been one of the best experiences of my life. As a disease-to-please chick, nothing satisfies me more than sharing and helping. That's what our treefort team and scriptchat are all about. I'm honored to know all of you and have the opportunity to reach hundreds of other screenwriters.... all while drinking tequila! WOOT!