Friday, January 22, 2010

A New Year

No this post isn't about resolutions. I didn't make any this year. It's about looking forward.

I'm currently dealing with a very difficult matter in my business life, and for about a week I found it affecting every aspect of my life. My husband and I were testy with each other, to the point of a "knock down, drag out" fight over nothing. I've been in tears, I've been enraged, and I've been depressed. But I'm done with that, because guess what? It's only money. No one is dying. Now that's something to cry about.

So as of today, I'm pulling up my big girl panties (and I do mean big, but a diet is in not my future) and moving on. Yes there are still issues regarding this matter that will be dealt with over the next 3 months to 3 years, but I'm good with that. Two days ago I wasn't, and I wanted to to horrible things. When I feel that way, I thank god I'm a writer and I can perform those horrible things on paper, because I don't have it in me to hurt other people purposefully. I swear I'll have an ulcer, and maybe a heart attack before this is over. Or I would have, but I've wasted way too much energy on a horrible human being who doesn't deserve it.

Before I move on I have just one thing to say: GREED is one of the seven deadly sins.

Now for moving on. I'm building my business back the best way I know how, with excellent customer service. I can't say that my customers have had this in the past. My life is in my hands, and I'm going to use my hands well.

Our trip to Los Angeles was slightly tainted by the business matter, but it was great meeting new customers, and traveling about L.A. in general. The great thing about traveling is that your mind travels too. And on this trip my husband and I came up with a great new script idea. I've decided to put my mind to work on this script, and on building my future, and leave the rest behind. (except when I have to deal with the rest, so I can move on)

Again, no one died, and I should be glad of that, as that isn't something to recover from. But someone will died in my near future, on the page that is. And it will be gruesome, and I will enjoy writing every single word of it. lol Usually I prefer romantic comedy. This is channelling my energy in a positive way, and I'm glad to be a writer.

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