Monday, October 12, 2009

Speaking your writing

I purchased a voice recognition system thinking would be easier to do my writing. And I'm actually doing this blog from a voice recognition system. I find that for some things it works, but for my fiction writing I tend to be a little wordy. The funny thing is it works best for my business, where I use it for numbers because on my laptop I don't have a 10 key.
I love typing, and I think my fingers on the keys make me feel like I'm doing something and when I'm dictating into the voice recognition system I feel like I'm cheating. This is a good kind of cheating, and I enjoy going back over and reading what I have said. I can use it for e-mail, Excel spreadsheets, blogging, and regular writing. The recognition is 100 times better than the old system I used. So far in dictating this blog post I've had one error. And I'm pretty sure that error was my problem.
I even use it to enter addresses what I'm making UPS labels. And believe it or not it makes label printing much faster.
I realize this is a really dry blog post, and I should be really excited about having the voice-recognition, and I am. I think it'll just take some getting used to. And I'm sure my husband wonders why I'm up in the office talking to myself. Imagine what he thinks when I'm writing a suspense novel. Ha ha.

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