Friday, October 2, 2009

About me

I've listed my favorite things on my blog and web sites, but here is some more:
I've been published in non-fiction: a contributing editor for a business magazine for 2 years, publishing articles every 2 months, author of a book on hiking Iowa.
I've written 3 novels, 2 of which are making the rounds. I'm currently working on a mystery, and outlining a thriller.
As of this post, I'm concurrently writing and outlining a drama screenplay, and a romantic comedy is brewing.
For those who don't know, I also own 2 businesses, a restaurant and a jewelry design business. There is a link to my design business at the top of the blog. And yes, I ride horses, and write too.
How do I find time? The question I'm most often asked. I don't watch TV. I do watch movies, but I don't get caught up in television. Not that I wouldn't like to, I just can afford that much time. Sometimes I allow the news stations to play in my studio while we are working, but not often, since it slows down production, and coming to holiday season, we need to be on top of things.
A little more coming soon...

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