Sunday, September 13, 2009

Get off the Phone -WARNING RANT COMING

This is a Sunday morning rant. I see this all the time at our restaurant, and to tell you the truth, it makes me so angry. It's bad enough that a person is so rude as to answer their phone while ordering at the counter or in the drive-thru, but when you sit down to eat with your family? GET OFF THE PHONE!!!
Seriously, it's so obvious that these kids are starved for attention. They seek the attention of the employees, by engaging them, or running around hoping the parent will notice them.
Please, they grow up fast, and lucky you, soon they will be teenagers and want nothing to do with you. Then you can spend all the time you want on your phone, because that's what they will be doing too.
Until then, can't you be a little less self-absorbed and get off the phone? You were the one who brought these kids into the world, so act responsible and give them attention, so they don't have to seek it from total strangers. Or worse, will your kids be the next cutters? Seriously, cutting is a cry for attention, "Something is wrong here, don't you see me?" You: "Nope, can't see you beyond the glare from my iPhone screen."
There is very little that is more important than your kids. So act like it. Don't really care? FAKE IT!
And please hang up the phone and engage your kids for a change.

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