Sunday, March 14, 2010


When people ask where I get my ideas, I realize they are suited to the profession of writing. Because for me, I will not live enough years to write a book or novel for every idea I have. And many ideas perculate for years before I can get to them. If the idea still seems fresh after that long, I know I'm onto something.
Currently I'm writing an outline and proposal for a non-fiction book about building a small business into a big business. I'm also editing/rewriting a coming of age script, and writing a thriller I've been in love with for at least 2-3 years. I'm just now getting up the guts to tackle the thriller.
The thriller is a dark cop novel with some very disgusting subject matter. I have to be writing something else at the same time because I can't be that out of reality for a long period of time when the fiction is in such a dark and scary place. At the end of some writing stints I'm in a bad mood and not wanting to deal with people. Not such a good thing when running a restaurant to pay bills until writing does.
Too many irons on the fire is my middle name. And here I go again.

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